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40K: Space Marines 2nd Large Release of Information

Few more rumor leaks over night. Remember these are still rumors. 
We should have more concrete information after the White Dwarf release.

Burning Blade: S+3, AP2, Melee, Blind, Incandescent
Incandescent: At the end of an Assault Phase in which the bearer made a successful to-hit roll with the Burning Blade roll a D6. On a roll of a 2+ nothing happens. On a roll of a 1 the bearer takes a S4, AP2 hit.
While this is nice and all, I would rather not take things that can make my Warlord kill himself...

Armor of Indomitus: 2+, 6++, Relentless Same cost as a Landspeeder with a Multi-melta
Once per game during any phase the wearer may choose to temporarily push the forcefield to its limits. For the duration of that phase the Armor Indomitus has a 2++ Invunerable Save.
I can see this being used a lot, depending on point cost.

Shield Eternal: Storm Shield, Adamantium Will, Eternal Warrior
This will be almost a must have item.

Primarch's Wrath: Bolter, S4, AP4, Salvo 3/5, Shred, Mastercrafted
Perfect for a gunline HQ.

Teeth of Terra: S+2, AP3, Melee, Rampage, Specialist Weapon, Strikedown
I really enjoy this, its getting into CC that's the issue.

Standard of the Emperor Ascendant: Same cost as Landspeeder Stom with Multi-melta
Friendly units n 12" with the same Chapter Tactics as the bearer re-roll morale checks and pinning tests. Additionally, friendly units chosen from Codex: Space Marines within 6" of the bearer have the Hatred special rule, and add +1 to their total when determining their assault rolls. Furthermore, the bearer and his unit have the Fear special rule. - Meh.

Ranged Weapons: Models may replace their Boltgun or Bolt Pistol with one of the following:
Combi-Flamer, Melta, Plasma, or Grav
Grav Pistol
Plasma Pistol

Melee Weapons: 
Models may replace their Boltgun or Bolt Pistol with one of the following:

Power Weapons
Lighting Claw
Power Fist
Terminator Weapons: (These are restricted to Independent Characters in Terminator Armor)
Storm Bolter may be replaced with:
Combi-Flamer, Melta, or Plasma
Lighting Claw

Power Weapon may be replaced with:
Lighting Claw
Will the Powerfist/Lighting Claw HQ that is rampant in CSM make an appearance in the SM armies?

Heavy Weapons:
Heavy Bolter
Heavy Flamer Sternguard and Legion of the Damned ONLY
Missile Launcher
Plasma Cannon

Special Weapons:
Grav rifle
Plasma gun

Special Issue Wargear:
Auspex - Saw this coming.
Melta bomb
Digital Weapons
Teleport Homer
Jump Pack

Vehicle Wargear:
Dozer blade (Land Raiders can not take)
Storm bolter
Hunter-killer missile
Extra armor

Chapter Master
Artificer Armor new
Wargear Lists: Relics, Ranged, Melee, Special, Special Issue (Terminator Armor unlocks Terminator Wargear)
Terminator Armor
+1 Wound/Attack over current incarnation
Mounted Assault: If the Chapter Master purchases a bike, all Bike Squads of at least 5+ models may be taken as Troops. - ALL Units? I have seen different rules for this in like 20 different places.
Orbital Bombardment: S10, AP1, Assault 1, 1 use only. - The question here is the scatter roll...

Honor Guard
Relic blades
Chapter Banner
May take Standard of the Emperor Ascendant

Mounted Assault
Wargear Lists: Relics, Ranged, Melee, Special, Special Issue
Terminator Captain
Seperate entry
Captain in Terminator armor

Command Squad
1 may be taken for each Captain, Chaplain or Librarian in the army
Storm shields
May trade Bolt Pistols for Bolters
Veterans may take Melee, and Ranged, Special wargear
May take Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
Still don't see the point without something like a Salvo Banner.

Mastery level 2:
No codex powers
Has access to Biomancy, Pyromancy, Telekenesis, and Telepathy disciplines - No Divination?? This has to be a mistake..
May take Terminator armor for same base cost
Not permitted in Black Templar armies (Black Templars have no rules to prevent allying psykers in)
Wargear Lists: Relics, Ranged, Melee, Special, Special Issue (Terminator Armor unlocks Terminator Wargear)
No Combi-grav

Wargear Lists: Relics, Ranged, Melee, Special, Special Issue (Terminator Armor unlocks Terminator Wargear)
Terminator armor same cost
No Combi-grav

Master of the Forge
Lord of the Armory unchanged
Wargear Lists: Relics, Ranged, Melee, Special, Special Issue
May replace Bolt Pistol or Bolter with Power Axe

May take one per HQ in your army. Does not use a slot
Wargear Lists: Ranged, Melee, Special Issue
May replace Bolt Pistol or Bolter with Power Axe

Additional Servitors
Heavy bolter
Plasma Cannon

Tactical Marines
Veteran Sergeant upgrade same cost as in DA book
Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant have access to Melee and Ranged wargear
If the unit has less than 10 models 1 model may take 1 weapon from either the Special or Heavy Weapons Wargear lists
If the unit has 10 models one model may take 1 weapon from the Special Weapons list and a different model may take 1 weapon from the Heavy Weapons Wargear list

Heavy bolter
Hellfire shells
Missile launcher same cost as wargear list
Flakk same cost as wargear list
Veteran Sergeant upgrade same cost as in DA book
Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant have access to Melee and Ranged wargear
Camo cloaks
Teleport homer
Sniper Rifle
May take a Landspeeder Storm as a Dedicated Transport - With the meta going more toward cheap, mobile troops, will 5 scouts in a Storm be the new go to troop choice?

Crusader Squad
Neophyte base leadership now 8 (Zion's notes: I did check, and the old ones were base 7, they just tested on an 8 because of the Initiates, so please no burning my car down for being "wrong")
1 Initiate may take either a Heavy Weapon or a Power Weapon or a Power Fists
A different Initiate may take a Special Weapon
Sword Brethren upgrade same cost as Veteran Sergeant (same wargear options too)
Has Chapter Tactics: Black Templars
May take a Land Raider Crusader as a Dedicated Transport

Dedicated Transports
No changes (wargear prices changed for codex) - Was really hoping for the rumored Rhino Variants but oh well. Maybe in a supplement.

Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer now a free option - Heavy Flamer is nice, with all the high strength, low AP weapons out there now, I don't see it making it in range to use it.
Assault Cannon
TL Lascannon
Lascannon/TL Plasmagun

Drop Pod
10 model capacity

Land Speeder Storm
Now a dedicated transport for Scouts
May replace Heavy Bolter with free Heavy Flamer, Multi-melta for 5 points less, Assault Cannon
Jamming Beacon now makes models that are in range roll twice the number of scatter dice that distance they normally would - Opponent rolling 4D6 scatter on deep strikes? Wow, I'm guessing this is wrong.
Cerberus Launcher: 18" S2, AP-, Heavy 1, Large Blast, Blind

Up to two Sternguard may take a Special or Heavy weapon from the wargear lis
Combi weapons

All models may take weapons from the melee wargear list
Jump packs
Storm shields
Heroic Intervention: Unit doesn't suffer penalties for disordered charges, and Veteran Sergeants automatically pass Glorious Intervention checks - Can't assault after deepstrike...not worth it.

Venerable upgrade
Assault Cannon
TL Lascannon
Left-arm Autocannon
Does not have Chapter Tactics - I really wish they did something with these. I love Dreadnoughts, it's just a shame they aren't really viable right now.

Ironclad Dreadnought
Meltagun option free
No Chapter Tactics

Legion of the Damned
1 model may take one of the following special weapons: Flamer, Melta , Plasma
No grav option
1 model may take a Heavy Weapon from the wargear section
Sergeant may take a weapon from Ranged wargear
Sergeant may replace bolter with chainsword for free, power weapon (same cost as wargear), power fist (same cost as wargear)
All shooting attacks ignore cover
All special rules the same - I still think they are overpriced, but I could be wrong.

Heavy Flamer
Assault Cannon
Cyclone Missile Launcher

Assault Terminators
Thunderhammer/Stormshield - No option for Lightning claws? Once again, this has to be wrong.

Assault Centurions
Up to 3 models may be purchased for purchased for the squad
May replace the Iron Clad Launcher with Missile Launcher for free
May replace Twin-linked flamer for a Twin-linked Melta for the cost of a flamer in the wargear section
Sergeant may purchase an Omniscope for the cost of a melta gun. It grants him Night Fight and Split Fire
May take a Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport
Has Move Through Cover, and Extra Bulky Special rules
Decimator Protocols: Models with this rule may fire up to 2 weapons in the shooting phase.

Fast Attack
Assault Squad
Plasma pistol unchanged
Veteran Sergeant upgrade same cost as in DA book
Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant have access to Melee wargear, and purchase a Grav Pistol or Plasma Pistol for the same cost
Dedicated Transport rules unchanged

Land Speeder Storm Squadron
Typhoon Missile Launcher
Assault Cannon
Multi-melta, Heavy Flamer, and Heavy Bolter unchanged

Storm Talon
Same as in Death from the Skies - Except for the point change...BS5 against ground targets, and AV11 all around, these could be on a lot of tables soon.

Bike Squad
Veteran Sergeant upgrade same cost as in DA book
Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant have access to Melee and Ranged wargear
Attack bike upgrade
Attack Bikes

Scout Bikes
Grenade launcher upgrade
Locator Beacon
Veteran Sergeant upgrade same cost as in DA book
Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant have access to Melee and Ranged wargear
Cluster mines are now placed by putting a marker in a terrain peice for both players to see. They alsonow turn a piece of difficult terrain into Dangerous terrain. Limit 1 marker per terrain piece.

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad
Veteran Sergeant upgrade same cost as in DA book
Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant have access to Melee and Ranged wargear
Up to 4 Marines may each take 1 Heavy weapon from the Heavy Weapons wargear section - Imperial Fist Devastators with 4 Missile Launchers are also going to be on a lot of tables soon.

