Wednesday, January 22, 2014

40k: Battle Report Daemons vs Orks

Hey Hey! I'm not dead! Hooray! 

Yea...Holidays, work, etc...
Real life gets in the way too much of my hobbies. 
Sorry for the long time no post but honestly...there is just SO much to talk about and I hate making posts that are only a paragraph or two long, and are mostly just complaining about the current state of the game.

Honestly with so many new things coming out like Codexes, Data Slates, Escalation, Stronghold, and on and on and on, the game has changed dramatically in the last few months. 

I'm still not sure if its for the better or for the worse, but time will tell.

(Personally I am against Escalation and Stronghold being used in regular games and tournaments, and don't get me started on things like Grimore of True Names being banned in tournaments...)

Anyways, finally had a chance to get in a game last week against so I decided to bring my Daemons for old times sake.

Game was Big Guns, Deployment was Dawn of War

My list:
Fateweaver - Prescience, Endurance, Spontaneous Combustion, Invisibility
Keeper of Secrets - Puppet Master, Hallucination, Invisibility (Dark Blessing, 4+ FnP)
10 Pink Horrors
10 Pink Horrors
15 Flesh Hounds
Slaanesh Prince - Wings, Armor, Lash - Enfeeble, Iron Arm, Warp Speed - Eternal Blade, Etherblade
Slaanesh Prince - Wings, Armor, Lash - Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Endurance - Grimore
Slaanesh Prince - Wings, Armor, Lash - Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Enfeeble - Portaglyh

His List give or take
Ghaz and 8 Nobz in Mega Armor with Power Klaws and 3 Combiflamers in a Deff Rolla
20 Shoota Boyz with some Big Shootas + Nob with a Power Klaw and a Boss Pole in a Deff Rolla
1 Trukk with 12 Shoota Boyz with a few Big Shootas + Nob with a Power Klaw and a Boss Pole
20 Shoota Boys with a Big Shoota + Nob with a Power Klaw and a Boss Pole
15 Lootas
5 Defkoptaz with Rokkits
3 Killa Kans

I won roll and chose to deploy and go first.

I deployed 1 unit of Horrors behind a sandbag wall, and 1 unit in a forest.
Flesh Hounds and Keeper as far Forward as possible.
Fateweaver behind a small house on my right with Grimore and EB (Eternal Blade) Prince.
Glyph Prince behind a big rock on my left.

Hedeployed pretty spread out across his board edge with everything out in the open, to push forward as fast as possible.
His Lootas were in a forest, and 1 the Boyz on foot were behind a piece of cover.

I have an objective next to each of my Horrors, and he placed both of his objectives in the middle of the board. 1 in the rocks, one in a small village area on my right.

Hounds Scout move up into forest in the middle of the board.

Daemons Turn 1
Iron Arm successful on all Princes.
Invisibility on Keeper and Fateweaver.
Endurance on Grimore Prince and Keeper of Secrets.
Grimore on Hounds was successful.

Keeper moves up and runs into forest in the middle of the board.
Fatweaver turns right and flies behind another building for cover.
All 3 princes swoop up the board.

Grimore Prince lashes the unit of Killa Kans and takes out 2 of them.
EB Prince Prince lashes and kills a handful of Boyz on foot.
Glyph Prince lashes down a couple Lootas.

I roll for Warp Storm get double 1's, re-rolled and got 6, did nothing but kill 2 of my Horrors.
Screw you Warp Storm.

I held off on the Portaglyph until later in the game.
Personally I like to wait a few rounds to thin out my opponent and then deploy it either behind my opponents lines or in cover on an objective. It adds an element of surprise that they weren't expecting and causes them to have to completely rethink their strategy mid game.

Sadly...can't assault on turn 1, so I just have to wither the storm.

Orks Turn 1:
Boyz on foot moved up toward objective.
Trukk goes flat out toward objective in the village on the right.
1 Deff Rolla on the right face smashes my Keeper, but he makes all his saves. Love that Dark Blessing.
Other Deff Rolla smashes my Hounds and only kills 1, then Ghaz and the Nobz get out and shoot 2 Flamers and then assault them, taking out a few more.
I lose 2 more to instability check.

