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40k Battle Report: Daemons vs Tyranids

Last night was week 3 of our Warhammer 40k League, and after some great advice and insight I changed up my list (refer to previous post) The big cheese at the LGS (Matt) was also trying to make sure that, during this league, you would never play against yourself, or an army that you have previously played against. So no Daemons vs Daemons. And as I have already played Dark Angels and Tau, the only thing left I could play was Space Wolves, Tyranids, Necrons, Chaos Space Marines, and IG.

Well Matt drew up the lots, and I was paired against 2 really nice guys playing Tyranids, which was pretty exciting for me because I haven't played against some Nids in almost 2 years.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: Crusade

My List: 
Fateweaver: (Inferno, Perfect Timing, Invisibility, Iron Arm)
Daemon Prince: Slaanesh, Flight, Armor, (Invisibility, Life Leech, Warp Speed) Grimore, Warp Strider, Lash of Despair
10 Pink Horrors
10 Daemonettes
10 Plaguebearers
15 Flesh Hounds
Daemon Prince: Tzeentch, Flight, Armor, (Puppet Master, Shriek, Dominate) completely forgot my portaglyph at home, so rolled and got "Wind of Chaos." Since the rest of his powers were shooting, I would just use him as a mobile shooting platform.

Daemon Prince: Tzeentch, Flight, Armor (Breath of Chaos, Shriek, Invisibility)
10 Cultists
Helldrake - Baleflamer

Their List: (I don't remember all the upgrades)
Tervigon - Cluster spines, Bonded Exo, Claws and teeth, Dominion
Tyranid Prime - Devourer, Bonded Exo, Scything Talons, Alpha Warrior, SitW
15 Genestealers
15 Genestealers
15 Genestealers
15 Genestealers
9 Hormaguants
Warrior Brood - Barbed Strangler, Scything Talons
Warrior Brood - Barbed Strangler, Scything Talons
Warrior Brood - Devourer, Hardened Carapace, Scything Talons
Warrior Brood - Devourer, Hardened Carapace, Scything Talons
Carnifax - Stranglethorn Cannon, Boneded Exo, Scything Talons
Carnifax - Stranglethorn Cannon, Boneded Exo, Scything Talons
Pyrovore Brood - Flamespurt, Acid Blood, Acid Maw, IB: Feed
Biovore Brood - Spore Mine Launcher, IB: Lurk
3 Hive Guard Brood - Impaler Cannon, IB: Lurk
5 Ravener Brood - 2 x Scything talons, IB: Feed(rage)

Probabaly missing 1-2 things in there...

Board was interesting, a few pieces of LoS blocking terrain, and 5 woods. Pretty equal on both sides. 
We roll and place 5 objectives. 
I win the roll and decide to deploy and go first.

Objectives in Yellow.
He Keeps all the Genestealers in reserve.
In My reserves I have the Heldrake, Daemonettes, and Cultists.

I deploy the Plagebearers in the closest woods on an objective with the Slaanesh Prince. Pink Horrors in the far woods on the other objective with the Tzeentch prince. And the hounds, Fateweaver and the CSM Slaanesh Prince behind the middle building on my side, out of LoS. That little bitty Green guy on the Termie base? Yea that's the old school prince I borrowed from Capnmoe...still legal according to the rules...

Now, like I said earlier, I haven't played Nids in along time, so I'm probably going to mess up which of his units are which. 

He deploys the Tervigon in the middle of the board with the Hiveguard and Biovore behind him. Ravener Brood to the side. On the left side of the board he has 1 Carnifex, and 3 brood of some sort with shooty stuff. On the right side of the board he has the other Carnifex, the gaunts, and 3 more brood with talons.

Best guesses here. If you can tell me what they are, then post it and I'll change it up.
Kill the big stuff first, that's what matters right?

He attempts to steal the Initiative, fails.
No night fighting.

Hounds scout move up and I decide to go for the Carnifex on the right first. Being as he is spread so far Out on his side of the table, and the Genestealers have to come in from the board edge, I decide to spear into the middle of him and divide and conquer. If I can take out that Tervigon quickly, should be ok.

Daemons Turn 1
Grimore is successful on the hounds.
Invisibility is good on 2 princes, and Fateweaver.
Warp Speed good on the Slaanesh prince.

Hounds move up, and make sure to stay far enough away that they cannot be assaulted by anything, just have to make it through one round of shooting. Fateweaver and the CSM Prince fly over to hide behind the building on the right, Tzeentch prince moves up next to them towards the Tervigon. Slaanesh prince flies over to the middle of the board. Setting myself up for a beautiful turn 2...

Warp Storm is Calm.
Pink Horrors and Fateweaver manage to take out the squad of 3 brood on the right, opening up a weak flank, leaving only 9 guants and a carnifex on that side of the board.
Tzeentch prince tries to puppet master the Carnifex and fails, but manages to cast dominate on it, hopefully nullifying it for a turn. 

Tyranids Turn 1
Tervigon makes 7 Termaguants.
Ravener brood move up on my left side around the building. He shoots a spore mine that lands directly in front of my hounds, but does not drift. He takes a few shots at my hounds and takes out 3 of them. To be honest, this helped me a lot. I forgot how good stranglethorn cannons were on carnifexes, and helped to solidify which unit to use puppet master on during my turn.

Daemons Turn 2
Everything makes their reserve rolls.
Heldrake comes in on the right side of the board.
Deamonettes deep strike in on the far right side, close to his objective.
Cultists come in on my board edge behind the middle building.
Grimore is successful.
All, psychic blessings are successful.

All 3 Daemons Princes move almost straight up the board.
Horrors move out of cover and up to the middle of the board.
With the amount of stuff covering him, and LoS blocking terrain, fateweaver goes into glide mode behind the building.
Hounds move around the mine, and manage to get into assault range of the Carnifex on the right.
Vector Strikes from 2 princes take the Tervigon down to 1 wound, and the CSM prince vector strikes the Carnifex on the right, taking him down to 1 wound a well.
Plaguebears say they aren't afraid of 15 genestealers, and stay put on the objective.

