Monday, November 4, 2013

40k Battle Report: Farsight Enclave/Ultramarines vs Iyaden Eldar/Dark Eldar

A few weeks back I finally had the chance to run my Farsight/Ultramarines list at the LGS.
I was pretty excited to finally get my Tau on the table and try out some Ultramarine goodness...until I saw my opponent who was "Randomly" assigned.

My List:
3 Crisis Suits - Twinlinked Missile Pods, Plasma Rifles, 6 Gun Drones, Bonding Knives
10 Firewarriors - Shas'Ui, Bonding Knives
7 Pathfinders - Shas'Ui, Bonding Knives
Riptide - Earth Caste Pilot Array, Ion Accelerator, SMS, Early Warning Override
Riptide - Stimulant Injector, Ion Accelerator, SMS, Early Warning Override
Riptide - Stimulant Injector, Ion Accelerator, SMS, Early Warning Override
Tigurius - (Forewarning, Prescience, Perfect Timing)
5 Man Tactical Squad - Graviton Gun, Razorback - Lascannon
5 Man Tactical Squad - Graviton Gun, Razorback - Lascannon
5 Man Devastator Squad - 4 Missile Launchers
Aegis Defense Line with a Quad Cannon

His List: (Best I can remember)
Farseer (Warlord)
10 Guardians - Heavy Weapon Platform, Shuriken Cannon
3 Guardians Jetbikes
Wraithknight - Two Heavy Wraithcannons
Wraithknight - Two Heavy Wraithcannons
Wraithknight - Two Heavy Wraithcannons
Crimson Hunter
3 Dark Eldar Reavers
5 Warriors - Venom
5 Warriors - Venom
4 Wracks - Venom
Razorwing Jetfighter

Vanguard Deployment, Mission was Crusade with 2 objectives each.

He has 2 objectives in his deployment, one in the ruin on the left, and one behind the ruin on his side in the  middle.

I have one objective behind the building on the far right, and one behind my lines.

He had 1st turn, no night fight.

I castled up in my corner, and he spread out a bit, trying to get his Wraithknights in cover as much as possible. his guardians and Farseer are behind the ruin on his board edge.

Eldar/Dark Eldar Turn 1:

I forget what his powers were, but I do remember them not being very good and he almost never used them.

Avatar moved up towards me, so did 2 Wraithknights, with 1 staying back with his "toe" in the ruin for a cover save.

The Reavers boosted over to me and took out almost all of my Devastators with their Knives.

Venoms took out the rest of them and took Tigurius down to 1 wound. He failed the test and fell back, but regrouped.

All 3 Wraithknights shot at my Riptides, but they managed to make all their saves miraculously.

Farsight/Ultra Marines Turn 1:

Tigurius gave himself the 4++ save, and Perfect Timing. Prescience on one Riptide. 
He joined the unit of Firewarriors.

All 3 Riptides overcharged, and took the 3++ Invulnerable save to survive the shots from the Wraithknights.

First Riptide jumped back and took out the 3 Reavers. Other 2 jumped back and put some fire on his Wraithknights, but cause no wounds.

Shooting from Lazerbacks took out one Venom, quadcannon took out another.

Farsight and drones jumped out, managed to cause a few wounds on the Avatar and jumped back.

Riptides jumped a little bit back in the assault phase, into cover and out of Line of Sight.

Eldar/Dark Eldar Turn 2:

Crimson Hunter comes on, gets intercepted and gets blown up like the bitch that it is.
It crashes into a Wraithknight, but causes no wounds.

His Jetbikes come on, move into a ruin and hold his objective.

Avatar moves up, closer to my lines thinking he is just going to wreck faces. Boy was he wrong.

2 of the Wraithknights move closer to me and shoot at my Riptides again, causing one wound on each.

The other Wraithknight managed to pop one of my Lazerbacks, but all 5 Tactical Marines inside survive.

Venom took out Tigurius and a large portion of my Firewarriors who couldn't make any saves.

