Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Warmachine: The Switch? Only time will tell.

Thought I'd post a pic of Cap'n Moe's Cygnar Warcaster  Haley from last weeks game.

I took a bunch more but apparently I'm a moron and all my other pics came out all fuzzy. Go figure.

I am also making the leap into Warmachine and I must say it's a refreshing change.

Simple, balanced, and extremely enjoyable.

I chose to go with Retribution of Scryah after a lot of thinking and so far I am really enjoying them.

I've also decided  that since most of my 40k armies are very dark and kind of depressing looking 
(example: Iron Hands, Daemons, Farsight Enclave, etc...) my Retribution Army is going to be bright pink.

Hopefully I'll have some pics up on Friday.

I'm also not sure if anyone is really interested in Warmachine, but if so, please let us know and we can go more in depth about it from the perspective of guys learning coming from 40k to Warmachine.

I'm not really sure yet if this will be a permanent switch from 40k, but I am taking a serious break from it.

Too much, too fast with no updates or FAQs. Personally I feel 40k is becoming completely cookie cutter.
Currently Warhammer is not balanced and GW shows no hints of resolving it anytime soon.
Maybe that will change but I'll believe it when I see it.

If I do play 40k it will be most likely complete fluff based or just to use models that I haven't used in awhile.


  1. I tried warmahordes and it was just not for me. Maybe because the first time I played was in a tournament and I played against some douche bags. I have a 35-50 point Dwarven Merc army. I love the models (except their colossal). I hope you guys have find it more enjoyable than I did.

  2. Ya, running your first game in a tournament was probably not the way to go. I love the Rhulic Dwarf stuff. Definitely picking up some as Mercs for my Cygnar.