Thursday, August 1, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy: Tale of Gamers Battle Summary

Last night was my Warhammer Fantasy: Tale of Gamers escalation league.

Point Total: 1750

Mission: The game last night was an odd one. One army deployed in the center of the table while 2 others deployed on table edges of their choice. There were 3 objectives. Armies closest to the objective at the end of 3 rounds (Was supposed to be 6 but we only had time for 3), gets a victory point. Killing another army's general, and finishing the game with your general alive, also awarded a victory points. Objectives are Circled in the above pic. The turn sequence happened for everyone at the same time as opposed to having individual turns. So we all charged and moved in sequence, then we all did Magic, then we all shot, then all CCs were resolved.

Daemons of Chaos (Me)
High Elves
This is also the order for who went first in each phase.

First we all placed one objective on the board. We then rolled off to see who would deploy in the center. Ogres lost the roll so they deployed fully. Then I deployed fully on a long table edge, and High Elves deployed fully on the opposing long table edge. Then it was game on.

Over the course of the game the only thing the Ogres lost were 2 Sabertusks, which he used to tie up the High Elves bolt thrower for 2 turns and my Soul Grinder for 1, a unit of Leadbelchers to my Beast of Nurgle, and his Ironblaster to another unit of my Beasts of Nurgle. The majority of the Ogres wrath was unleashed on the High Elves killing a unit of Dragon Princes with his Mournfang Cavalry and a unit of spearman with his regular ogres, as well as really putting a hurting on his casters by stripping his level 4 to a level 1. He may or may not have also killed a unit of Silver Helms.

It was a tight game and we ran out of time after only getting in 3 turns. In the end the Ogres had 2, High Elves had 1, and Daemons had 0. Sad times. I'm confident however that had we gone the full 6 rounds. That I would have won the game. I had 4 more ogres to clear off of one objective and a Phoenix to clear off another. All seemed totally doable with what was going on in the last round we played.

Even though I lost and Ogres are pretty OP, I still had a great time. Im really enjoying this league and look forward to next weeks game.

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