Devastator Centurions
Same cost for additional models as Assault Centurions
May replace the Hurricane Bolter with Missile Launchers for the cost of a meltagun
May replace the Heavy Bolters with Lascannons for the cost of 2 meltaguns
May replace Heavy Bolters with Grav Cannon/Grav Amp for the cost of 2 meltaguns
Sergeant may take Omniscope for same cost as meltagun
May take Landraider as Dedicated Transport
Does not have Move Through Cover - "Sgt" with Lascannon, other 2 with Grav Cannons, that's what I'm thinking, its just the point cost that has me wondering.

Thunderfire Cannon
No change - However good luck finding one to purchase if you don't already have one.

TL Lascannon
Heavy bolter Sponsons
Lascannon Sponsons

Same as before

Same as before

Skyspear Missile Launcher: 60" S7, AP2, Heavy 1, Savant Lock, Armorbane
Savant Lock: When shooting at a flyer or flying monstrous creature, you put a marker on it for each miss. The markers stay on the flyer until it leaves the table, is destroyed or is engaged in close combat. At the beginning of every friendly shooting phase you roll for those markers. On a 5 or a 6 that missile hits vehicles in the rear armor, these shots are resolved using the above profile. - The question is still out whether it can shoot ground targets or not..

Icarus Storm Cannon Array: 48", S7, AP4, Heavy 4
Icarus has two firing modes: Single target and Dual Target
Single target: above profile, twin-linked
Dual target: Must be declared before shooting. Pick two targets in range and resolve shooting attacks against them using both of them, but at BS2 - BS2? Ridiculous. I don't see anyone using the Dual Target mode. Even still, the Single target mode is just another Quad Cannon.

All Land Raiders
No points change
"Godhammer" variant now holds 10 models.
No other changes

Storm Raven
No changes from Death from the Skies

Graviton Weapons
All S-, AP2
All have the Graviton rule: Use armor save to wound. 
Against vehicles roll a D6, on a 1-5 nothing happens, on a 6 the vehicle is Immobilized and loses a hull point. Grav weapons do not effect buildings.

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40K: Space Marines Rules "Confirmed!"

From 40k Radio (His Copy has been verified)

General Information:
*240 Points for 3 Centurions with Grav-Cannons/Grav-Amps and Hurricane Bolters (for those who hate math, that means it's a 20 point upgrade for Grav-Cannon/Grav-Amps each).
*Assault Centurions have Move Through Cover
*Codex: Space Marines is largely in line with Codex: Dark Angels points wise.
*176 Pages in their copy of the codex (same as rumored)
*Hunter has "Savant-Lock". When shooting at a flyer you put a marker on it for each miss. The markers stay on the flyer until it leaves the table or is destroyed. At the beginning of every friendly shooting phase you roll for those markers. On a 5 or a 6 that missle hits.
*Artwook is nice, and book is Space Marines more in a general form. More updated fluff, not just the rehashed fluff.
*Some of the classic Black and White was colored, but a lot of new art too.
*Book is in sections for each founding chapter (plus the Black Templars)) and a large number of the *Successor Chapters to help players know who should be using what rules.
*Salamanders don't really have any successor chapters because their chapter had suffered a large number of casualties so they have a larger number of Marines in their chapter.
*"Equivilant to Forge World background" in terms of fluff.
*Forgeworld fluff included in the codex.
*Warlord Traits (Only One Chart for the Codex):

1. Angel of Death - Warlord and his unit have the Fear special rule.
2. Imperium Sword - One use only. Declare that your Warlord is using this at the start of one of your assualt phases. The Warlord and his unit have the Furious Charge special rule until the end of the turn.
3. Storm of Fire - One use only. Declare that your Warlord is using this at the start of one of your shooting phases. For the duration of that phase a single friendly unit from Codex: Space Marines within 12" of the Warlord may re-roll any failed to-hit rolls.
4. Rites of War - When taking morale tests friendly units from Codex: Space Marines within 12" of the Warlord use his characteristic instead of their own.
5. Iron Resolve - When determining your assault results add +1 to your total if the Warlord is locked in that combat.
6. Champion of Humanity - If your Warlord causes the enemy Warlord to be removed from play in a challenge he scores D3 extra victory points in addition in the usual amount of points given for slaying the enemy Warlord in this scenario. Note that killing the enemy Warlord in a sweeping advance does not reward these extra victory points.

Chapter Tactics

*Successor Chapters - You use whatever chapter tactics of your parent chapter. The ONLY Exception is the Black Templar.
*Homebrew - You can pick any tactic you want and use the Special Characters of that chapter. Those characters have to use the same Chapter Tactics as the same Chapter their from.
*Allies - "A Space Marine Detachment that has one set of Chapter Tactics MAY ally with another Space Marine Detachment with a different set of Chapter Tactics, Ultramarines and Raven Guard for example. For purposes of the Allies rules these allies are treated as being from two different codexes and are treated as Battle Brothers. Note that you may field models from two different chapters that have the same Chapter Tactics, such as Ultramariens and Praetors of Orpheus in the same detachment. These chapters are so closely affiliated that they count as a single army on the battlefield."
COUNT AS: If you want to use Vulkan in a Ultramarines army you have to play use the Salamander Chapter Tactics. So you CAN do "count-as" but you lock yourself into their Chapter Tactics. In short, Special Characters are locked to their specific Chapter Tactics

Ultramarines - Combat Doctrine: This detachment can utilize each of the following combat doctrines once per game. To do so at the start of your turn you state which combat doctrine you wish to use, if any, until the start of your next turn. You can only use one combat doctrine per turn.
*Tactical: Units in this detachment re-roll ones while shooting, unless they're tactical marines and they re-roll all failed to hit rolls in the shooting phase.
*Assault: Units in this detachment can re-roll their charge range. Assault squads, bikes, or attack bikes instead have the fleet rule.
*Devastator: Units in this detachment may re-rolls to-hit on snap shots, including overwatch shots, in addition models in this detachment's Devastator squads have the relentless unless they disembarked from a transport in their movement phase.

*Born in the Saddle: Models in this detachment with the Bike Unit Type automatically pass Dangerous Terrain tests, and recieve a +1 to their Jink Cover Saves. In addition add 1 to their Strength when resolving their Hammer of Wrath hits.
*Fight on the Move: Models in this Detachment have the Hit and Run Special Rule. Note that this does not include models in Terminator Armor, Devastator Centurions or Assault Centurions.

*Bolter Drill: Models in this detachment may re-roll all to-hit rolls of 1 made with a bolt pistol, boltgun, stormbolter, heavy bolters, or combi-weapons that are firing as boltguns. This rule does not apply to Helfire, Kraken, Vengence or Dragonfire rounds.
*Siegemasters: Models in this detachment in Devastator squads and Centurion Devastator squads have the Tank Hunter special rule and add +1 when rolling on the building damage table.

Black Templars - BOTH RULES ALL TIME
*Accept Any Challenges, No Matter the Odds: When engaged in a challenge, Black Templar Characters reroll all failed to-hit rolls, and have the Rending Special Rule.
*Crusaders: Black Templars have the Crusader and Adamantium Will Special Rules. In addition Black Templars have access to a special unit called a Crusader Squad.

*The Flesh is Weak: Models in this detachment have the Feel no Pain on a 6+ Special Rule. Note that if they benefit from more than one instance of Feel no Pain they use the best version available.
*Machine Empathy: All vehicles and characters in this detachment have the It Will Not Die special rule even though vehicles do not have Chapter Tactic special rules. Furthermore, Techmarines and Masters of the Forge in this detachment add +1 to their Blessing of the Omnissiah rolls.

*Flamecraft: Models in this detachment can re-roll their saving throws against wounds caused by flamer weapons as defined by the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Furthermore, flame weapons used by models in this detachment re-roll failed to-wound rolls and armor penetration rolls that don't cause a glancing or a penetrating hit.
*Master Artisan: During the army selection each character in this detachment may upgrade on of his weapons, even one they have purchased as an upgrade, to have the Mastercrafted Special Rule at no additional cost.

*Strike from the Shadows: Models in this detachment have the Scout Special Rule. In addition, on the first game turn, models in this detachment have the Stealth Special Rule. Note that units that include models with the Bulky or Very Bulky Special Rules do not benefit from either rule.
*Wings of Deliverance: Jump Infantry Models in this detachment may use their Jump Packs in both the movement and assault phases of the same turn. Futhermore, they must re-roll all failed to-wound rolls caused by their Hammer of Wrath hits.

Special Characters

Marneus Calgar:
● +25 Points
● Artificer Armor standard (2+)
● God of War: May use a single Combat Doctrine twice per game
● Titanic Might: Re-rolls all armor penetrating hits in close combat. He may reroll glancing hits to attempt to get a penetrating hit. Must accept the second roll even if it is worse than the first.
Weapons and Ammo still the same. Terminator Armor still has Frag and Krak Grenades. Retain his Teleport Homer.
● Terminator Armor is 10 points and doesn't prevent sweeping advances.Warlord Trait: Rolls 3 times on the Warlord Table, rerolling doubles, and chooses a single Warlord Trait.

