Thursday, May 2, 2013

40k Daemons: League List

This week starts the new campaign in our league, but alas, I will be unable to make it tonight or next week, so I'll be a tad late to the show, which is a huge bummer because I am really looking forward to finally getting my completed Daemon army on the table.

First off, let me start by saying that I have always hated Khorne stuff and liked Nurgle. No specific reason, just have. Maybe its because of my belief that there are far too many things in the 40k universe that are red and black, or maybe its because I spent the better part of the first year I played getting waxed by Berzerkers, and the only thing that saved me was Feel No Pain (I started by playing Dark Angels) either way, Flesh hounds are too good to not use.

Great Unclean One - Greater Reward, Pysker (2)

Plaguebearers x 10
Plaguebearers x 10
Daemonettes x10
Pink Horrors x 10

Fast Attack: 
19 Flesh Hounds

Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Daemonic Flight, Warp Forged Armor, Greater Reward, Pskyer (3)
Daemon Prince: Daemon of Tzeentch, Daemonic Flight, Warp Forged Armor, Greater Reward, Pskyer (3)

Total: 1999

Army Explanation: 
Basic stuff first, scout the dogs with the herald up. Keep Fateweaver in the back out of close combat and always keep him moving. I will use the Plaguebearers to hold objectives in mid field or my deployment zone to start the game. On turn 2, DS in the Great Unclean One to force my opponent off an objective and possibly "Push" them farther into my hounds, then use the horrors to steal that objective if is is located in terrain. Push the Princes up the board if they have no flyers, using Divination powers to buff/debuff and Tzeentch powers to wreck face when possible. If the opponent has flyers, they will be the Princes top priority depending on what they are. (I do however expect a large drop in the number of flyers we see because the new Tau, see previous post)

I anticipate changing out the Plagebearers soon, with another squad of horrors of Daemonettes. With zero ranged attacks, and being slow and purposeful, I just dont see them being much of a use since they lost Feel No Pain. 

Other Thoughts: 
1. Adding in a Nurgle Soul Grinder....or 2.
2. Swapping out the Great Unclean One for a Keeper of Secrets to make those Princes of Slaanesh.
3. Dropping to 3 troop units and picking up a portaglyph.
4. Saying f*** it and adding in some allies with Kharn and 8 Berzkers in a Land Raider with lascannons and Helldrake.

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