Thursday, May 2, 2013

Warhammer 40k: Map Campaign League Results

Well the league has ended and here are the results. The Servants of Ruin dominated the faction portion of the league finishing with more points than the other 2 factions had combined. Overall I was not impressed by my Nurgle list's performance going 2-3-0. I also ended up playing against my own faction 4 out of the 5 times sadly, due to being late. What I did learn is that the new Daemons are really pretty good, and were a terrible match up for my list. Any time I played any other army, I did very very well. Killing a tricked out Bloodthirster is nigh impossible. Dogs are not man, or zombie mans, best friend because flesh hounds raped all kinds of plague marine face. Nurgle Soul Grinders are not easy to kill. If you get within 6 inches to hit them with melta, the defensive grenades Nurgle bestows on them, gives the unit stealth. Plus it already has shrouded from being a Nurgle daemon. Thus they get 2+ save if they're in area terrain. All 3 of my losses were to the daemons players. Looking to the future the new league starts tonight. I normally wouldn't run a tournament list in league, but I need practice for the Gateway Grand Tournament next month. The tournament scene here has been pretty slow since December and I feel like my game has suffered for it. So, I've decided to run my competitive list despite the fact that people are going to really dislike playing me.

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