Captain Cato Sicarius:
● -15 points
● Surprise Attack: +1 to Reserve Rolls
● Weapons still the same
● Battle-forged Heros: Pick a Tactical Squad and they gain Counter-Attack, Infiltrate or Scout.
● May still use the Coup-de-Grace with his sword.
● Lost Rites of Battle
● Warlord Trait: Imperium Sword

● -65 points
● +1 Wound
● Master Psyker: May re-roll any or all of his rolls to choose which powers he knows. He has access to all the powers.
● ML3
● Hood of Hellfire: Psychic Hood that allows you to re-roll failed psychic tests
● Rod of Tigiruis: Same as before with the addition of Soulblaze
● Gift of Prescience: If your army contains Tigirius you may choose to re-roll reserves and apply the result to units of the same attachement.
● Warlord Trait: Storm of Fire

● Zealot
● All equipment the same
● Warlord Trait: Angel of Death

● Chapter Tactics: Ultramarines
● Same points cost
● Same rules

Sergeant Chronus:
● -20 points
● +1LD
● His vehicle gains It Will not Die

● -35 points (bike is still 20 point upgrade)
● Bike does D3 Hammer of Wrath hits
● Furious Charge
● If Khan is your warlord friendly models with the Chapter Tactics White Scars special rule that are bikes or have dedicated transports have the Scout special rule.
● Khan makes all bike squads who are 5 bikes or more count as troop choices.
● Warlord Trait: Champion of Humanity

● The Forgefather: If Vulkan is your warlord, all meltas, multi-meltas and combi-meltas in this detachment become twin-linked.
● Lost Digital Weapons
● No longer Master Crafts Thunderhammers
● Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve

● -10 points
● Stealth
● Before deploying Shrike can only join a Jump Infantry unit
● Lost Fleet
● Weapons stayed the same
● Warlord Trait: Angel of Death

● +30 Points
● No more Bolter Defenses
● Icon of Obstinancey: All models with the Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics re-roll failed morale and pinning checks
● Same wargear
● Warlord Trait: Champion of Humanity

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor:
● +1 Attack
● Oath of Rynn: If Chapter Master Kantor is your Warlord all models in Crimson Fist detachments have the Preferred Enemy (Orks) Special Rule. Furthermore, all such models within 12" of Kantor have +1 Attack while he lives. This bonus does not affector Kantor, and is not cimulative with the similar bonuses that the Chapter Banner gives.
● Still has Hold the Line: Crimson Fist Sternguard Veterans are scoring
● Same Wargear and points
● Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve

● +5 points
● +1 WS
● Rites of Battle - Gone
● Crusade of Wrath: Once per game, during the Assault Phase, all models with the Black Templar Chapter Tactics gain Hatred and Fleet until the end of the phase.
● Sword of the High Marshalls is the same (+D3 attack on the charge)

● -10 Points
● -1 BS
● +1 Wound
● -1 Attack
● It will Not Die (replaced "Only in Death Does Duty End")
● Zealot
● Relics of Hellsreach: Any Black Templar of a servitor in 6" gains a 6++ Invunerable save.
● Unmatched Zeal: Black Templar models within of 6" of Chaplain of Grimaldus have the Zealot special rule.

Emperor's Champion:
● Uses HQ Slot
● +50 Points
● 2+/4++
● Black Sword: AP2, Mastercrafted
● Combat Stances: Smite the Unclean - +2 Strength, Black Sword is two-handed and unwieldy; Slay the Heretic - Rolls of 6s to wound are Instant Death
● Bolt Pistol gives extra attack (unless using Smite the Unclean)

A Quick Summary of what Black Templars Gained and Lost (this list may not be complete):
- No More Vows
- No More Marshalls or Castellans
- No More Terminator Command Squads
- No More Master of Sanctity/Reclessiarchy
- Sword Brethren are no longer units
- No More 2 Heavy Weapons in a 5 man Terminator Squad
- No More special rule upgrades (Tank Hunter, ect)
- No More Storm Shields on Assault Squads
- No More extra power weapons in bike squad
- No More Fearless in Close Combat
- No More Righteous Zeal
- Some Flavor
- Most Heavy Weapons +5 more
- No More Power of the Machine Spirt upgrade

+ Chapter Master and Captains
+ Honor Guard
+ Regular Chaplains
+ Master of the Forge
+ Tactical Squads
+ Scout Squads
+ Land Speeder Storm
+ Vanguard
+ Sternguard
+ Ironclad Dreadnoughts
+ Centurions (Assault and Devastator)
+ Scout Bikes
+ Devastators
+ Whirlwinds
+ Hunter
+ Stalker
+ Land Raider Redeemer
+ Thunderfire Cannon
+ Crusader Squad keeps Land Raider Crusader as a Dedicated Transport
+ Initiates are 5 points cheaper (counting Frag and Krak Grenade upgrades)
+ Sword Brother option in Crusader Squad
+ Keep Initiate Power Weapon/Fist option
+ Neophyte leadership increased to Ld 8
+ Neophyte Shotguns S4
+ Crusader Squad keeps Pistol and Chainsword option
+ Crusader Squad Organization stays the same


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40K: Space Marine Answers!

Tons and Tons of Space Marine Q&A!!!

via 40k radio and compiled by Zion from Talkwargaming

Most Recent QnA
Q: Is it true that what you guys have is an early playtest material, not the actual printed C:SM codex?
A: I have the final print copy.

Q: Are their any new Special Characters?
A: No.

Q: Is honour guard still 3-10 models, or only available as 5 models similar to command squads or BA honour guard?
A: 3-10

Q: Is relic blade still S+2 AP3 two-handed?
A: Yes

Q: Do Legion of the Damned get Soulblaze like in Apoc?
A: No

Q: Can the LotD still Deep Strike?
A: Yes

Q: Does the LotD still have Slow and Purposeful?
A: Yes

Q: Can the LotD be joined by characters?
A: No

Q: Does Cassius have the Zealot rule?
A: Yes

Q: Do the AA tanks have an alternate fire mode that lets them shoot at ground targets?
A: No, only one firing mode

Q: Can child chapters take the SCs of their parent chapters?
A: No (those are unique to their chapter)

Q: Can Pedro and Lysander be in the same army without using allies?
A: No (CF is one chapter, IF is another)

Q: Are Techmarines slotless HQs like the DA book?
A: Yes

Q: Can Captains still take Artificer Armor?
A: Yes

Q: Do Sternguard combi-weapons still cost 5 points?
A: No, they're 10 points

Q: Does Helbrecht have any other special rules besides the once a game rule that gives fleet/hatred?
A: No

Q: What is the cost of a five man scout squad with a Vet Sergeant?
A: 65 Points

Q: Any changes on Kantor's rules?
A: Basically the same (will be covered on show)

Q: Do bikes and centurions get combat squads rule?
A: Bikes yes, Centurions no.

Q: Is there is any vehicle able to get grav weapons?
A: No

Q: Are neophytes of crusade squad an independent squad that can join the main unit as it was rumoured, or crusade squads are a full unit option?
A: No, like last BT Dex.

Q: Is there option for crusade squads of getting two special weapons?
A: No.

Q: If one crusader squads takes a CLR as transport, it has any point cost reduction?
A: I don't have the BT Dex to check.

Q: Have black templars access to biker scouts?
A: Yes. They have access to everything except Librarians.

Q: Marneus Calgar "God of War" rule is still in there? Has it been replaced by the 3 warlord traits rule?
A: It's different and cool (will be covered on the show).

Q: How many points cost a grav-gun as special weapon on a tac squad?
A: 15 points.

Q: How many points are the lascannon and missle launcher upgrades on the Centurion Devastators?
A: Lascannon is 10, Missile is 10

Q: How much do Relic Blades Cost?
A: Chapter Master and Captain get it for 25 points.

Q: Does the codex include a Power Field Generator (DA Wargear that generates a 4++ for a unit)?
A: No

Q: Can Tactical Marines take a Special Weapon at 5 models?
A: A Squad of 5 can have a special weapon or heavy weapon.

Q: Can Calgar still take up to 3 units of Honor Guard?
A: Yes

Q: Additionally, does his still have the rule that lets him choose to pass or fail morale checks at will?
A: Yes (more in the show)

Q: Are Black Templar Characters required and/or accept challenges?
A: Not required, but they will be sick in challenges

Q: Bikes squads that can be made troops, a minimum of 5 models or 5 models max? there is some conflicting sounding information so people just want to confirm.
A: At least 5 (max 9 with Attack Bike) and if your Captain or Chapter Master is on a bike you make take them as troops.

Q: So Chapter Masters on bikes can unlock bike squads of at least 5 models as troops too?
A: Yes.

Q: Do LotD still have their 3++ save?
A: Yes

Q: Can the Bikers take the grav gun options?
A: Yes

Q: Can Scout Squads take locator beacons or teleport homes?
A: Teleport Homers.

Q: Does Shrike have any other rules?
A: No.

Q: Do Chapter Tactics cost anything?
A: No.

Q: The Stalker, does it have 4 shots total that it can split fire with or does each gun fire 4 shots each?
A: 4 shots each (this will be covered on the show)

Q: Do any of the SC's have Stubborn or Fearless?
A: No

Q: Does the Emperor's Champion take up an HQ slot?
A: Yes

Q: Does Sicarius still re-roll his Sieze Initiative attempts?
A: No

Q: Any change to Razorbacks?
A: I believe they went up 5 points

Q: Does the Ultramarines Tactical Chapter Tactic affect Sternguard special ammo?
A: I believe so.

Q: Also, are bike upgrades for Space Marine Captains cheaper?
A: I think the upgrade stayed the same.

Q: Are normal bikes cheaper?
A: Yes

Q: Are all these answers from an early rendition or playtest and subject to change? Or are these concrete answers from a full codex?
A: The book I have looks like the final. If this is a fake then a ton of effort has gone into this.

Q: Is there any way to assault from vehicles besides assault ramps on land raiders and stormravens?
A: The Land Speeder Storm.

Q: How do Successor Chapters work exactly?
A: This will be covered on the 1 Sept show. The answer is really long and it's easier to just explain it verbally than type it out.

Q: If you have two different chapters that use the same chapter tactic, can they ally to each other?
A: This will als be covered on the 1 Sept show.

Q: How do Camo Cloaks work?
A: +1 to cover, or 6+ cover if not in cover

Q: Can any of the HQs get Camo Cloaks?
A: No

Q: Is there a way to get Eternal Warrior?
A: Yes (will be covered in show (Zion's Speculation: It's a Relic))

Q: Can any of the HQs buy any special rules?
A: No

Q: Do the HQs still have access to Hellfire rounds?
A: No

Q: Can we get a rundown on what Grav Weapons will cost?
A: Grav will be on the show.

Q: In 5th Edition you were encouraged to use SCs as "Count-As" special characters to give you some new/interesting combinations. Is there anything in the new book that allows you to do this?
A: You can no longer do that due to Chapter Tactics.

