Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Warhammer 40K Battle Report: Iron Hands/Grey Knights vs Tau/Astra Militarum

Last week I came back from vacation and was finally able to make it to league night.
The League is currently 2 Headed Giant. (2 Man teams, of 1000 points a piece)

Capnmoe and I got to team up with two of our friends over at Lonely Havocs, Slender and Jon.

Jon brought Tau and Slender brought IG.

I brought my Iron Hands and Capnmoe felt like getting the new Aquila Strongpoint that he won from the Titan Tournament on the table...

Our List:
Master of the Forge
5 Man Tactical Squad - Razorback with TL Lascannons
5 Man Tactical Squad - Razorback with TL Lascannons
Landspeeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter
Landspeeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter
Predator - Autocannon with Lascannon Sponsons
Predator - Autocannon with Lascannon Sponsons
Aegis Defense Line with Quad Cannon

Coteaz with 2 Jokaero Weaponsmith, 3 Servitors with Plasma Cannons and 5 Warrior Accolytes
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
6 Warrior Accolytes in a Razorback with Psybolt Ammunition
6 Warrior Accolytes in a Razorback with Psybolt Ammunition
Vortex Missile Aquila Strongpoint

Their list as best I can remember:
Cadre Fireblade with 2 Drones
3 x 10 Firewarriors
2 x 5 Pathfinders
2 x Hammerheads
Aegis Defense Line with Quad Cannon

Company Command Squad with Plasma in a Chimera
Platoon Command Squad
10 Man Infantry in a Chimeria
10 Man Infantry on foot
3 Heavy Weapons with Autocannons
Leman Russ Punisher
Leman Russ Battle Tank

Game was Scouring
Deployment was Hammer and Anvil
No Nightfighting
3 Objectives on each persons side, but we had the larger point objectives.
They won the roll and chose to deploy first.

Jon castled up his Tau on the right side of the board with the Hammerheads located in the middle.
The Cadre was on the quad cannon that was placed in the ruins.

Slender armored up the left side of the board with the Battle Cannon and Punisher on the far left.

The 2 Chimeras were just to the right of them, blocking line of sight to his other units, that were hidden behind the crates holding one of their objectives.

I bolstered our ruin with the Master of the Forge for the 3+ cover save, and hid all of my tanks behind crates.

I did place the Vindy in the middle of the ruin because, you know, go big or go home right?

Both Landspeeders were in reserve.

Capnmoe put Coteaz, the Lazer Monkeys and the Warband in our ruins for the cover save.
Aquila located behind them, which is easy to see below in the picture because its fucking huge (That's what she said) Inquisitor inside with Prescience.

Both Psybacks full of Acolytes in reserves.

We rolled for the Points on the objectives and we got a 4, 3 and a 2 so we had the advantage going in.

They are circled in yellow bellow.

Game starts and we steal initiative thanks to Coteaz.

Iron Hands / Grey Knights: Turn 1
Vindicator moves out of the ruin and blows up 1 Chimera, killing almost half the guys inside.
My other  tanks move out from behind cover and  take one 2 hull point off one Hammerhead and 1 off the other.

Coteaz and his Warband take out another large chunk of IG on foot but they pass their morale and stay put.

Vortex Missile take out both Leman Russes instantly.

Tau / IG : Turn 1

Vortex Scatter is rolled and it is removed from the table on double 3's.

No real movement, but a lot of shooting removes 1 hull point from the vindicator and takes out a handful of Acolytes, but their unit passes morale.

Iron Hands / Grey Knights: Turn 2
All of our units come in from reserves and move on from our board edge.

My tanks move up closer to the defense line for cover saves. 

Vindicator hits the Hammerhead on the left but he makes his save.
So we shot it with the Vortex Missile out of spite, and blew it up.

I shoot everything I have at the Remaining Hammerhead but Jon makes like 10 cover saves and I am only able to stun it.

Coteaz's Unit does what it does and finishes off the command squad for a victory point.

Tau / IG : Turn 2
They moved their troops a bit behind their Aegis, trying to get closer to get more shots on Coteaz and his unit. Mass shooting removes the rest of the Acolytes.

The remaining Chimera moves up and gets out, wrecking my vindicator with Plasma Guns.

Vortex Missile Scatters again, but doubles are rolled again, so it goes away.

Iron Hands / Grey Knights: Turn 3

The Jokero's take out the Chimera with Lascannons, and the resulting explosion takes out most of the guys nearby.

One of my Tactical Squads disembarks to hold an objective.

I then shoot 2 Preds, 2 Razorbacks, 2 Land Speeders and the Quadcannon at the last Hammerhead and all but 2 are glances or pens, but Jon makes every single save because apparently his tank is completely invisible since it moved 3 inches...

Vortex Missile kills off all remaining Imperial Guard except for the Heavy Weapon Squads.

Tau / IG : Turn 3

Everything they have shoots at Coteaz and kills off the entire unit except for Cotez himself, who then falls back but would regroup.

Iron Hands / Grey Knights: Turn 4

It was at this point that we realized that we should just shoot the Vortex Missile first, because we are idiots.
So we did and finally destroyed the last Hammerhead.

The previous Missile also scattered forward and destroyed a unit of Fire Warriors.

One unit of Acolytes disembarked and moved behind my Razorback to hold one objective.
My other Tactical Squad jumped out to take the 3rd one on our side.

After this they conceded officially, but you could tell that their spirits were pretty much broken after turn 1.


Us: Like a billion
Them: -4

Post Game Thoughts:

- Bringing D Weapons to a 2 headed giant league game is a great way to make enemies. Luckily we were paired up with some friends so it wasn't that bad. It has been officially removed from our lists going forward...

- D weapons are amazingly powerful and super OP. They should never have been allowed into regular 40k. It's a shame I won't be able to use it more often.

All they had left.
Templates are Missiles.

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