Friday, April 5, 2013

40k Daemons: Breaking the bank with Flesh Hounds.

Flesh hounds are, in my opinion, the new "go to" unit for Daemons. I find that the best setup is 20 hounds, and a Khorne Herald with a power weapon and Grimore on a Juggernaut. The Loci is also an option depending on points. The problem is...Money. 5 Finecast flesh hounds are around $50. Plus the Herald is another $50. So, for the whole unit...your talking about $250+ tax....for one unit. Which in my opinion is utterly ridiculous, and I could not justify spending that much money on just one unit.

So I've been trying to find other, cheaper units that are still competitive. But then yesterday, a revelation. The only rule for models in any tournament is that they have to be made by Games Workshop. It was at this point during a discussion with Capnmoe, in which he pointed out 2 possible alternatives from Warhammer Fantasy.

Both of these units are made by Games Workshop,  look closely related to Flesh Hounds, are 10 models in a units, and best of all, only cost $25 for 10! And they aren't made from Crapcast, they are plastic, which in my opinion is even better. For the Herald, I will simply get 1 blood crusher from eBay for around $15 and BOOM, unit completed!

So lets compare...

1st option: 20 Flesh hounds made from crapcast and a Herald on a Juggernaut for $250 + tax.
2nd Option: 20 Dire Wolves and 1 Blood Crusher for $65 + tax

In my Opinion its not even a question.
Plus I think the Dire wolves look more "Fleshy" anyways...

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