Tuesday, April 2, 2013

40k Blood Angels: And now...for something completely different.

So after a few weeks of reading the Daemons Codex over, and over, and over and over, and pretty much going through about 100 pages of Excel spreadsheets, I've decide that the best thing to do might be to take a step back from making Daemon lists for awhile. 

And I did this...by making another list.

Seeing as I still want to have a competitive list for tournaments and such, I decided to go with list of Grey Knights with Blood Angel allies. Needless to say, I was very thrilled with what I came up with.

For the HQ slot, you have to go Coteaz. He's just too valuable in terms of what he brings to the table for the points. I run him with a warband of 5 acolytes with bolters, 3 servitors with Plasma Cannons, and 2 Jokeros. Put the unit behind a defense line with a quad gun, and have Coteaz keep Prescience up, for 255 points, its a hard unit to pass up once you factor in all the abilities.

Next I just filled in the must haves. 2 Rifleman Dreads, 1 Dreadknight with a Heavy Incinerator for 1 shot'ing my opponents troop units. A 5 man strike squad with a Psycannon, and some halberds to hold or push another objective. Last but not least a Bolterback with Psybolt Ammo, and 5 acolytes to move with the strike squad up the board and provide cover if needed.

On the Blood Angel side of things, I still swear by Dante. Yea, he's expensive, but if you don't think he's worth it, then you aren't using him correctly. I'm going to run him with a unit of Sanguinary Guard, with 1 infernus pistol. (which has made its points back 10 times over for me....maybe its just me)

After that I added 10 Assault marines with 2 Melta guns, and gave the Sergeant a power sword, as there are a few people in my gaming circle that play hordes. Next I added in two Sanguinary Priests with Power Axes for last hitting in assaults, and popping some AV if needed.

AND my favorite. The Vindicator. People always forget its fast. Every game I've ever used it, it has either been the first kill point or caused the first kill point. In my opinion, its worth the gamble. (Last game I used it, first shot, took out 3 Obliterators)

Total list comes in at 2000 points. Why they play 2k I'll never know. I disagree with it completely, as no one else in the area plays 2k on a regular basis, and with the dual organization charts it just causes headaches.

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