Q: Just to confirm, this means the Camo Cloaks and the Raven Guard Chapter Tactic stack, right? +2 to their cover saves for having both?
A: They do stack, but there is a caveat to the Raven Guard rule that will be covered on the show. All Chapter Tactics will be covered on the show.

Q: BT High Marshal (Chapter Master equivalent?) Helbrecht has no Orbital Bombardment, but BT can take a "regular" Chapter Master and get the OB from him?
A: Correct, Helbrecht does not have it, but regular Chapter Masters do.

Q: Have Razorback weapon upgrades gotten cheaper, more expensive or stayed the same?
A: Some went down.

Q: How much do Relic Blades cost for Honor Guard?
A: 10 points.

Q: You mentioned that the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics have a caveat. Do all the Chapter Tactics have special caveats in how they can be used?
A: No, there are other rules for RG we didn't mention.

Q: Do these caveats require certain minumum requirements of units or wargear?
A: No.

Q: Are the Drop Pods priced like the DA ones (to include upgrades)?
A: Similiar.

Q: When making an army, are you required to take a chapter trait?
A: Yes.

Q: Is the Exorcists Chapter covered in the list of different Marine chapters/successors in the book?
A: Yes, there is a small blurb, but the do not have a parent chapter.

Q: Are any of these caveats negative things (like the old 4th edition flaws)?
A: No. The caveat is we have not revealed all the abilities for some chapters.

Q: Is there any clue you can give us on the nature of these caveats?
A: There are many layers to the CTs (no negatives).

Q: Did the points cost change for Power Weapons?
A: Generally the same, per units choices.

Q: Did the points cost change for Power Fists?
A: PF same.

Q: How much do Crusader Squads pay for Power Weapons?
A: 15.

Q: Can the Initiate in a Crusader Squad take a Power Fist?
A: Yes at 25 points.

Q: How does the limit for the extra power weapon in the Crusader squad work. Is it just 1 Initiate or is it 1 per X number of models in the squad?
A: 1 Initiate and then upgrade one to Sword Brother and you can get another.

Previous QnA
Q: How do scouts look?
A: The scouts went down 2 points and they can now take a Storm as a dedicated transport. They mostly stayed the same.

Q: How about Marines?
A: Tactical Marines are 14 points each.

Q: What do Raven Guard get?
A: Raven guard get stealth and the ability to use their jump packs in the movement and assault phase.

Q: What are the Imperial Fists chapter traits?
A: IF get bolter drill and that allows them to re-roll any 1s, it does not work with sternguard special rounds. Also Devs and Centurion Devs get Tank Hunters special Rules with a +1 on damaging buildings.

Q: What did Salamanders get?
A: Sallies get to re-roll any failed armor saves from flame based weapons, also with their flame weapons they get to re-roll any failed wounds or armor penetration that fail to cause a penetration or glancing hit. Also any character gets to master craft one weapon for free points.

Q: What's up with the new tanks?
A: both weapons are S7. The Hunter is AP2 and has armorbane so it should handle most flyers out there.

Q: What do the Templars look like?
A: Vows are gone. BT come with Chapter Tactics just like all the other marine army. One allows you to re-roll to hits rolls and rending, when you're in challenges. The other one gives you Adamantium Will and Crusader. Also their ally matrix did not change.

Q: How do homebrew/unknown lineage chapters work?
A: If you're an unknow founding or a home brew chapter you can pick what Chapter Tactics you want.

Q: What's the situation with Crusader Squads?
A: The crusader squads are cool because you can have up to two power weapons in the squad, if you take a Sword Brother. The Initiates are fourteen points and come with bolter, bolt pistol, frag, and krak. You may exchange the bolter for a ccw for the price of free.

Q: Any new wargear (along the lines of auspex from DA codex)?
A: There is new wargear for Chapter relics, 6 of them.

Q: How high is the rate of fire for the other AA tank?
A: Stalker has RoF 4 and the Hunter has RoF 1.

Q: Can you please confirm whether or not pure bike armies are no longer legal to field?
A: No you can not. You get the option to take 5 bikes as a troop if your captain has a bike, also your command squad can have bikes.

Q: Are storm ravens/storm talons in the book. or are we required to use "Death from the Skies"?
A: Yes they are in the book and you do not need Death from the Skies.

Q: Do UM retain their "fall-back from combat and may act normally" ability? Thanks in advance!
A: No that rule does not exist anymore. Like all the chapters their Chapter Tactics are set.

Q: What is going on with the Emperor's Champion?
A: The Emperor Champion is and HQ choice and for his points will be a good character hunter. Those abilities no longer exist, they're just gone. The chapter Tactics they get are called "Accept any Challenge, No Matter what the Odds" and "Crusaders"

Q: Does special characters still add the USRs/special rules that they have in this codex to your army/squad? EX: Shrike and Infiltrate? Pedro and +1 Attack aura?
A: Yes some SC still have USR that boost their army.

Q: Is it finally possible to take jump packs for our command squads?
A: No, Only bikes.

Q: Can you confirm/disprove the "special" Rhino variants that were rumoured? EX: Medical, Recovery, etc.
A: Those do not exist. That was wish listing.

Q: Could you shed some light on the UM special rules?
A: Ultra marines are a little lengthy but they choose the doctrines of Tactical, Assault, or Devstator. The Tactical detachment re-roll ones, unless they're tactical marines and they re-roll all failed to hit rolls in the shooting phase. The Assault detachment re-rolls charges, unless they're assault squads, bikes, attack bikes and they get fleet. The Devastator detachment get to re-rolls on snap shots and overwatch shots, unless they're Devastators and they gain relentless as long as they're not disembarking from a transport in the movement phase.

Q: Are there any special banners that can be taken? EX: Banner of Devastation from DA Codex, etc.
A: No, that is more wish listing. You can have the good old Chapter Banner.

Q: Did sternguard special ammo change at all?
A: Remained the same, SG went down to 22 points

Q: Are there any other scoring units besides sternguard, tac, and scouts?
A: Only Tac and scouts. SG if you take Kantor and 5 man bike squad if you take a Captain on a bike.

Q: Any changes at all to the Black Sword or is the EC just some sort of challenge monkey now? I wonder what "for his points will be a good character hunter" could mean.
A: EC has an AP2 sword striking at initiative and if you add the BT Chapter Tactics be becomes a challenge machine. He also has 2+/4+.

Q: Thank you so much, a final question, the BT situation sounds like we were better off with a 4th ed codex, do the special characters give anything special? What does Helbrecht and Grimaldus look like and do for the army?
A: No they do not add anything. They've been basically upgraded to 6th ed. For a BT will be happy with all the options they will have.

Q: Just out of curiosity, does Accept any challenge give them rending in Challenges, or allows them to reroll rending throws?
A: They have rending.

Q: Is there any way for Templars to have access to CC boosting USRs via characters?
A: Once per game Helbrecht can give Hatred and Fleet in the Assault phase. It only works on units with Chapter Tactics(Black Templars)

Q: Any idea if the Champion is still BT-only or they opened it up for other chapters that have them in the fluff (IF and CF for example)?
A: EC are only for BT armies.

Q: Is that 3-5 man bike squad as troops, or 5-10 man bike squads to count as troops? Also, is the attack bike still an upgrade to a bike squad, as well as a separate choice?
A: Its a 3-5 man. You can upgrade one to an attack bike.

Q: how big can a crusader squad be?
A: Up to 10 Initiates and up to 10 Neos.

Q: what USRs do Helbrecht and Grimaldus provide?
A: Grimaldus gives Zaelot

Q: what units are restricted to Templars?
A: Only librarians

Q: how do Castellans work?
A: You pick either a SM captain, Chapter Master or Termie Captain.

Q: Does the Emperor's Champion's sword still have the +2 to strength in addition to being AP2?
A: Yes if you pick that stances, but counts as two-handed. the other stances gives you rending.

Q: And does the 4++ invulnerability now work outside of close combat, too?
A: Yes he is always 2+/4+.

Q: can castellans/marshals take command squads
A: Yes they can take command squads, but they are just Captains now.

Q: can Helbrecht take an honor guard
A: Yes because he is a Chapter Master

Q: what USRs and where in the Force Org chart are normal chaplains
A: Chaplains are HQ and Zealot.

Q: which HQ choices actually take up a slot, and which ones don't
A: Chapter Masters, Captains, Chaplians, and Librarians. BT can not take librarians.

Q: did the costs of dedicated transports change?
A: Only major change to dedicated transports is the Storm moving there.

Q: also, do you mind sharing any changes to devestator costs or the potential load-outs for tac squads?
A: Devs went down. Close to Dark Angel book.

Q: any way to get 2 special weapons?
A: No way to get 2 specials.

Q: Are grav weapons solid shots or blast? Do they have any other special rules ex: haywire?
A: Solid shot and they have concussive

Q: Any improvements to dreads?
A: Dreads are basically the same.

Q: Are the whole range of Ultramarines Special Characters still in there?
Calgar, Tigurius, Cassius, Chronus, Telion, and Sicarius?
What do they do nowadays?
A: Yes all Ultra characters are in and are Virtually the same. Calgar can take three Warlord traits and went up in points. He's a beast.

Q: If BT indeed use regular SM Chaplain entry, do the chaplains have two or three wounds, and two or three base attacks?
A: W2 A2

Q: Does Lysander give any special rules?
A: No. He went up in points but he is still gnarly.

Q: Can Sternguard become Troops?
A: No they can not. Kantor allows them to be scoring.

Q: Does Lysander still have Eternal Warrior?
A: Yes, he still has EW.

Q: You covered BT, UM, Ravenguard, Fists, Salamanders, and Iron Hands. Is that all of the chapters? Or are there more special chapter rules for other chapters?
A: If you play a successor chapter you will use the Chapter Tactics of the Founding Chapters. The codex covers a lot of the successor chapters.

Q: So to confirm, you can't take an all bike army?
A: Yes but you have to take 2 captains so you can get two bike squads to be troops.

Q: Any change to Honor Guard?
A: They went down in points. That is their big change.

Q: Is there any way to get an extra attack on tacticals? Such as a combat blade?
A: There is no way to do that.