I roll a 4 on the Warp storm, but re-roll it of course because of Fateweaver. 
I get a 5. He only fails on his hive guard, and 2 of them take a wound a piece.

Heldrake's baleflamer takes out all but 1 of the gaunts on the right, so it will now have to test. Just need to kill the Tervigon to remove that fearless bubble.
Horros run closer to middle of the board, away from the edges where the Genestealers will be coming from.
Fateweaver Unloads in the Ravener Brood unit and manages to take out 1 model and wound another a few times.
Tzeentch Prince casts puppet master on the left Carnifex, and uses the cannon to take out the 3 shooting brood near him. He also casts Dominate on it as well, forcing him to take leadership test to do anything.
Slaanesh prince Lashes down the Tervigon, "and the peasants rejoice."

CSM prince casts breath of chaos and Psychic Shriek on the Hive guard in the back and take out one of them.
Hounds try to assault the Carnifex and fail the roll by 2"!

Tyranids Turn 2
3 Units of Genestealers come in, 2 on the right, 1 on the left.
The Carnifex on the right moves up closer to my hounds into assault range.
The 1 Guant fails the LD test and falls back.
The 4 Ravener brood left move into the middle of the board, to come in behind my hounds or be able to assault my horrors.
The one hiveguard left, move closer to the objective.

He shoots another spore mine which lands direclty between my hounds and the Carnifex on the right.
Both Carnifexes then fire everything into my unit of hounds, and I loose quite a few models. Down to 7 models if I remember correctly. He fires a few more shots from the 1 hive guard he has left but doesn't do too much. 
He fails the assault on my hounds with the Carnifex.

Daemons Turn 3
Grimore is successful.
All powers are successful again. (Tzeentch ftw!)
All 3 princes turn left and swoop, vector striking as they go.
Tzeentch prince, and CSM Tz Prince vector strike the termaguants in front of the hounds and wipe them out.
Slaanesh Prince Vector Strikes the Carnifex on the left, then lashes it taking it down to 1 wound left.

Heldrake turns 90 degrees as well, and vectorstrikes the Ravener Brood in the middle of the board behind the building, Fatweaver Swoops over as well vector striking them.

Cultists move up the board to claim the middle objective.
Pink Horrors move closer to the middle of the board.
Daemonettes move up towards the carnifex on the right side, within assault range.
Hounds move up within 1" of the carnifex to make the assault on it.

Warp Storm table is a 9, but no one rolls a 6.
Slaanesh prince tries to cast a life leech to finish off the Carnifex but fails.
Tzeentch Prince casts Puppet master on the Carnifex, which is successful and then shoots 2 big pie plates at the Genestealers which just came in from reserves on the left table edge near the Plagebearers.
1 Direct hit and one scatters off the board. 5 models die. 
Heldrake hits the unit with the Baleflamer, and kills 6 more.
Fatewaver casts flickering fire and kills the remaining Ravener brood.
Pink Horrors cast some flickering fire into the unit of Genestealers, but only kill one or 2 I think.

The Hounds assault in and lock combat with the Carnifex, but fail miserably on some horrific dice rolling.
The Daemonettes assault in and kill the right Carnifex but lost 5 models in the process.
Plaguebearers ain't scared of no boo, decided to assault the genestealers, ended up wiping out the unit, and consolidated back onto the objective, further from the board edge.

Tyranids Turn 3
Last unit of Genestealers fail reserve again.
The one lone gaunt makes the save and regroups.
Unit in the far right corner move onto the objective into terrain.
Unit at the top move in to assault the Daemonettes (They will lose horribly but they have served their purpose)
Hive guard move ups to support Carnifex on the left.

Few shots taken by the guard, but no wounds.

Hounds kill Last Carnifex in assault and consolidate 1"
Genestealers take out last 5 daemonettes, but lose a few models as well, and consolidate onto the top objective.

Daemons Turn 4
Grimore fails on hounds, but passes it with Fateweavers reroll.
Invisibility is successful again on all 3 models.

Tzeentch Prince pivots 90 degrees and heads toward the unit of big unit of genestealers on the far right.
The Slaanseh prince, and CSM prince follow him.
Heldrake pivots 90 and moves up the board into his deployment zone.
Fateweaver does the same.
Cultists move up as close as possible to the objective.

Warp storm table is a 12, and I get 4 models.
For no reason whatsoever, my brain stops for a second and I pick Plaguebearers, but in the end it wouldn't matter, they deepstriked within 2: of my opponents objective on the left side, just a little bit near my hounds to claim that objective. (I should have taken horrors or daemonettes here, so that in case they scattered, I could still run closer to the objective to claim it)

Heldrake's Baleflamer takes out the last Hive guard.
Fateweaver takes out the last guant.
The Slaanesh prince and Tzeentch prince then cast Psychic Shriek on the Genestealers at the bottom. The Slaanesh princes takes out 2, and the Tzeentch prince rolls a 17 on his 3D6 roll, which totally caught me off guard. Being his luck was on fire, I shot the Wind of Chaos at them and took out another 2 models.

Y U So Blurry?!
Tyranids Turn 4
It was at this point that they decided to call it.
I had 3 princes moving toward the bottom unit of genestealers, and Fateweaver and the Heldrake moving at the top unit.

He did have another unit coming in, but it was getting late and they decided not to play it out.

They were pretty down about losing, but we both learned a lot about each others armies and they had a great attitude the entire time. 

Final Score: Daemons 12 - Tyranids 7

Daemons Record now 2-1.

