Friday, May 10, 2013

40k Daemons: Multiple Big Threat List (MBT)

New theory for a list. I wanted to try to build around the concept of no weak units. No unit cannot be ignored, and I must say, that This will be the list I will be running in the future for tournaments where Dual Force Org charts are allowed. (Obviously will not be my DiceCon List) That will be soon to come...

Keeper of Secrets - Psyker (2), Greater Reward x2

10 Daemonettes
10 Daemonettes
10 Pink Horrors

Fast Attack: 
15 Flesh Hounds

Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Flight, Armor, Psyker (3), Grimore
Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Flight, Armor, Psyker (3), Portaglyph
Slaanesh Daemon Prince - Flight, Armor, Psyker (3)

Only thing I'm missing so far is the Keeper of secrets and another pack of hounds, but I'm really looking forward to testing out this list. Idea is to keep the 2nd unit of hounds in reserve and outflank them in. For Dawn of War deployment it could help to catch a unit trying to run, but for Hammer and Anvil or Vanguard strike, could be a game changer. Use Portaglyph to create more troops and hope for good placement.

Getting back into league games next Thursday so, should be posting up some Battle Reports and Screen shots soon!

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