Q: Did Vindicators change in price or function?
A: Right about same points. No big change, basically the same.

Remember that CF with use the Imperial Fist Chapter Tactics.

Vanguard Veterans are 19pts without jump pack and 22 points with jump pack. Heroic Intervention does not work the same as last codex.

Q: Can we just get the whole Centurion statline out of the way once and for all?
A: WS/BS 4 S/T 5 W2 I4 LD8/9 Sv 2+

Q: Any changes to Shrike or Kor'sarro?
A: Shrike can only infiltrate with jump infantry.
Khan give scout to bikes and mounted troops. His bike does D3 Hammer of Wrath hits.

Q: For salamanders. Do flame weapons include melta and flamestom cannon. Also what does vulkan do for the army?
A: Only for flame weapons covered on page 56 of the Rulebook. Meltas get twin-linked if you take Vulkan.

Q: For BT Chapter tactics, is the reroll and rending only in a challenge? Or is it reroll all the time and rending in challenge?
A: Yes that is only in a challenge. When in a challenge you get to re-roll your To Hit rolls and all attacks have rending.

Q: How many attacks do the Centurians have?
A: 1A and Sgt 2A. The drills give a bonus attack to the assault version...

Q: Would you happen to know if the capacity on the land raider is still 12?
A: LR = 10, LRC = 16, and LRR = 12

Q: Are there terminator command squads?
A: No Termie command squads.

Q: What buffs does Lysander have other than EW?
A: Gives all units in 12" with Chapter Tactics (IF), re-roll on morale and pinning test.

Q: So only characters benefit from the BT chapter tactic?
A: Yes for challenges. Your army also gets Crusader USR and Adamantium Will USR.

Q: What does Grimauldus specifically give? You mentioned Zealot, is that army wide?
A: No army wide rule. Zealot USR works for him and the unit he is in. If a units is within 6" of the servitors they get a 6+ invul.

Q: Any special characters for Iron Hands?
A: No Iron Hands Characters.

Q: Any changes to the Master of the Forge?
A: Master of the forge is almost the same. He will get "It Will not Die" USR and a 1+ to Blessing of the Omnissiah from the IH Chapter Tactics.

Q: Is it possible to give the MoF invl save now? < big iron hands player wanna run a themed force with ironfather HQ but i think ill need the invl for CC
A: Looks like 6+ FNP will be the best you can get unless you take a Chapter Relic, which gives a 6+ invul.

Q: Is that +1 to the blessing for IHs a specific rule of the MoF or part of the IH traits that applied to all techmarines?
A: +1 is only for IH Chapter Tactics

Q: And does bolter drill still work on all bolt weapons (minus the sternguards) or just rifles/combirifles?
A: All Bloters on page 56 of Rulebook and combi-wepon bolters. You can not use it on the special ammo that the sternguard use.

Q: What are the White Scars Chapter Traits?
A: +1 to jink save, Auto pass on dangerous terrain, +1 to Hammer of Wrath attacks, Hit and Run except for termies and both sets of Centurions.

Q: What does Khan do?
A: He gives Bikes and Transports the Scout USR

Q: What are the options for the Crusader Squads?
A: Crusader squads are basically the same as last BT. You get the option of a Sword Brother upgrade(Vet sgt). So you could put 2 power weapons in one squad. There can still be up to 20 models in one unit.

Q: Has Marneus Calgar changed at all?
A: Calgar gets three warlord traits, his armor does not prevent him from preforming a sweeping advance, and he went up in points. He's a supreme badass but you pay for it.

Q: Are those big fists on the shooty Centurions powerfists? What about the assault version- do they strike at initiative because they have Ironclad assault launchers?
A: Centurion Devs do not have PF. The Assult Centurions do strike at initiative, the drills are not unwieldy.

Q: Are black templar's still prohibited from allying with non-grey knight psykers? (Sanctified Psykers, Inquisitors with Psionics, etc)
A: BT are still Ally of Convenience. You will still follow the rule book.

Q: And does the Emperor's champion take up a force organization slot?
A: No.

Q: What chief librarian tigurius? Is going to give other pysker's a run for their money?
A: I think Tigurius is easily the most improved SC. He will be very tempting for Ultramarine players and he comes in relatively cheap. Overall A+ over last edition.

Q: Can the Emperor's Champion be taken as the Warlord?
A: Yes because he is taken as a HQ choice.

Q: Is Calgar above 300 points?
A: Calgar is 275

Q: Have TH/SS termies gone up in price?
A: TH/SS Terminators cost +5 points

Q: What're the rules for the Assault Centurion's drills?
A: S9 AP2 Melee, Specialist Weapon, armorbane, strikes at initiative

Q: What is Grimaldus' stat line like? Any variations from a standard chaplain? And does he have anything like Eternal warrior or IWND?
A: He has "It will not Die", no EW.

Q: Any special BT items or upgrades?
A: Nothing special for Black Templars, you just get the full access to the codex. So you get Vanguard, Sternguard, Centurion and so on. You have the ability to put multiple power weapons in crusader squads. One is a non-character which can not be challenged. You get to hide a power weapon.

Q: Is there any limitations to the EC? Can anybody take one?
A: EC can only be taken by BT and they're a HQ choice.

Q: Is a "Castellan" a BT sgt in a vet squad?
A: Castellans are gone. Vet Sgts are Sword Brothers.

Q: Mind a rundown of the 6 Chapter Relics?
A: he relics consist of two swords, one bolter, set of armor, one storm shield and one banner.

Q: Are there Space Marine Warlord Traits?
A: Yes, one chart for all armies.

Q: Does Imperial Fist Bolter drill give rerolls to hit and to wound of 1? Or just to hit?
A: To hit rolls of 1's.

Q: Is Telion cheaper/different?
A: Telion is the same points and all updated with sniper rules for 6th

Q: Same with Chronus? Is he worth considering now?
A: Chronus is cheaper but still not worth it. Just increases the BS by 1

Q: Is the basic Chapter Master differentiated from a Captain with more than orbital bombardment?
A: CM has A4 and W4 and access to honor guard as command squad.

Q: Does the command squad of a master have better/different options than a captain?
A: It's Honor Guard.

Q: Is the Storm Raven more expensive in these new rules? Different in any other ways?
A: Storm Raven stayed 200 points.

Q: What sort of special tricks does Tigirius bring to the list?
A: Tight is ML 3, knows all disciplines, he can re-roll his dice when determining his psychic powers, he can re-roll reserves(even successful ones), HoH is a psychic hood and he can re-roll failed psychic test.

Q: are drop pods still 12 to a pod?
A: Dop pod is back to 10.

Q: Landraider redeemer the same?
A: LRR is 12

Q: How is Heroic Intervention different?
A: They do not get the penalty for disordered charge and Sgt auto passes initiative check for Glorious Intervention.

Q: Two small questions on the new tanks: what are their AV values? And do either of them have interceptor?
A: AV 12 12 10 and no interceptor, I repeat no interceptor.

Q: Do the Vanguard Veterans still get to assault the turn they deep strike jump packs then?
A: No. That rule is gone.

Q: How many wounds and attacks does Grimaldus have?
A: Grim is W3/A3

Q: And are Reclusiarchs in the codex?
A: Reclusiarchs are gone. There is one Chaplain to chose from.

Q: For those with non first founding chapter & BT, is there a system of making your own chapter tactics(like the chapter traits from the 4th edition codex)?
A: No. You will have to chose out of the Chapter Tactics provide.

Q: Did the predator tanks and devestators have their prices modified in the codex?
A: They both got point decreases.

Q: Is the old Power Armored Marneus Calgar mini nonexistent?
A: He's in Artificer armor. For 10 points more he gets Termie armor.

Q: Are there any new Ultramarine Characters?
A: No new characters.

Q: Does Orbital Bombardment still exist?
A: Yes

Q: Is Calgar's Termie Armor the same? Built in Teleport Homer, or does it do anything special?
A: Same, but let's you sweeping advance in Terminator Armor and still has homer.

Q: There are so many BT on because we are getting screwed by GW who is basically trying to make us in to a lame variant of a codex chapter, something we are definitely not. The more I read, the less I want to continue playing 40K.
A: I think the BT are better. You have more options than you know what to do with and most if not all of your troops are cheaper. It's not that bad.

Another BT player raising his complaints....
Q: More options but if CC crusaders are not getting any bonus in CC then BT are WORSE in CC then with the 4th ed book and because termies will get 1 less heavy weapon in a squad of 5 BT Gunline will have less missiles
A: Those things had gone they way of the dodo bird a half a decade ago. Even if they got their own dex there ways no way that you were still going to get two heavy weapons in five termies and other outdated rules.

Squads are just as good as there 4th codex iteration. They're cheaper, they come with frag/krak grenades, up to two power weapons, 2 flyer types, and the list goes on. There are far more pluses than minuses.

If you were banking on rules that are old and outdated then you will be disappointed. If you look at all the options then you will be excited about the possibility and the flexibility that the new dex offers.

Back to the Q&A:

Q: Ironclads the same?
A: Ironclads are the same.

Q: About Honor Guard, have they gotten cheaper? Has the chapter champion got more bad ass or is he still...meh?
A: Honorguard are cheaper and the company champion is the same, at least he's cheaper.

Q: landspeeders the same? Or similar to the dark angels cost wise? Doubt they get 1-5 too.
A: Speeders are 1-3

Q: What about Cassius and Sicarius?
A: 1)Sicarius is 15 points cheaper and basically the same.2)Cassius is 5 points more.

Q: Any change regarding the Whirlwind?
A: Nope. Missiles do the same and its 65 points.

Q: Does IF bolter drill only apply to boltguns/bolt pistols (minus special ammo) or does it apply to hvy and hurricane bolters as well?
A: It works on every bolter on page 56 of the rule book. Hurricane bolters already get a re-roll and you can't re-roll a re-roll.

Q: Can you give the full breakdown of grav-weapons? S value? how do they work v. vehicles? difference between grav gun and grav cannon?
A: Grav weapons wound the target based on their armor save. For example a terminator has a 2+ save so they would be wounded on a die roll of 2+. Against vehicles roll a die, 1-5 does nothing and on a 6 the vehicle is immobilized and loses a HP.