Things I learned:
1. This isn't 5th edition, Telepathy > Biomancy. 
- If you can get Invisibility on your first roll, then going for Iron Arm may be worth it, but against a low leadership army like Tyranids, Guard, Tau, or maybe even Eldar, Psychic Shriek can be brutal.
- Invisibility is worth it for invincible princes. If you roll it on Fateweaver, that's just double bonus.
- Puppet Master can also be amazing if used correctly. You have to know your opponents army, and know what it can and can't do. Imagine being able to use your opponents vindicator to blast his own troops with...
2. Remember to bring all your stuff. 
- While Winds of Chaos was fun, I would have much rather had the Portaglyph in this battle.
- Speaking of which, Always remember to roll for your Exalted rewards even you are already going to take the Grimore or Portaglyph. If you roll a 1, you get a free lesser reward, or basically a free Staff of Change depending on how your stuff is geared.
3. Stranglethorn Cannons are pretty amazing stuff.
4. Stay in a formation of sorts. 
- by Moving all my stuff up the right side of the board, I was able to pick out his units one by one and take out his biggest threats. With so much coming at them at one time, they were forced to pick what to shoot at, and most of the time it was the Hounds, which is exactly what they are there for. Sure they can dish out the pain if they get into Close Combat, but with the 3++ save on them, I want you shooting at them all day. 
In some cases you have to ignore them, but in most cases, you can't ignore them.
5. Don't forget Soul Blaze! (Got me 2 wounds this game)
6. This list fits my play style perfectly, and will almost certainly become my standard tournament list, although I may swap out the 10 Plaguebearers for Horrors or Daemonettes, still undecided on that one.
7. Don't Cheat. One of the guys on the other team, was telling me the entire game about someone they played earlier this season that cheated the entire time. Forget to tell them about Warpflame, didn't take warp storm on his own stuff, was moving his flyers in all directions then moving 36", etc...tons of stuff. This greatly upsets me as a 40k player. When someone cheats, yea they may win, but they aren't learning anything, and neither are their opponent. Actually the cheater is MORE to the effect of robbing their opponent of time and satisfaction of the game. Lets face it, not everyone knows every other armies rules. Can you name off all the things sisters get from their blessings or whatever they are called? Do you know all of the Black Templar Vows? Do you know the Initiative of Pyrocaster? No, no one knows everything, and no one wants to be that guy that asks to see your codex every 5 minutes. So its a trust thing I guess. Personally I would rahter lose horribly to someone and learn how to beat them next time. I just felt bad for the guy, and made sure to let him know everything I was doing, and I even made sure I took time afterwards to tell them how to beat Daemons in case they play him again. Karma always comes back.

Anyways, Rant Over.

Daemons up 2-1!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Eldar Codex Review

A review and viewing of the new codex was uploaded to youtube by PokupecVilim! Here's the review!

UPDATE: Apparently someone from 4chan posted this, get it while you can -> What you're really looking for.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

40k: League Week 3 coming up.

With the 3rd week of league coming up, I'm going to change things up a bit, using what I've learned so far. The theme for this "season" is that you can change your allies on any given week. 

The primary detachment must stay the same, but the allies can change each week, from IG to Tau to whatever. 

Currently I would like to take the St. Louis Cardinals starting rotation, due to the dominance they currently have over the rest of the league, but I don't feel like paying 450 pts for Shelby Miller...

Anyways, here's the list I will be running this week.

Daemon Prince - Slaanesh, ML3, Flight, Armor, Greater Reward, Exalted Reward
10 Pink horrors
10 Daemonettes
10 Plaguebearers
15 Flesh hounds
Daemon Prince - Tzeentch, ML3, Flight, Armor, Exalted(Grimore)

Daemon Prince - Tzeentch, ML3, Flight, Armor
10 Cultists
Helldrake - Baleflamer

40k: Full Eldar Rules Leaked?

So some rules have apparently been leaked online, not sure if they are true or not.

As is commonly stated, please take them with a grain of salt.

Update: Upon further review, we call shenanigans on some of this. According to these, Warp Spiders have lost their 3+ saves, however the profile page for the Eldar has been leaked already showing they clearly have the 3+ save still...

Friday, May 24, 2013

40k Battle Report: Daemons vs Dark Angels

I always go into a friendly league game with the attitude of "Win of Lose, I'm going to have fun and make sure I learn something no matter what." Well, the amount of fail, and bad decision on my part last night were remarkable. So many bad choices. It seemed to be that almost as soon as the the deployment phase started, my brain just shut down. Maybe it's because there were 16 people there last night and I got distracted (as I tend to easily get distracted by moving/shiny things) or something else, I have no idea. So let's get too it.

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Game: Purge the Alien (kill points)

My List: 
Fateweaver: (Combustion, Prescience, Puppet Master, Enfeeble)
Great Unclean One - Greater Reward (3+) ML3 (Iron Arm, Life Leech, Smite)
Khorne Herald on a Juggernaut with Lesser Reward (Axe of Khorne)
10 Plaguebearers
10 Daemonettes
10 Pink Horrors (Flickering Fire)
16 Flesh Hounds
6 Flamers of Tzeentch
Red Daemon Prince - Tzeentch, Wings, Armor, Exalted Reward (Soul Eater),
ML3(Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Endurance)
Grey Daemon Prince - Tzeentch, Wings, Armor, Exalted Reward (Grimore)
ML3 (Iron Arm, Endurance, Bolt of Change)

His List: (From what I can remember)
Comamnd Squad: Apoth and Salvo Banner in a Rhino
5 Deathwing Knights
5 Deathwing Terminators with an Assault Cannon
10 Man Tactical Squad with a Lascannon
10 Man Tactical Squad with a Plasma Cannon
5x Sniper Scouts
3 Bikers with Bolters
1 Typhoon Landspeeder
1 Devastator squad with 2 Flakk Missile launchers
1 Vindicator
1 Predator: Autocannon, with Lascannon sponsons
Aegis Defense Line with Quad Cannon

The similarity to his list and what I used to run is staggering. Its almost exactly the same list with a few minor differences. So far i feel pretty good about this as I am extremely familiar with his units. Albeit, I have not had a chance to play with their new codex yet. (this would prove to only complicate matters later)

I then start to look at the board, and almost cry. Roughly zero LoS blocking terrain on the entire board. Nothing in the middle but a small hill. This is going to be bad. He rolls to choose sides and wins, and picks the side with the most "Stuff in it." My side has 2 woods, and 1 small, roughly 6"x6" ruin. Thank god I at least have a ruin. He places his Defense line and elects to castle up in the back corner of the board.