Farsight/Ultra Marines Turn 2:

Nova Charge on all Riptides are successful for the 3++.
I move one of them up toward one of his Wraithknights, hoping to lock in close combat.
The others move into firing lanes at his other units.

Farsight and his unit move to get in range of the Avatar, and they manage to take him out, then jump back behind the defense line for cover.

More shots from the Riptides and more wounds on the Wraithknights.
They also drop a few Guardians off of the defense platform.

Quad Cannon drops the last Venom.

Eldar/Dark Eldar Turn 3:

The Razorwing arrives. I intercept it but only manage to remove 1 hull point. 
It causes an obscene number of wounds on my units with its missiles, but I manage to make all my saves.

One Wraithknight moves up and fires at Farsight's unit, but only takes out a few Gun Drones.

Another one moves up and assaults into one Riptide. 
The Riptide takes no wounds and manages to cause one against the Wraithknight.

The 3rd Wraithknight continued to pump shots into a Riptide, but couldn't cause any wounds.

Farsight/Ultra Marines Turn 3:

All Nova Charges are successful, all shields are up on Riptides.

Farsight and his unit jump out and start to move toward my opponents deployment zone. 
They take out 2 of the 5 Kalabite warriors, who fail their test, and would eventually fall back off the board.

The 5 Man Tactical Squad in the Lazerback get out. Between them and the other 5 man they manage to take down the Wraithknight in front of them with 2 Graviton guns.

The Earth Caste Riptide (on the far left) moves up and kills off the unit of Wracks.

3rd Riptide moves behind my Aegis, and kills off a few Guardians.the other unit of Kalabite Warriors.

The Riptide in close combat causes another wound and Wraithknight does nothing back to it.
The combination of the 2+/3++ and FnP were causing him serious frustration.

Eldar/Dark Eldar Turn 4:

His only real move was that the free Wraithknight moved up and assaulted into my Riptide.
Both take 1 wound in close combat.

The Razorwing turned and put shots on Farsight and his unit, taking out the final Gun Drone and 1 Crisis Suit.

Farsight/Ultra Marines Turn 4:

One 5 man Tactical Squad makes their way toward my objective in the back.
The other tried to move out of the crater but only rolled a 1 so they stayed put.

My remaining 3 Firewarriors capture the other objective behind my defense line, and use the Quad Cannon to take out the Razorwing.

Farsight, his unit and the free Riptide move up and start putting fire onto the Guardians holding his objective.
I managed to cause 1 wound on his Farseer.

In close combat, both Riptides cause more wounds on the Wraithknights, and take none in return.

Eldar/Dark Eldar Turn 5:

His Guardians fired shots at Farsight and his unit, and cause one wound on Farsight.

Stalemate on the giant robot close combat.

Farsight/Ultra Marines Turn 5:

The 5 Man Tactical squad moves farther and captures my back objective, out of his range and hidden behind cover.

Farsight unit and Riptide move back farther towards his board edge.

At this point my opponent conceded.

He couldn't take down my Riptides, and I was about to start eating through his Farseer and remaining units.


After game thoughts:
1. Even though the Riptide fire power was limited, it was worth it for the 2+/3++ with FnP. Made them extremely difficult to take down.
2. Tigurius died like a bitch.
3. I never really knew much about Dark Eldar, but I really like the firepower of Venoms.
4. His list was extremely interesting and I feel that once he started moving his Wraithknights forward, I should have moved up to engage them with the Riptide immediately.
5. Graviton Guns are amazing. Being able to take a Wraithknight down with 2 of them is extreme point for point value. That's 30 points for Graviton guns vs. 240 points for a Wraithknight.
6. I still really like Tigurius but I really feel that dropping him and the 2 Tactical Squads, and adding in 2 units of Bikes with a Chapter Master is the way to go.
7. I am still confident that there is a hidden gem in the Tau/Space Marine army list. I will find it.

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  1. This was a really clear and concise battle report. Thank you for leaving out florid text and unnecessary tangents. It was easy to read and very educational. I look forward to the bike/Tau list.