Q: Did the Codex Powers change?
A: They use the psychic powers out of the rule book, so null zone and the other powers are gone.

Q: What are te ranges on the new Grav Guns? Are they rapid fire?
A: Pistol: Range 12", Gun: 18" salvo 2/3, and Cannon: 24" salvo 3/5

Q: Did the dreadnoughts gain any rules (like the rumored Inspiring Presence)?
A: No, I think that's more wish listing.

Q: Do the Devs get Flakk Missles?
A: Yes. They have to pay and additional 10 points.

Q: Can Honor Guard get and invunerable now (storm shields)?
A: No.

Q: Is there some caveat to the first half of the UM tactical rule (like..i don't know,does not work on heavy weapons for example...) or is it just a plain better version of the IF one even without the extra bonus for tactical squads?
A: It will work on any weapon that rolls a 1, while the IF only works on bolter type weapons.

Q: How many points are the Scout Bikes?
A: 18 points

Q: Did they change the Cereberus launcher on the LS storm? used to be -2 leadership to enemies assaulted after disembarking.
A: It's not the same. It's range 18" S 2 large blast Blind.

Q: Do BT get Land Raider Redeemers as Dedicated, or only Land Raider Crusaders?
A: Just LRC.

Q: Out of intrest, is there anything in the book that stops BT from allying with a psyker? (I know they cant take one)
A: Im not seeing anything that will stop you from allying.

Q: Any change to the Sternguard ammo types?
A: Same as before

Q: Who can take the Grav Weapons?
A: Basically anyone who can take special weapons or pistol upgrades. They heavy one is only on the Dev Centurions.

Q: How much cheaper are Honor Guard exactly?
A: They dropped 25 points.

Q: Does the Signum still work the same?
A: Yes it give one member BS5

Q: So they actually gave the straight better rule to ultramarines (at least with other chapters they have different rules...Here it's just...better)...That makes me kind of sad.
A: Not really you have to invest a lot points into Tac squads and there essentially picking your army for you.

Q: Do you have the points cost for AA tanks?
A: Stalker = 70, Hunter = 75

Q: Do any units have Interceptor?
A: No.

Q: Has libby base cost decreased?
A: Yes, Psyker down to 65 points.

Q: Oh, do the Chaplains get any melee weapon options, or are they stuck with Crozius only?
A: They have other power weapon options and they can also have Chapter Relics.

Q: With the Ultramarines Chapter Trait do you choose, or is it based on how you build your army?
A: You choose but it will kind of force yourhand to build a certain way to take advantage of CT.

Q: Do Grav have haywire as some early rumors suggested?
A: Grav have concussive.

Q: On the stalker model it seems that its two weapon turrets can move seperatly, there was also a rumour before that they could split fire. Is there any indication of this or does the stalker simply have a s7 heavy 4 gun?
A: You're very astute. There is an option to fire at two targets with a lowered BS.

Q: What are the specs of the flame launcher on LoD with ignores cover USR?
A: All shooting attacks ignore cover saves.

Q: Do we get interrogator chappie/reclusiarch?
A: No, basic Chaplain for all.

Q: Did shooty Terminators get better/cheaper?
A: Heavy Flamer went up in points, while assault cannon and cyclone saw a same points decrease.

Q: How many points costs Tigurius now?
A: 165 points. Down 65 points.

Q: How much do ML 1 and 2 librarians cost?
A: ML1 = 65 and ML2 is a 25 point upgrade.

Q: Does Thunderfire Cannons get any advantage of IH Chapter Tactics? I mean, FNP or It never dies? Their techmarine gets de +1 on Omnissiah's blessing?
A: Yes the Techmarine would get FNP, +1 Omniissiah, and it will not die.

Q: Has auxillary grenade launcher changed?
A: 24" rapid fire.

Q: Are Tactical Squads basically the same as in Codex:DA, as far as organisation and equipment options go?
A: Yes

Q: Grav Amp lets you reroll wounds, that's the only information on it that has come out so far.
A: Grav Amp allows you to re-roll failed wounds and armor penetration with grav weapons.

Q: Are Vanguard Vets for sure FA or Elites?
A: They are elite.

Q: Does Vulkan get Eternal Warrior?
A: No.

Q: How many points is Vukan and does he still mastercraft Thunder Hammers?
A: Vulcan is 190 and he no longer upgrades thunder hammers to MC.

Q: Can you mix your army. Like have some units be ultra marines and others be salamanders?
A: Yes. They're allowed to ally out of the same codex.

Q: Can Independent Characters (captain, chapter masters, techmarines,etc) take centurion armour as part of their wargear?
A: No, that is not a wargear option.

Q: Can non-Black Templar armies (homebrew/unknown founding chapters) choose the Black Templar Chapter Trait? If they can do they have to take Crusader Squads instead of Tactical Squads?
A: The writing on it is a little vague. I would say yes but it may need a FAQ to clear it up.

Q: Any Salamander Relics?
A: No Sally Relics. The are space marine relics shared by all chapters.

Q: Any idea how grav weapons work against units with mixed armor saves ie Dlord + Wraiths?
A: It does not but I would figure you would wound on the majority armor save.

Q: And do Chapter traits work for allied detachments?
A: No, some SC characters have abilities that effect other units but they must have the same CT to receive that bonus.

Q: Any new pieces of common wargear like DA got (auspexes, infravisors, power field generators, etc.)?
A: Mostly grav weapons, Omniscopes, new weapon types for the AA weapons and generally moving wargear to be inline with 6th Ed.

Q: I keep hearing Vulkan twinlinks Melta and is the same, although it would be a mercy if someone came out and said there are no MC thunder hammers. Can you please confirm? Also I just saw on Natfka that Sallies get to re-roll armour saves from flame weapons including Melta- does this mean invul saves as well?
A: 1)Vulkan TL meltas
2) He does not master craft TH anymore.
3) Only works on flame weapons which are on 56 of the Rulebook.

Q: How many points for Kantor and Vulcan?
A: 1)Kantor 185
2)Vulkan 190

Q: Sorry - meant if you have an allied detachment of say Ultramarines with Tau, do the Ultramarines still benefit from CT despite being Allies?
A: Yes, their abilities will work on that detachment. They do not lose CT for allying.

Q: Do the AA tanks have to snapshot at ground targets (i.e. do they only have skyfire, but no interceptor?)
A: AA tanks do not have interceptor.

Q: Does honour guard get to keep both their weapon and 2+ save for their new low price?
A: HG get Arti armor and power weapons.

Q: Does Helbrecht gain Orbital Bombardment?
A: Helbrecht does not.

Q: Does Kantor still keep his 12" +1A bubble?
A: yes Kantor does.

Q: Thanks for the answer, do crusader squads have any other special rule besides ATSKNF and Chapter tactics?
A: No BT do not.

Q: How many points is a LS typhoon?
A: Typhoon 75 points

Q: How many points for a Dakka Pred/Las Pred?
A: Las 140 and Dakka 95

Q: Did they reduce the cost of the Captain?
A: Captain is 90

Q: Can models with different chapter tactics be in the same detachment? i.e. Can I take UM and IF in the same primary army then ally in some DA if I wanted them?
A: No they would have to ally those detachments together.

Q: How does work sergeants on tac squads? there is an extra cost for sergeant and veteran sergeant like dark angels?
A: Same as DA

Q: Any changes on attack bikes in cost, size of unit, etc.?
A: Attack bikes are now 45

Q: Is there any unit or weapon in the new codex with Interceptor rule?
A: No

Q: Any changes on Land Speeders?
A: Same

Q: Are crusader squad availabe to other chapter tactics than BT?
A: No

Q: Do Kantor and Helbrecht both have W4 A4 like the generic chapter masters now apparently get?
A: Yes

Q: Are Lysander's stats the same, wounds and such?
A: Same

Q: Legion of the damned weapon costs and special rules?
A: Went down and all their shooting attacks ignore cover.

Q: Can you go a little bit deeper into what the Chapter Relics are?
A: Going to cover on the show.

Q: Am I right to assume that generaly speaking, the costs of units and vehicles that are also in the DA book are the same as they are in that book?
A: Pretty close to each other.

Q: Is the Storm Talon the same cost as in Death from the Skies?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you use characters from a different Chapter than the one whose trait you are using? In other words, can I make an Iron Hands chapter but still use Tigurius, for example?
A: No.

Q: Does the Tactical trait affect only infantry units or does it affect vehicles too?
A: Yes.

Q: Do SM get their own Warlord Traits table, and if so, what are the traits?
A: Yes, we will cover it on the show.

Q: Does Calgar get to pick his traits or does he just get 3 rolls on the tables?
A: Three rolls on the chart, re-roll doubles.

Q: how do Grav weapons work on models who don't have armor saves (like Daemons)?
A: I would say a 5+, might be FAQed.

Q: Any change to shotguns?
A: Shotguns S4 assault 2.

Q: When you say you can ally out of the same codex, is that through the actual ally rules, or that you can mix two armies and their Chapter tactics?
A: You have to ally the two detachments.

Q: Raven Guard CT: is Stealth handed out to Vehicles too?
A: Yes, models in the detachment gain stealth.

Q: Khan: How much does he cost? How much does Moondrakkan cost?
A: Khan 125 and bike 25.

Q: Has the war gear for normal terminators changed .... Ie Can they take combi weapons?
A: No

Q: Any improvements to regular captains not previously mentioned? ie cheaper or wargear options besides the relics?
A: Pretty close to the same.

Q: Terminators of either type cheaper?
A: No.

Q: Scout bikers still lay mines or is that different?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we get elaboration on the Stalker? All I know right now is "S:7 Heavy4"
A: S7 AP4 Range 48"

Q: Can it split fire or something?
A: You can split fire

Q: Any special rules, or is it basically just two glorified AA-Autocannons?
A: Glorified Autocannon

Q: What is the range on the Hunter's gun?
A: 60"

Q: The Ultramarines' Tactical Doctrine only re-rolls 1's for shooting, right?