I win the roll to deploy first, and things go badly from there. I think about it being a kill points game and decide to reserve my Great Unclean One, 10 Daemonettes, the 6 Flamers, and both Princes.

In his reserves he has Belial and the Deathknights, the 3 bikes and the Landspeeder

I place the horrors in the Ruin, and Fateweaver behind it. The hounds and the Herald are right in front of them behind the hill, and the other 10 Plagebearers are in the woods.

In retrospect, besides the placement of Fateweaver, this was all a bad idea. I had a fear of him out flanking the bikes and Deepstriking the knights into my backfield and just walking over my troops (It's what I probably would have done, but he didn't end up doing any of this, which is partially what completely threw me off.)

He places everything else he has in the back corner and castles up around the banner.

Hounds Scout move up by themselves. (This was a huge mistake. I got distracted, excited, over confident, whatever  you want to call it. I mean, I only lost a couple dogs due to an entire Tau army shooting at them last week, what's the worst that could happen?)

Daemons top of turn 1

Hounds Move up closer. Nothing else really to move.
I forget things don't come in on turn 1...what the hell is wrong with me.
I then realize that my Grimore isn't even on the table right now...this is going to be bad.
Warp Storm table roll: 12, and I get a free unit of 10. At this point I am still expecting him to outflank in the bikers, and drop in the Termies, so I elect to to take a unit of Plagebearers and they come in on the forest in the back left corner on my side. (Mistake #3)
This is where I basically start feeding him my units one at a time.

Dark Angels bottom of turn 1

His Prescience is successful on a tactical squad. He doesn't move much if anything, and then proceeds to unload everything he has into my hounds. Entire unit is lost completely. Including the Herald.
This is bad, its all bad.

Daemons top of turn 2

Great Unclean One comes in, scatters, and goes into ongoing reserves.
Daemonettes come in. Walk on the edge of the board (Still expecting his bikes... and termies)
Red Prince comes in and lands next to fateweaver behind the ruin.
Grey Prince does not come in.
Flamers come in, scatter within 1" of opponent...barely...roll a one on the mishap table, unit destroyed.

He fires the quad cannon at the Red Prince and cause 1 wound.
At this point, Anything I move forward it going to get shredded, so I elect to play some strategy and see if I could get him to come to me instead.

I forget the warp storm table.

Dark Angels bottom of turn 2

Yea that Idea didn't work.
His Bikers and Belial's squad make the reserve roll. His bikers come in on his table edge behind everything, and his Belial squad Deep Strikes in right in front of his line.

He moves a little bit, takes a few long range shot, nothing really happens, and he now knows that he can just sit back being up 2-0 already and have the game in hand.

Daemons top of turn 3

I have to make something happen at this point. Go big or go home. I need kill points.
Hopefully it's not too little to late. I need to tie up some of his units in close combat and get some kills.
Great Unclean one comes in, and manages to deep strike right behind all of his armor. He starts to freak out a little bit, which gives me some much needed confidence.

Grey Prince come in and swoops up the right hand side of the board into some woods.
Red Princes powers are successful and he swoops over to join the Grey prince in the woods.
Fateweaver swoops up to the middle of the field to take some shots.
Daemonettes move up the board (although it is too late now...)
No Point in moving the Plagebearers.

The Great Unclean One manages to cause a glancing hit against the rear armor of the vindicator with a Smite attack. Red Prince tries to hit it again with the Bolt of Change but the Str roll fails.
Grimore on the Red prince is successful. Fateweaver cast another bolt of change which also fails...oh sure NOW I'm rolling 5's and 6's...

Again...I forget the warp storm table.

Dark Angels Bottom of turn 3

Land Speeder comes in on his table edge.
Termies move a little bit towards the Great Unclean One.
He starts shooting at my princes and manages to knock them both of the of the sky and kill the Grey one.

Some how his Terminators make an assault move of 9" and get into CC with the Great Unclean One.
Little give and take here, Unclean One take no wounds and manages to kill 1 terminator.

Daemons top of turn 4

Red Princes Powers are successful.
Great Unclean One's Iron Arm is successful, and he adds +2.
Fatewaver swoops over to the spot in front of the predator
Red Prince swoops forward off the board, vector striking the vindicator and causing it to lose another hull point.

Fateweaver casts enfeeble on the terminator squad, and then puppet master on the predator, shooting the Autocannon and the Lascannon Sponson into the side of the vindicator, killing it. Woo-Hoo! Victory Point!

Warp Storm Table is rolled, and I get a 9.
Everything is good except for one of his tactical squads. He rolls the scatter, and it lands directly over his Salvo Banner. Instant death. Small Victories.

"Better late than never."
Great Unclean one takes a wound because of horrible rolling, and manages to kill another Terminator.

Dark Angels bottom of turn 4

He moves his terminators a little bit, but nothing much.
Manages to knock Fateweaver out of the sky, but cant do anything else with shooting to him
...then he assaults him with a 10 man tactical squad...and makes the charge, essentially tying him up.
Sad times.

No wounds are assigned on either side.
Terminators cause another wound, and Great Unclean One kills another terminator.

Daemons top of turn 5

um...Daemonettes move...thats about it.

I roll a 6 on Warp Storm Table, but he doens't roll any 6's.

Fatewaver combat is a draw again.
Great Unlcean one Combat is also a draw.

Dark Angels bottom of turn 5

2nd Squad of terminators move around close to Fateweaver.
Nothing else moves.
No shots.
Great Unclean One takes another wound, and the terminators make their saves.

We roll to see if it is going to continue and it does, but my opponent offers to call it if i want too.
I agree, as once his terminators assault in on Fateweaver, he is going to die fairly quickly, then he can just mass assault the Great Unclean One.

Final score is a loss for the Daemons, 6-2.