He rolls a D1 on his Lootas, and they shoot at they Glyph Prince but fail to cause any wounds.

Other shooting does nothing of value.

Daemon Turn 2:
Powers are all Successful again. Same Targets.
Grimore on Hounds again with is successful.

Keeper moves around to the side of the Deff Rolla and blows it up, forcing the Boyz inside to get out towards the rear of the vehicle.

Grimore Prince kills last Kan with Lash.

EB prince jumps down and lashes unit of Boyz, and takes them down to a few models in assault.
Fateweaver flies forward and vector strikes the Trukk, but fails to wreck it even with powers.
Glpyh Prince takes out Lootas with Vector Strikes and Lashes.

Nobz take out all but one flesh hound after instability check.

Warp Storm does nothing worthwhile again.

I dropped the Portaglyph where the Lootas were and made a unit of 6 Daemonettes.

Orks Turn 2:
The unit of Boyz get out of the Trukk near the objective in the village.
The Trukk moves toward my board edge to fire on the unit of Horrors but doesn't manage to kill any.

The large unit of Slugga Boyz that got out of the Deff Rolla fire everything at the Keeper but hes takes no wounds due to Blessing and Feel No Pain. 
He decides to assault the unit into the Keeper which fails miserably.
The Keeper takes out a half dozen before they even strike back.
All of the Boyz only manage to cause 1 wound.

Ghaz and the Nobz finish off the Flesh Hounds and move toward the objective on the left in the rocks with the Deff Rolla.

Eternal Blade Prince finishes off the small unit of Boyz in close combat and moves toward the unit that got out of the Trukk.

Daemons Turn 3:
All Powers Successful again.
Grimore on the Keeper of Secrets is successful.
Fateweaver flies off the board into ongoing reserves.

Grimore Prince jumps down and move into close combat with the Eternal Blade Prince.

Glyph Prince does the same and joins the assault with the Keeper of Secrets.

Portaglyph fails to make any new daemons even with re-roll.

Hallucinate on Nobz pins them. Why they are not fearless I have no idea. They should be.

Nettes move toward the Nobz hoping to tie them up but fail assault roll.

Between Lashes and Close combat, all Boyz are removed from the table.
Keeper and Glyph Prince move toward the  Nobz.
EB Prince and Grimore Prince move toward Trukk.

Orks Turn 3:
His Copters fail to come on the board again.
Trukk shoots at Pink Horrors and does nothing.

He moves the Deff Rolla towards my Horrors in the forest, hoping to take them out next turn.

Nobz do nothing.

Daemons Turn 4: 
Fateweaver comes back on and Vector Strikes the Trukk, then shoots it with a crap ton of shots, and of course still fails to kill it...
The Horrors however manage to remove one Hull Point from it.

Powers all successful again, Grimore back on Keeper is successful.

I move EB and Grimore Prince towards Nobz and the Deff Rolla, deciding to ignore the Trukk.

Lashes from the 2 Take out the Deff Rolla.

Keeper and Glyph Prince Assault into the Nobz and take out 2 of them.
Daemonettes assault in as well.
Ghaz and Nobz put 2 wounds on Glyph Prince.

Orks Turn 5:
No copters so we went straight for assault just out of curiosity.
He Challenged with Ghaz and I accepted with a Grimored Keeper of Secrets.
Keeper caused 2 Wounds, and Ghaz caused none.
Other 3 Princes killed 2 more Nobz.

After that we decided to call it as there was no point to keep playing.
Victory for the Daemons.

Final Thoughts:
I had some really good powers, but not as much Endurance as I was hoping for.

My opponent had never played Daemons before and so I tired to make sure to explain everything as best as I could. I think his over all lack of Anti air was the biggest flaw in the end, well that and having 800 points in 1 unit.

My Keeper of Secrets has been my MVP every single time I've put him on the table.
Many People underestimate him, and are unaware of what he can do.
By the time they realize it, its too late.
Also the fact that he has had Dark Blessing and 4+ FnP the last 6 Games I've played with him...
Glad I bought those Purple dice.

Screamer Star does not interest me in the least. I like big smashy monsters.


  1. poor orks they never knew what hit em.

  2. I'm really looking forward to their new codex. May even pick some up.