Friday, October 18, 2013

40k: Iridescent Horror

Just a quick update, as I have been extremely busy prepping for the Titan Tournament coming up next weekend.

I have noticed lately that a lot of people are running small units of Horrors, and even blobs of them, without using the Iridescent Horror upgrade.

This is a huge mistake.

Don't forget that this upgrade makes him a character. So for only a 5 point upgrade, all of your Flickering Fire shots become precision shots.

Also remember that only one model needs to be alive to fire, leave a few of them out in the open with line of sight to a few targets, and get the rest of those guys behind some line of sight blocking terrain.

If they start taking fire, go to ground! You can still cast powers while on the ground, although they are snap shots...which only hit on 6' therefore are also precision shots from the Iridescent Horror!

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  1. While I agree you should always take irridescent horrors (also, naturally, an 11th horror for the extra dice), I thought I should point out that snap shots can never be precision shots, sadly