Lessons Learned: 
Far too many to list. Most of them were seriously dumb, amateur mistakes, but everyone has a bad game.
I forgot so many things last night, that I deserved to lose.

1. Never send up a unit of dogs alone on turn 1 without the grimore on the table, and it being successful.
It's just doggie suicide. And never, ever, under any circumstances move them directly at a dumb.
2. 2 shooting attacks on the Great Unclean one is a bad idea, even if you already have Iron Arm.
3. Pay attention to the game, and at least read a little before the game.
4. Don't make snap decisions.
5. Don't forget your towel.

Daemons 1-1.
2 more weeks to go in this league.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blog Roll

If you have your own blog, and would like to be added to our list, please post and I would be happy to add your blog to our blog roll located on the right side of the page!

2nd league game tonight and one more day until Eldar release!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

40K: More Eldar Info Leaked

More People are starting to release Info from the new White Dwarf.
Here is the latest releases:

Posted By: "Powerguy" over on Dakkadakka

Got a sneak peek of the White Dwarf today, managed to dig out some actual rules from the battle report, preview teasers and a couple of tiny pages from the codex that were printed in the WD that I managed to read. Not many stats on offer but still a reasonable chunk of rules. I'm probably mis-remembering the names of some of these rules but here is what I picked up in no particular order:

- From what I saw all the non Wraith infantry have the run/shoot shoot/run ability (the rule was called Battle something). Avengers definitely do (from the report) and Rangers definitely do (from tiny printed profile in the WD) as well. Not sure if its just for Shuriken weapons (Rangers do have Pistols I guess).

- It looks likes all Eldar have the 'Ancient Foe' special rule, no idea what this does but I suspect its something like Hatred Daemons of Slaneesh (don't think it was Necron related as the report was against Crons) since all Eldar appear to have it (including the Wraith units).

- There are 14 Eldar specific psychic powers from 2 different charts, Runes of Battle and Runes of Fate. However it looks like several of the powers are 2 in 1, i.e they have a buff mode and a debuff mode, so there are actually HEAPS of powers. I.e the Primaris for Battle is Conceal/Reveal (as a single card/roll etc), Conceal gives you Shrouded and Reveal removes Shrouded from an enemy. The 1 on the Battle Chart was Destructor/Renew(?), Destructor being the same as before with Soul Blaze added and Renew allowing you to restore a wound to a friendy model within range (18" I think). Primaris for Runes of Fate was Guide, which is now 24" range but is otherwise the exact same as before. Very surprising to see this as aside from the range it is far worse than the Divination Primaris (although I guess you could take both and effectively Guide two units). The 1 on the Fate Chart was a terrible Focuses Witchfire power. Fortune and Doom are still options (the Farseer in the report had them) and appear to have the same effects.

- The Avatar has Fleet. Also one of the psychic powers increases your movement speed/charge range somehow

- The Wraithknight is insanely huge, it is literally twice the height of a Wraithlord, and the sword option it can take is basically the size of a Wraithlord as well. It can take up to 2 Suncannons, which are S6 AP2 Heavy 3 Small Blast or up to 2 Wraithlances(?) which are presumably the heavy anti tank option. Sword replaces one of the big guns I think (they are arm mounted like the Titans). This is in addition to the two shoulder mounted heavy weapons (I saw Scatters and Starcannons, so presumably the normal range of heavy weapons are available)

- Wraithguard and Wraithblades look good, think scaled down Wraithlords. They looked a bit bigger than the old ones, but I think it was partly just the added range of motion in the poses on 40mm bases (similar to the old 25mm base Terminators vs the newer 40mm base ones, they are bigger but the better poses help as well). Wraithguard can now get either Wraithcannons (which from the fluff descriptions seemed to still be single shot and very powerful) or D Scythes which were described as a multi shot weapon but it could still Pen vehicles on a 6. Wraithblades are only 1A base (sadly) but looked like they could go either 2 CCW(no idea on stats of their weapons, but they appeared to have sword/axe options) or 1 CCW + Shield gen arm.

- Wraithguard are definitely S5 T6, Lord is almost certainly not T6 (a full unit of Destroyers shot one in the report and did nothing, which suggests T8 or some other equivalent buff). No idea on the stats for the Knight.

- It looks like Aspect Warriors have the same base profile, include Exarches with Ld9

- Reapers have Slow and Purposeful

- Rangers have WS4. They also have a character (not sure if he is upgrade or HQ) who has a 120" range Sniper Rifle.

- One of the fliers has 2 Heavy D Scythes on the wings and a psychic based main gun. The other has 2 Bright Lances and a Pulse Laser.

- Saw stats for what looked like special weapons for characters, might have been for Special Characters as well since the 120" range sniper was in there. One weapon was +2S, AP- Melee, Rending, Fleshbane, Instant Death. Another was +1S AP3, Soul Blaze, and if you killed anything with Soul Blaze then every unit within 6" of that unit would become effected by Soul Blaze as well. There was also a one use only piece of wargear, which you could use when the character died. On a 2+ you place a S4 AP3 template over the character, hitting both friend and foe, but if you cause at least 1 wound then the character stands back up with 1 wound. Last one I saw was an item which gave the user Fearless, Shrouded, Stealth and re-roll cover saves but they lose the IC rule, which gives people a way to make a Solitare (the name was something to do with the Laughing God).

Monday, May 20, 2013

40k Daemons: How many Hounds are too many?

By now, all Daemon players are mostly aware that Flesh Hounds are one of, if not the best unit in our codex. But the question still remains of "How many Flesh Hounds is too many to have in a unit?"

The goals here are pretty simple.
1. Make it to the Assault phase with minimal losses
2. Successfully make the assault and destroy roughly over half of the unit you are assaulting.
3. Destroy the rest of the unit during your opponents assault phase, then consolidate towards their next target.
4. Rinse and repeat during your turn.

