Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy: Tale of Gamers

The Warhammer Fantasy: Tale of Gamers escalation league at my FLGS has finally come to an end. After 3 months I've managed to build a fully painted, 3000+ point army for about a 1/4th of the cost of what it would normally retail for. That's a major score right there. As an added bonus I learned I really like Warhammer Fantasy and got to meet some cool new people. I only wish our store had more players interested Fantasy. Going into the last game, Ogre Kingdoms were leading the pack with my Daemons of Chaos just behind. If I won the game, we would tie for the league and split the $100 prize. The real prize however, was getting our units for 1/2 price or free if we were the MVP of the week during the coarse of the league. Needless to say, I was already happy wether I had won or lost the last game. Here's the list I used in the last game:

Daemon Prince of Nurgle
  • Daemon of Nurgle
  • Level 3 Wizard 
  • Chaos Armour
  • Daemonic Flight
  • Exalted Gift 
Herald of Tzeentch
  • Level 2 Wizard (Lore of Metal) 
Herald of Nurgle
  • Greater Locus of Fecundity  
  • BSB - Razor Standard 

14x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch
  • Iridescent Horror
  • Standard Bearer 
  • Musician
38x Plague Bearers
  • Plagueridden 
  • Musician
  • Magic Standard Bearer – Banner of Discipline 
3x Beast of Nurgle
3x Beast of Nurgle

9x Flesh Hounds of Khorne

Skull Cannon of Khorne
Soul Grinder
  • Mark of Nurgle 

In the end the Daemons would defeat the Ogre Kingdom to tie for 1st. I was very happy with this league and it was a nice little break from 40k. But now I have the itch again and I'm ready to jump back into 40k headlong. The next few weeks are open play at the store for 40k. I'll be practicing with my new Eldar/Tau list which was featured in the last battle report between Makers and I. This weekend is also a Rogue Trader tournament at the store. I'm looking to possibly mix it up and bring a list that I think will win the Painting category and just have a bit fun with a few units I wouldn't normally run. 

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