Q: Have Tigurius' stats changed at all?
A: Stats are the same.

Q: Does a bike Captain only make a bike squad a Troop if it numbers exactly 5 bikes, or or can it be a full "8 man + attack bike" squad?
A: At least 5 bikes can be up to 8.

Q: Anything changed with assault squads? Can they be taken as troops?
A: 17pts and can't be troops.

Q: Can command and honor guard take jump packs?
A: No.

Q: Do librarians have invuln saves? If not, can they buy them as upgrades?
A: Only in Terminator Armor.

Q: Do any of the characters or chapter tactics give fearless or stubborn?
A: No

Q: What about assault squads? Did their cost decrease a little too? Can they finally take meltaguns?
A: 17 Points and No Melta Guns.

Q: So for clarification on the bikes: any 1 bike unit of at least 5 models (of which one may be upgraded to an attack bike) can be a troop choice per captain on a bike in your army?
A: Correct.

Q: How many base attacks do Centurions have?
A: Centurions have A1. Centurion Sergeants have A2.

Q: Beyond being 15 pts cheaper, any changes to Sicarius?
A: You get +1 to reserves and no longer seize the initiative on a 5 or 6.

Q: How many power weapons can a Crusader squad take (besides the Sergeant) and is there an option to take a pair of lighting claws (either for normal BT marines or the Sergeant)
A: Power Weapon or Power Fist.

Q: Just to make sure I got it right, Honor Guard get: artificer armour, power weapon, Bolter and bolt pistol for 25 points? That sounds like a good deal even if they don't have a invul save.
A: Yes, but don't forget about the frag and krak grenades.

Q: Does the Ultramarine Tactical Doctrine trait (Rerolling Ones for non-tatical marines) apply to vehicles? (The answer before was unclear)
A: Yes, it says "models" in the detatchment. Vehicles are models.

Q: Does the rule for not taking non-chapter characters apply to Telion?
A: Telion is marked as an Ultramarine character and has CT(Ultramarines).

Q: Just to confirm, chapter tactics affect all models in a detachment, to include vehicles, unless otherwise stated, correct?
A: Yes.

Q: Lastly, is each gun on the Stalker Heavy 4 or is each gun Heavy 2?
A: Stalker is Heavy 4. There is an ability to fire at two separate targets. That will be covered on the next show.

Q: Does the Stalker and Hunter have Skyfire?

A: Yes, but they do not have interceptor.

Monday, August 19, 2013

40k: Tau Broadsides, Are you doing it wrong?

Today I spoke with a few people about some Tau strategies and noticed that they had both had an Ethereal as their HQ, and both had rail-guns on their Broadsides. They were complaining that they were having trouble in games, and couldn't understand why everyone was saying that the new tau were overpowered.

I decided to write this article to assist some people out there who may not be aware of this combination.

At a bare minimum, here is what you should have in your list:

    Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite
    Command and Control Node
    Puretide Engram Neurochip

Heavy Support:
    3 Broadside with High Yield Missile Pods and Smart Missile Systems
    6 Missile Drones

Now, here's how this works.

You attach the Commander to the unit of broadsides, and every turn he uses the Neurochip for Monster Hunter or Tank Hunter if needed. If not, stick with Stubborn. This gives the rule to the entire unit, as only one model in the unit needs the special rule for it to apply to the entire unit.

The Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite gives all weapons in the unit Ignore Cover.
The Command and Control Node makes everything Twin-Linked.

(Note: We do not need the Drone Controller, as it does not affect Missile Drones)

Lets add this all up.

Each turn this unit is shooting:
12 shots at Str 7 AP4 (High Yield Missile Pods)
12 shots at Str 7 AP4 (Missile Drones)
12 shots at Str 5 AP5  (Smart Missile Systems)

So your looking at 36 shots each turn, that are Twin-linked, Ignore Cover in roughly a 30" range, AND can re-roll wounds against MC's or re-roll armor penetration rolls against light-medium Mech.

And the to make it even better, the SMS doesn't even require line of sight.

The SMS only have a 30" range, but everything else is 36".
That's 3 feet...a table is only 4 feet wide.

Talk about table control.

Place the drones in front as a shield, and your opponent has to go through them first to even get to your Broadsides.

You can also use "Look Out Sir!" to assign wounds to the Drones first, essentially giving the unit a total of 16 wounds in all.

Want to go one better? Easy.

Give the commander 2 missile pods, and an Early Warning Override.
Now he can intercept incoming flyers if needed, and still be able to use all the glorious systems during his turn!

And to take things into the OP category, wait until next month, when Space Marines can field a 100 point Librarian and cast invisibility on the unit giving them a 2+ cover save behind a defense line!

Friday, August 16, 2013

40k Battle Report: Eldar/Tau Vs. Space Wolves/Dark Eldar

Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Mission: Purge the Alien

I was super stoked for this game. Due to the Fantasy League I've been playing in, this was the first time I've been able to play the new Eldar and Tau codexes.

My List (Eldar/Tau):

Farseer (Warlord. Guide, Death Mission, Fortune)
  • Jetbike
  • Singing Spear
Farseer (Prescience, Misfortune, Foreboding)
  • Jetbike
  • Singing Spear
6x Warlock Seer Council (Conceal/Reveal, Destructor/Renewer, Embolden/Horrify, Protect/Jinx, 2x Empower/Enervate
  • 6x Jetbikes
Tau Commander
  • Command and Control Node
  • Puretide Engram Neurochip
  • Multi-Spectrum Sensor Suite 
  • Twin-Linked Missile Pods
8x Dire Avengers
  • Exarch with Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults
10x Guardians
  • Scatter Laser
12x Fire Warriors
  • Sahs'ui
12x Fire Warriors
  • Sahs'ui
Heavy Support
  • 2x Flamers
  • Ghostglaive
  • Scatter Laser
  • Bright Lance
  • 2x Flamers
  • Ghostglaive
  • Scatter Laser
  • Bright Lance
2x War Walkers
  • 4x Scatter Lasers
3x Broadsides
  • 3x Twin-Linked SMS
  • 3x High-Yield Missile Pods
  • 6x Missile Drones
Aegis Defense Line
  • Twin-Linked Quad Gun

Opponents List As I Remember(Space Wolves/Dark Eldar):

Rune Priest (Jaws, and Something ) Joined Wolf Guard In Drop Pod
  • Terminator Armor
Rune Priest (Warlord. Prescience, and Something) Joined Long Fangs
  • Terminator Armor
Wolf Guard Battle Leader (Outflanking with 10 Grey Hunters)
  • Power Maul
  • Saga of the Hunter
Haemonculus Ancient
  • Liquifier Gun
5x Wolf Guard
  • 5x Terminator Armor
  • 4x Combi-Flamers
  • Cyclone Missile Luancher (Joined the Long Fangs)
Drop Pod

9x Hekatrix Bloodbrides
  • Razorflails
  • Night Shields
  • Dark Lance
10x Kabalite Warriors
  • Splinter Cannon
  • Night Shields
  • Splinter Racks
  • Dark Lance
10x Grey Hunters
  • Wolf Standard
  • Plasma Gun
10x Grey Hunters
  • Wolf Standard
10x Grey Hunters
  • Wolf Standard
  • 2x Plasma Guns
Heavy Support 
6x Long Fangs
  • 6x Missile Launchers
6x Long Fangs
  • 6x Missile Launchers
Aegis Defense Line
  • Quad Gun

He won the rolls for sides and deployment. He chose to go first. Night Fight was rolled and it was indeed night. 

Turn 1: He kept 10 Grey Hunters in reserve to outflank with his Wolf Guard Battle Leader. His pod with 4 Termies and a Rune Priest drop in right behind my 2 units of Fire Warriors. The 2 Raiders move up while hugging terrain. 2 units of walking Grey Hunters move forward. I interceptor the Drop Pod and take a hull point. The Fire Warriors get roached by combi-flamers. Im expecting the Rune Priest to Jaws the hell out of them but as I recall he either failed the test or I denied it. He instead cast his second power which goes off killing a couple Fire Warriors. When the dust settles one unit is down to 2 and the other down to 7. They both fail leadership and break. 

I kept the 2 War Walkers in reserve to outflank. The rest of my deployment can be seen in the first picture. I rallied the larger unit of Fire Warriors while the other continued falling back. I attempted to cast all my powers for by Biker Council, 2 of which were stopped by the Rune Priest's rune weapon. Guardians, Dire Avengers, Seer Council, and Fire Warriors take out the Termies and Rune Priest. Wraithlord 1 drops a raider with Wyches and kills over half of them in the explosion. Wraithlord 2 takes another hull point from the drop pod. Broadsides wipe a unit of Grey Hunters off the table.

Turn 2: He fails his reserve roll. He cast prescience on a unit of Long Fangs. All of his units push forward save for the 2 Long fang units in the back. Shooting from the Long Fangs kills a few gun drones with the Broadsides. He shoot the 2nd Long Fang unit at the Seer Council but with the 2+ rerollable cover save he fails to do anything.

The 2 man Fire Warrior unit continues falling back. Seer Council gets its powers up and starts heading for the Long Fangs in the back. Guardians move up. Fire Warriors move out of the river toward the bridge. Shooting would see the second Raider destroyed by the Broadsides. Guardians, Wraithlord, and Fire Warriors finish off the Wyches with Haemonculus and some of the Kabalites that were in the Raider.

Turn 3: His outflanking unit comes on in the back near my broadsides. Shooting from them would nearly kill my Tau Commander. He casts prescience on the Long Fangs again and uses them to kill a Broadside. Kabalites move up and kill some Guardians

My War Walkers outflank on the right side in the middle of the board looking to kill a unit of Grey Hunters in midfield. Fire Warriors fall back off the board. The rune priests cancels most of my powers but i do manage to get Guide on the War Walkers and Fortune and Protect on the Council. War Walkers chop up most of the Grey Hunters and the Council finishes them off. Everything in the back field unloads on his unit that outflanked taking it to roughly half strength. The Wraithlord and Dire Avengers charge in. The Wraithlord challenges and kills his Wolf Guard Battle Leader. The Dire Avengers only kill one and loose 4 in return. I loose the combat and the Dire Avengers fail leadership and break, but the Wraithlord stays tough.