For the purposes of this math-hammer, we will be assuming that we will be facing a unit of 10 Space Marines, behind a defense line. (as the majority of things we will be assaulting will most likely be in cover of some sort)

Due to the lack of assault grenades, the flesh hounds will normally be at Initiative 1
(I'm going worst case scenario here, as attacking important units that are not in cover is of course a much better idea)

We will also be assuming that the Grimore on the Hounds was successful.
(Many People are still on the fence about whether the Grimore is needed or not, and with the number of Battle Reports I've read/watched, I would highly recommend one.)

On average, a unit of 10 Space Marines will kill between 2 and 5 hounds before they assault in, depending on rapid fire range.

20 Hounds vs 10 Space Marines
In close combat, 10 Space Marines will cause roughly .4 wounds to the hounds.
the Hounds will kill roughly 8.889. So almost the entire unit.

15 Hounds vs 10 Space Marines
In close combat, the Space Marines still only cause .4 wounds, so nothing significant.
The Hounds will kill around 6.667 marines on the charge, and then 3.334 in the next assault phase due to the loss of furious charge.

So as of right now, the unit of 20 looks to be the best option as 20 will start in the unit, between 18-15 will make the charge, and we're successful.

But here's where things get tricky because a lot of people also chose to run a Khorne Herald on a Juggernaut with the unit of hounds, to add in the AP2 weapon, myself included. Although I enjoy the Axe of Khorne and being able to Challenge an IC if needed and instant death him, but that's for a different article...

For arguments sake, lets stick with a base Herald on a Juggernaut with a Lesser Reward for the AP2 Weapon, and not worry about the locus or anything else yet.

His Hammer of Wrath hits are 50/50 against Space Marines (He's Cavalry, so don't forget he has these) wounding on a 3+, so lets leave that out for now as it's not reliable. After the first round of assault, he will be killing around 2.77 models.

Now if we add those two numbers together, a unit of 15 hounds and the herald, on the charge, will kill 9.445 models on the charge, which is extremely close to what we are trying to achieve, but one good round of dice rolling give or take and your left out in the open for your opponents, who have now just witnessed what your hounds are capable of, to unload everything they've got into them, which is what we don't want.

Now more math!
20 Hounds plus a Herald: We take roughly 4-10 wounds from shooting, putting us at around 17 hounds and a herald on the charge, which in my opinion is too many.

15 Hounds plus a Herald: We take the same 4-10 wounds from shooting, puts us at on average 12-13 hounds and a Herald on the charge, which is almost perfect, but I would like one more hound possibly.

10 Hounds plus a Herald: Now things are starting to get scary, as we could technically be at almost half the size of our initial size and we start to lose the cost benefits of the Grimore, and depending on what joins the assault we start to run further risks such as not putting out enough wounds to win combat, which would force Instability test, and being small enough to be wiped out completely by a vindicator or something similar.

I currently am running my units at either 15 or 16 hounds depending on points available, and it seems to giving me the results I am hoping for. At this point I think the locus could be over kill.

As always, more testing is always needed.

New Eldar Are Here!!!

Here's a list of the new kits we will be seeing for the Eldar release on the 25th. And here is the prerelease vid. I'm super stoked for this release. Can't wait to get my hands on a Wraithknight!

Warhammer 40000: Codex Eldar
104 page full colour,hardback Warhammer 40,000 CodexContains New Artwork, Background and rules whilst showcasing the fantastic miniature range

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Wraithknight
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes one Eldar Wraithknight, this completely new Walker stands a massive 9 inches tall and can be constructed with a variety of armaments to fulfill a range of battlefield roles.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter/ Crimson Hunter
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either a Hemlock Wraithfighter or a Crimson Hunter, both new Eldar Flyers. The Hemlock Wraithfighter is a Psychicly armed bomber designer to cause havoc among enemy troops while the Crimson Hunter is an all new aspect warrior class whom excel at aerial combat.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Wraithguard/Wraithblades
This box contains a multipart plastic kit that makes either 5 Wraithguards previously only available in metal or 5 Wraithblades, a new type of deadly close combat warrior.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Farseer
A plastic Clamp pack containing 1 Eldar Hero in a dynamic mid-casting posse.

Reformatted Warhammer 40000: Eldar Battle Force
Contains 10 Eldar Guardians and a Heavy Weapon Platform, 5 Dire Avengers (including the option of making an Exarch), a Wave Serpent and a Vyper Jetbike

Reformatted Warhammer 40000: Eldar Dire Avengers
The Dire Avengers squad has been repackaged as a five miniature boxed set (including the option of making an Exarch)

New Finecast ReleasesWarhammer 40000: Illic Nightspear
A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Edgar Ramos. Illic Nightspear is an outcast who has become an deadly assassin armed with the sniper rifle Voidbringer.

Warhammer 40000: Eldar Spiritseer
A clampack that contains one highly detailed Citadel Finecast resin miniature sculpted by Mike Fores. Armed with a Witch Staff and spirit stone wearing a distinctive eyeless helm.Available While Stocks LastThese Items are highly limited, please request the quantity you require and we will supply you as close to this number as we can.

Warhammer 40,000 Psychic Cards: Eldar
This pack contains 14 reference cards that describe the effects of each of the Primaris Powers and the the six psychic powers available to each area of mastery

Friday, May 17, 2013

40K Battle Report: Daemons Vs Tau

So last night I was finally able to play my first game with my Daemons in 6th.

Yes I know it has been a long time coming, but with night classes, a new job and a new dog, time has been hard to find. Amazingly, in my first game I was paired up with a friend of ours by the name of SeeJay who was trying out a new Tau list as well. Needless to say, ours wasn't the fastest game of all time...

Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Game: The Scouring
I rolled to deploy and go first, but elected to pass to SeeJay instead.


