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40K: New Space Marine Rumors!!!

While these are still considered Rumors, they are starting to be verified as more and more sources are reporting the same exact things in multiple locations.



The guys are a heavy support choice. They're a marine cased in heavy armor with powerfist with lascannons under slung on one pic and heavy bolters on the other. Think of a heavier terminator armor that a marine straps into. I think this is where Chaos Oblits came from. They look to be on 40mm and I'm really starting to dig these models.

UPDATE: Comes with a grav weapon option. I've seen a picture of the back and it is a suit that a power armor marine wears.

Plastic Chaplain:
Like other plastic HQ's that have come out. He is armed with a Crozius and bolt pistol. He has ornate armor and he is in a dynamic pose.

UPDATE: Chaplain comes with helmetless option that has a bionic eye option.

Plastic Librarian:
Same as above regarding previous HQ releases. He is helmetless and he's armed with a staff. He also has a wicked cherub flying off his pack pack. I really like this model.

The Hunter:
I believe this will be anti-air rhino. Its a cross between Vindicator Heavy Armor and a whirlwind style weapon mounted on the back. It comes with two cannons that have three barrels.

UPDATE There’s another cannon option that looks similar to the epic version. It’s a heavy cannon option, possibly shoots missiles.

Vanguard Plastic:
I saw two separate pics one armed with TH/SS and one with a pair of Lighting claws, finally. Same Marine bodies just with some new iconography to freshen up the models.

UPDATE: They have options for beaky, relic blades, and a bareheaded marine w/ mohawk! The Vanguard Vets are more action oriented, think of the Blood Angels Death Company sprue.
Sternguard plastics:
These models look pissed off, GW really captured the old grizzled look. Sternguard have a marine with bald head w/ beard and another mohawk head! The bolters also have the drum magazines. I have seen the following combi-weapons flamer, melta, and plasma. GW did an amazing job on this kit, I'm super pumped for this kit.

Tactical Marines:
The Armor has been updated will small studs, purity seals, and some new leg poses. These will mix really well with the current tactical squad. Missile launch backpack in the new tactical squad matches the devastator one with robo arm. There is a new arm set that has a marine loading a magazine into his bolter.

All Marine models have been painting in the following chapters: Crimson Fist, Iron Hands, and Ultramarines."


Here are a few more rumors from over on BoLS!


The New Weapons

The big talk in the rumor involves Graviton Guns, and their ability to deal with highly armored opponents. Now the graviton gun family has been with us since Rogue Trader, and just reappeared in the latest Forgeworld Horus Heresy book where they do this:

Graviton Gun: 18" S:* AP:4 Heavy1, Blast, Concussion, Graviton Pulse, Haywire

Graviton Cannon: 36" S:* AP:4 Heavy1, LargeBlast, Concussion, Graviton Pulse, Haywire

Graviton Pulse: Instead of rolling to wound normally with this weapon, any model caught in its blast must instead roll equal to or under their Strength on a D6 or suffer a wound (a roll od 6 always counts as a failure). After the Graviton pulse weapon has been fired, leave the Blast marker in place. This area now counts as both difficult and dangerous terrain for the next turn thanks to the gravity flux.

These weapons are quite unique, but not overpowered, and very situational. So if the design studio wants graviton weapons added to the main Space Marine codex, they have two choices.

a) use the existing rules from the Horus Heresy book which are neat but really nothing to write home about
b) make up divergent rules with more "punch", but undercut the Forgeworld rules that are only a few month's old.

Updating Ancient Kits
There is also talk of several old kits getting long-needed refreshes. First off, the venerable Tactical Squad kit.

This kit is very old, having last been updated in 2004. It's getting quite long in the tooth for probably the most important single SKU Games Workshop makes.

With converters going crazy for cool bits, and the runaway success of the Horus Heresy range, it would be easy to see a handful of new bits thrown in for: Mk2 Crusade, or Mk4 suits in addition to the more prevalent current Mk 6-8 suits. The Accessory sprue is just begging for more special and heavy weapons and assault options for the modern 6th edition Tactical Squad. Can I finally get some power weapons and combis please. I've only been waiting 9 years..

Stylistically the Astartes have come a long way since 2004. You see a much stronger embrace of their real world Roman Legion roots in the artwork and the current kits are a bit "clean" by comparison. I wouldn't be surprised to see some more filigree, straps and Roman Legionary inspired accessories, that you see all over the current metal Ultramarines.

Tactical Bits Rumors
Here is a list right off the rumormill of what is said to be in the new Tactical/Sternguard kit. I want to say take these with a dose of caution. This is aHIGHLY UNUSUAL release from the rumor perspective, with directly contradictory reports coming in from normally accurate sources. It has all the hallmarks of something fishy going on.

New Combo-box builds Tactical OR Sternguard
5 man box on 3 sprues, similar to the Blood Angels kits.

Shooting Weapons
6 heavy weapons (HB, HF, ML, PC, LC, MM) ~this seems too good to be true
2 flamers
2 hand flamers
2 plasmaguns
2 meltaguns
bolt pistols
grav gun
grav rifle
plasma pistol
3 combi bolter bases
3 combi-plasma add-on bits
3 combi-melta add-on bits
3 combi-flamer add-on bits
3 storm bolters

Marine Bodies
5 Legs
7 Torsos
12 Heads
5 Backpacks
18 Pauldrons

Assault Weapons
Power sword
Power fist
Power maul
Lightning claw

Back banner
Many purity seals and other thematic bits

Look for a slight price jump. If these rumors pan out, we are seeing soemthing on par with the Dire Avengers, with half the models per box, for roughly the same price, but in the case of marines, you would be loaded down with bits for everything, and have a combo kit that also replaces the Sternguard box.

If this is true, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Assault Marine/Vanguard Veterans get rolled into a similar product.

Rhino/Razorback Box: 

We've all seen what happened to the Tau Skyray just a couple of months ago. It got it's sprue added to Hammerhead box, merging the two into a higher priced combo-kit. With Games Workshop always trying to consolidate similar kits into a smaller number of SKUs to free up retail space for new products, does anyone think this won't happen to perhaps their most popular selling vehicle kit?

Making a combo Rhino-Razorback kit would save retailer shelf space and tack on $5-10 to each kit that goes out the door, based on what happened to the Hammerhead. the only question is does anyone think GW won't do this?

Look for all kinds of drips and rumors over the next couple weeks. The Space Marines with their new minis are coming fast.


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