Turn 4: He casts prescience on the Long Fangs. Kabalites move up and kill some Guardians. Long Fangs kill a Seer Council Warlock. The Wraithlord kills nearly all of the Grey Hunters.

Most powers go off on the Seer Council but I did take a perils on my war lord. The Council moves up to position a charge on the Long Fangs. Guardians/Fire Warriors/Wraithlord take out the rest of the Kabalites.
Shooting from the Council and War Walkers kills one unit of Long Fangs.
Turn 5: At this point he only has one unit of Long Fangs and a Rune Priest left. He casts prescience and shoots the council killing one member.

I managed to get off Jinx on the unit to reduce their armor save by 1. The council shoots them up pretty good and then charges in. They would kill off the unit for a total victory.

X-Wing Wave 3.5 Announced at Gencon!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

40K: Space Marines Rumors, Pretty Much Everything.

So the guys over at Bolter and Chainsword, and a few people form 40k Radio have gathered together to combine all the leaked rules....

Pretty much everything is below....but they are still rumors.


There are 6 different ones.

Two swords, one Bolter, set of armor, one Storm Shield and one banner, they range from 25pts to 65pts.

One Chapter Relic grants a 6+ Invulnerable Save. (It's unclear who benefits from the Save generated by the Relic)

Graviton weapons - Have the Concussive special rule, but are not Blast weapons.

Hunter Multi-Launcher (or whatever it is now called) - S:7 AP:2 Heavy 1, Armorbane
Stalker's anti-aircraft guns - S:7 AP:? Heavy 4

Siege Drills - S:9 AP:2 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Armorbane

Ultramarines armies may choose 1 of the following three doctrines:
Tactical - The Tactical detachment re-rolls ones, unless they're Tactical Marines, in which case they re-roll all failed To Hit rolls in the Shooting Phase.
Assault - The Assault detachment re-rolls charge ranges, unless they're Assault Squads, Bikes, or Attack Bikes, in which case they get Fleet.
Devastator - The Devastator detachment get re-rolls on Snap Shots and Overwatch shots, unless they're Devastators, in which case they gain Relentless (as long as they're not disembarking from a transport in the Movement Phase).

Is now 275pts
Is equipped with Artificer Armour by default. May upgrade to the Armour Of Antilochus for +10pts.
Marneus Calgar can take three Warlord traits.
The Armour Of Antilochus - his Terminator Armor - does not prevent him from preforming a Sweeping Advance, and it has a built in Teleport Homer.

Tigurius is Mastery Level 3.
He knows all Psychic Disciplines.
He can re-roll his dice when determining his psychic powers.
He can re-roll Reserves rolls(even successful ones).
The Hood Of Hellfire is now a Psychic Hood that lets him re-roll failed Psychic Tests.

5 points more expensive.

15 points cheaper.

Telion has the same points cost.
​Updated with sniper rules for 6th Edition.

Chronus is cheaper.
He increases the BS of his tank by +1.

Get to re-roll any failed Armor Saves from flame based weapons. (Flamers, Meltas, etc, as per page 56 of the Rulebook)
Their flame weapons (Flamers, Meltas, etc, as per page 56 of the Rulebook) get to re-roll any failed To-Wound rolls or Armor Penetration rolls that fail to cause a Penetrating or Glancing Hit.
Any Character gets to Mastercraft one weapon for free.

Vulkan gives the Mastercrafted ability to Meltaguns, Combi-Meltas, and Multi-Meltas.
Otherwise essentially the same.

They all get the Stealth USR.
They get the ability to use their Jump Packs in the Movement and Assault Phase.

Shrike can only Infiltrate with Jump Infantry.

+1 to Jink saves
Autopass Dangerous Terrain tests
+1 to Hammer Of Wrath attacks
All White Scars units gain the Hit & Run USR, except for Terminators and Centurions.

Khan gives Bikes and Dedicated Transports in the White Scars detachment the Scout USR.
Moondraken inflicts D3 Hammer Of Wrath hits.

Bolter Drill - All Imperial Fists reroll '1s' to hit with standard Bolters.
Devastators and Centurions have the Tank Hunters USR and gain +1 on the Building Damage Table.

Costs +30pts more
Has the Eternal Warrior USR.
Units within 12" re-roll failed Morale and Pinning Tests.

Pedro Kantor makes Sternguard Veteran Squads into Scoring units.

All Iron Hands have the Feel No Pain USR on a 6+.
All Characters and vehicles have the It Will Not Die USR.
Iron Hands get a 1+ to Blessing Of The Omnissiah

A Black Templars army may choose one of the following:
"Accept any Challenge, No Matter what the Odds" - Gain the ability to re-roll To-Hits rolls, and gain the Rending USR when you're in challenges.
"Crusaders" - Gain the Adamantium Will and Crusader USR's.
The Black Templars retain their current Ally Matrix.
The Black Templars may not take Librarians.
Black Templars may take Crusader Squads consisting of up to 10 Initiates (i.e. Tactical Marines) and up to 10 Neophytes (i.e. Scouts).
Black Templar Initiates may exchange their Bolters for Close Combat Weapons for free.
A Crusader Squad may purchase up to 2 Power Weapons, if you take a Sword Brother (i.e. the Veteran Sergeant upgrade).

Once per game Helbrect can grant a Black Templars unit the Hatred and Fleet USR's for an Assault Phase.
May take a unit of Honor Guard.

Grants the Zealot USR to any unit he joins.
If a unit is within 6" of Grimauldus' Servitors, they gain a 6+ Invulnerable Save.
Grimauldus has the It will not Die USR.
He has Wounds:3 and Attacks:3

The Black Sword (one-handed stance) - S:4 AP:2 Melee, Mastercrafted
The Black Sword (two-handed stance) - S:6 AP:2 Melee, Mastercrafted, Two-Handed
The Armour Of Faith - Grants The Emperor's Champion a 2+ Armor Save and a 4+ Invulnerable Save.
The Emperor's Champion is an HQ choice and DOES take up an HQ slot.
He may be the Warlord.
The Emperor's Champion has Initiative:5 and Attacks:2 (not counting weapons).


Now has Attacks 4 and Wounds:4.
Still has Orbital Bombardment.

Equipping the Captain with a Bike allows a single 5-man Bike Squad to be taken as a Troops choice.

There is only one level of Chaplain.
Now has Attacks:2 and Wounds:2.
Chaplain grants Zealot to any squad he joins.


Now has the It Will Not Die USR.


Can have Bikes
Cannot have Jump Packs
Cannot have Terminator Armor


3 points cheaper per Marine.
Access to Graviton weapons.

Thunderhammers & Stormshields cost +5pts per Assault Terminator to upgrade.
There is no way to make Terminators into Troops choices or Scoring units.

No news to report.

WS:4 BS:4 S:5 T:5 W:2 I:4 Ld:8/9 Sv:2+ InvSv: -

Unit Size: 3 - 190pts
- May purchase up to 3 additional Centurions for 60pts each

Standard equipment:
- Siege Drills (S9 AP2 Melee, Specialist Weapon, Armorbane)
- Twin-Linked Flamers
- Ironclad Assault Launcher

Weapon Upgrades: (ALL UPGRADES COST BETWEEN 10-20pts)
- Twin-Linked Flamers may be upgraded to Twin-Linked Meltaguns
- Ironclad Assault Launcher may be upgraded to Hurricane Bolters

Upgrades: (ALL UPGRADES COST BETWEEN 10-20pts)
- Can purchase Omniscope which gives Night Fight and Split Fire special rules.

Dedicated Transport:
- They can select a Land Raider as a dedicated transport.

Special Rules:
- Move Through Cover
- Slow and Purposeful
- Decimator Protocols(Can fire up to two weapons in each shooting phase)
- Very Bulky
- Chapter Tactics
- And They Shall Know No Fear

No news to report.

No news to report.

No news to report.


2 points cheaper per Marine (14pts each).
Access to a Graviton Rifle as a Special Weapon option.

2 points cheaper per Scout.
May take Land Speeder Storms as Dedicated Transports.


Heroic Intervention: Negates the penalty for Disordered Charge and the Sergeant auto-passes Initiative checks for Glorious Intervention.
They CANNOT charge after Deep Striking anymore.
1 point cheaper per Marine.
Jump Pack upgrade is 7 points cheaper per Marine.

4 points cheaper per Marine.

Possibly 4 points cheaper.

No news to report.


2 points cheaper per Marine.

WS:4 BS:4 S:5 T:5 W:2 I:4 Ld:8/9 Sv:2+ InvSv: -
Unit Size: 3 - 190pts
- May purchase up to 3 additional Centurions for 60pts each

Standard equipment:
- Twin-linked Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Bolters

Weapon Upgrades: (ALL UPGRADES COST BETWEEN 10-20pts)
- Hurricane Bolters can be upgraded to Missile Launchers
- Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters may be upgraded to Twin-Linked Lascannons
- Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters may be upgraded to Grav-cannon and Grav-amp

Upgrades: (ALL UPGRADES COST BETWEEN 10-20pts)
- Can purchase Omniscope which gives Night Fight and Split Fire special rules.

Dedicated Transport:
- They can select a Land Raider as a dedicated transport.

Special Rules:
- Slow and Purposeful
- Decimator Protocols(Can fire up to two weapons in each shooting phase)
- Very Bulky
- Chapter Tactics
- And They Shall Know No Fear

Unchanged in rules and points cost.


No news to report.

Transport capacity has dropped back down to 10.

Same point cost.

No news to report.

No news to report.

The Land Speeder Storm is now a Dedicated Transport for Scouts.


No news to report.

No news to report.

AV 12/12/10
S:7 AP:? Heavy4
Does NOT have Interceptor.

AV 12/12/10
S:7 AP:2 Heavy1, Armorbane
Does NOT have Interceptor.

Passenger Capacity - 10

Passenger Capacity - 12

​Passenger Capacity - 16