Great Unclean One
Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaut, with Locus of Wrath and an Axe of Khorne

15 Plaguebearers
10 Daemonettes with Alluress upgrade
10 Pink Horrors
20 Flesh Hounds
Prince (Red) Tzeentch, Armor, Wings, Grimore, Psyker (3)
Prince (Grey) Tzeentch, Armor, Wings, Portaglyph, Psyker (3)

I don't remember everything SeeJay had but I think it was close to this

Cadre Fireblade
5 units of  10 Firewarriors
3 units of  10 Pathfinders with pulse rifles
2 units of 3 Crisis Suits with SMS galore
2 Hammerhead Gunshipsm one with Longstrike
1 Sky Ray Gunship
1 Razorshark Strikefighter
Aegis Defense line with a Quad Cannon.

All his vehicles had disruption pods, and i think he had something like 20-25 marker lights.

Then I had to roll for my psychic powers, and this is where things got interesting.

Shriek, Warp Speed, Prescience, Fire Shield

Nothing to brag about here, but nothing really bad either

Great Unclean One:
Iron Arm, Life Leech, Haemorrhage ....and Dark Blessing for his Greater Reward (re-rolls ++ saves)

I think the term here would be "Yahtzee!"

Daemon Prince (Red):
Endurance, Iron Arm, Warp Speed

It doesn't get much better than that.

Daemon Prince (Grey):
Iron Arm, Endurance, Life Leech

It was at this point that the happy dance was started.
Horrors rolled Firestorm, but took Flickering Fire instead.

SeeJay castled up in the back of his corner, with everything. He had just mobs of firewarriors behind his defense line with the Fireblade on the quadcannon. He put 2 units of firewarriors in the woods toward the middle of his side of the board, and a unit of pathfinders in the middle of them with darkstrider. 2 Units of suits on either side of the defense line and a unit of path finders in the ruin in the far corner. Flyer in reserve.

I put the 15 Plague bearers in the woods on my side of the board (No idea why, bad move in retrospect, but it wouldn't matter in the end) The pink horrors just in front of them behind cover, with one exposed for flickering fire. Hounds as close to the line as I could get them. Daemonettes on the right side, behind cover to steal the other objective in the woods. I elected to start Fateweaver and both princes on the board in glide mode, due to the amount of shooting he had, and the fact that Tau can knock them out of the sky with marker lights (Yes it's true, and ridiculous in my opinion, check the Tau FAQ) Great Unclean one in reserves. 

Hounds make scout move up towards him.

Tau turn 1
Basically everything he had shot my hounds. Everything. So many marker lights, and so many shots. 
But amazingly, I only managed to lose a few hounds, I think maybe 2 or 3 here. Suits move some, fire some shots off, and jump back.

Daemons Turn 1
All prince powers go off, and 5's and 6's are everywhere for Iron Arm. Both are now S9, T8, Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain, It Will Not Die, 3+, 5++ and rerolling 1's on ++ saves. I'm so excited I forget to roll for Warpspeed, luckily it really wouldn't have mattered this turn.

Grimore on Hounds is a success
Portaglyph lands DIRECTLY in front of his pathfinders in the ruin.

I move the hounds up to assault his firewarriors.
Fateweaver moves up into the ruins
I swoop both princes directly at him, as they are basically almost invincible at this points, to help get into CC faster. Plagebearers move up to mid field to hold objective. Daemonettes move up into better coverage so the suits cant wipe them out as fast.

I forget to roll on the WarpStorm table.

Horrors cast 2d6 fire on the suits on the far left side. 7 hits, and a few wounds. He loses one model , but makes his toughness test, they now have FnP(6+)

Fateweaver says go big or go home, and casts 4d6 shots into a firewarriors unit, wiping almost the entire unit out. They fail the Toughness test and take 2 more wounds, only a few left. 

Hounds assault into the full unit of firewarriors successfully. 
So...much...overwatch. SeeJay was using a great method of this where the pathfinder shoot marker lights in over watch, so the better units are overwatching on 5's instead of 6's.
Thankfully the wounds I get are spaced out and a few of them only take a wound a piece. I think I may have lost 1-2 in this phase and taken around 5-6 wounds total.

The assault is a blood bath, and the whole unit is wiped out. 
I use the consolidate move, to move the models with 1 wound left to the back of the pack and the 2W models to the front. I stay in the woods for cover.

Tau Turn 2
Flyer does not come in.
He moves everything back from the hounds, and groups up a lot more to maximize his over-watch potential.
Darkstrider moves from the unit of pathfinders to a unit of firewarriors.

All of his firewarriors and pathfinders again shoot at my hounds, except for the unit of suits on the right, which manage to take out the portaglyph on a glancing shot! But at least they aren't shooting at my hounds or princes. So far I have lost about 7 of my 20 hounds.

Longstrike unloads on the Grey Prince and does nothing. Same with the other Hammerhead. 
The Sky Ray manages to take him down to 2 wounds however with missiles.

In his assault phase he jumps his suits back farther into cover.

Daemons Turn 2

Great Unclean One Deep strikes in, scatters 11" and goes into ongoing reserves.
Grimore Successful again
All Powers go off again on princes, this time 6's on both for Iron Arm and Warp Speed on the Red one. SeeJay doesn't look very happy.

Plaguebearers move up to hold midfield objective. Daemonettes move up farther into ruins toward objective on his side of the board instead. I did think because I knew that he was expecting me to go for the one on my side of the board in the woods. Fateweaver moves a bit to better cover. Princes glide into assault range. Horrors move to keep out of LoS of the 2 suits just off the left side of the picture.

I forget Warp Storm Table again.
Daemonettes run and are now into his deployment zone but in cover, should be able to charge them in next turn if the Great Unclean One doesn't scatter very far or mishap
Horrors Flickering fire again, and wipes out the suits on the left.
Fateweaver unloads another 4D6 into the unit of pathfinders and wipes out the unit on a failed Toughness test for a Victory Point. Grey Prince casts Life Leech on the unit of firewarriors with the Fireblade in it, and regains 2 wounds. 

Hounds Assault in and take out another unit of Pathfinders for another Victory point, but loose another few models, they consolidate back to hold the objective in the woods.
Red Prince assaults in, takes zero wounds to overwatch, and takes out darkstrider and the remaining firewarriors.
Grey Prince assaults in, and takes a wound to overwatch. He challenges the Fireblade who refuses. I decimate the unit, and only the fireblade and 2 firewarriors are left in it.

It was at this point that it was getting late and we decided to call the game. 
I held 3 objectives to his 1. I had First Blood, Line Breaker, killed 2 of his Fast Attack units, and was on the verge of killing his warlord next turn. We checked the points on the objectives and it was currently 14-2.

Lessons Learned:
If you're going to play Daemons and you aren't going Mono-Khorne, memorize the psychic powers.
15 Plaguebearers is too many to hold backfield objectives. 
I will most likely need an icon on the Daemonettes if I'm going to deep strike in the Great Unclean One.
Hounds are worth every point. 
The Locus of Wrath May be overkill, more testing needed.
There was never one single shot fired at my troops or Fateweaver, and even with all the focus on my hounds and Princes, neither one went down.

For the first time playing in a few months, it was fun to get back into the swing of things. And see that the timespent building this army from scratch was worth it. He didn't have any Broadsides or Riptides, so more testing will definitely be needed, but the list will surely be adjusted for next week.

Daemons 1-0! Undefeated!

Friday, May 10, 2013

40k Daemons: Multiple Big Threat List (MBT)

New theory for a list. I wanted to try to build around the concept of no weak units. No unit cannot be ignored, and I must say, that This will be the list I will be running in the future for tournaments where Dual Force Org charts are allowed. (Obviously will not be my DiceCon List) That will be soon to come...

Keeper of Secrets - Psyker (2), Greater Reward x2

10 Daemonettes
10 Daemonettes
10 Pink Horrors

Fast Attack: 
15 Flesh Hounds

Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Flight, Armor, Psyker (3), Grimore
Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Flight, Armor, Psyker (3), Portaglyph
Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Flight, Armor, Psyker (3)

Only thing I'm missing so far is the Keeper of secrets and another pack of hounds, but I'm really looking forward to testing out this list. Idea is to keep the 2nd unit of hounds in reserve and outflank them in. For Dawn of War deployment it could help to catch a unit trying to run, but for Hammer and Anvil or Vanguard strike, could be a game changer. Use Portaglyph to create more troops and hope for good placement.

Getting back into league games next Thursday so, should be posting up some Battle Reports and Screen shots soon!

Monday, May 6, 2013

X-Wing Wave 3 Announced

 For your viewing pleasure, here are the 4 new ships announced for the next wave of Fantasy Flights X-wing. The HWK-290, B-wing, Tie Bomber, and the Lambda Shuttle. More info can be found here on the Fantasy Flight games official announcement page.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Warhammer 40k: Map Campaign League Results

Well the league has ended and here are the results. The Servants of Ruin dominated the faction portion of the league finishing with more points than the other 2 factions had combined. Overall I was not impressed by my Nurgle list's performance going 2-3-0. I also ended up playing against my own faction 4 out of the 5 times sadly, due to being late. What I did learn is that the new Daemons are really pretty good, and were a terrible match up for my list. Any time I played any other army, I did very very well. Killing a tricked out Bloodthirster is nigh impossible. Dogs are not man, or zombie mans, best friend because flesh hounds raped all kinds of plague marine face. Nurgle Soul Grinders are not easy to kill. If you get within 6 inches to hit them with melta, the defensive grenades Nurgle bestows on them, gives the unit stealth. Plus it already has shrouded from being a Nurgle daemon. Thus they get 2+ save if they're in area terrain. All 3 of my losses were to the daemons players. Looking to the future the new league starts tonight. I normally wouldn't run a tournament list in league, but I need practice for the Gateway Grand Tournament next month. The tournament scene here has been pretty slow since December and I feel like my game has suffered for it. So, I've decided to run my competitive list despite the fact that people are going to really dislike playing me.

40k Daemons: League List

This week starts the new campaign in our league, but alas, I will be unable to make it tonight or next week, so I'll be a tad late to the show, which is a huge bummer because I am really looking forward to finally getting my completed Daemon army on the table.

First off, let me start by saying that I have always hated Khorne stuff and liked Nurgle. No specific reason, just have. Maybe its because of my belief that there are far too many things in the 40k universe that are red and black, or maybe its because I spent the better part of the first year I played getting waxed by Berzerkers, and the only thing that saved me was Feel No Pain (I started by playing Dark Angels) either way, Flesh hounds are too good to not use.

Great Unclean One - Greater Reward, Pysker (2)

Plaguebearers x 10
Plaguebearers x 10
Daemonettes x10
Pink Horrors x 10

Fast Attack: 
19 Flesh Hounds

Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Daemonic Flight, Warp Forged Armor, Greater Reward, Pskyer (3)
Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Daemonic Flight, Warp Forged Armor, Greater Reward, Pskyer (3)

Total: 1999

Army Explanation: 
Basic stuff first, scout the dogs with the herald up. Keep Fateweaver in the back out of close combat and always keep him moving. I will use the Plaguebearers to hold objectives in mid field or my deployment zone to start the game. On turn 2, DS in the Great Unclean One to force my opponent off an objective and possibly "Push" them farther into my hounds, then use the horrors to steal that objective if is is located in terrain. Push the Princes up the board if they have no flyers, using Divination powers to buff/debuff and Tzeentch powers to wreck face when possible. If the opponent has flyers, they will be the Princes top priority depending on what they are. (I do however expect a large drop in the number of flyers we see because the new Tau, see previous post)

I anticipate changing out the Plagebearers soon, with another squad of horrors of Daemonettes. With zero ranged attacks, and being slow and purposeful, I just dont see them being much of a use since they lost Feel No Pain. 

Other Thoughts: 
1. Adding in a Nurgle Soul Grinder....or 2.
2. Swapping out the Great Unclean One for a Keeper of Secrets to make those Princes of Slaanesh.
3. Dropping to 3 troop units and picking up a portaglyph.
4. Saying f*** it and adding in some allies with Kharn and 8 Berzkers in a Land Raider with lascannons and Helldrake.