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40K Battle Report: Necrons/Grey Knights Vs Dark Angles

Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Mission: Crusade

My List (Necron/GKs):

Inquisitor Coteaz (Prescience, Perfect Timing)
Necron Overlord
  • Warscythe 
  • Sempiternal Weave 
  • Phase Shifter
Royal Court
Harbinger of Despair
  • Veil of Darkness 
Harbinger of Destruction
  • Solar Pulse 
5x Deathmarks
2x Jokaero Weaponsmith, 3x Servitors, 5x Warrior Acolytes
  • 3x Plasma Cannons 
  • Bolters 
5x Warrior Acolytes
  • 5x Bolters 
7x Necron Warriors
  • Ghost Ark 
7x Necron Warriors
  • Ghost Ark 
6x Necron Warriors
  • Ghost Ark
Fast Attack
6x Canoptek Wraiths
Heavy Support
  • Heavy Incinerator
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Aegis Defense Line
  • Twin-Linked Quad Gun
Opponents List:
Librarian (Prescience, Perfect Timing)
Command Squad

  • Apoth
  • Salvo Banner
5x Deathwing Knights

  • Multimelta
5x Deathwing Terminators

  • Plasma Cannon
10x Tactical Squad

  • Lascannon
10x Tactical Squad

  • Plasma Cannon
5x Sniper Scouts
Fast Attack
3x Ravenwing Bikers

  • 2x Melta Guns
Heavy Support 

  • Autocannon
  • 2x Las Sponsons
5x Devastators

  • 2x Missile Launchers with Flakk Missiles
Aegis Defense Line

  • Quad Gun

I got to pick my side and and I chose the side with a nice large piece of LoS blocking terrain.

We rolled to see who would deploy first and he won. (Yes we did this out of sequence)

We rolled up 5 objectives and placed them on the board. He placed 3 and I placed 2. They're circled in yellow in the above pic. (Looking back, it should've been me who placed 3 objectives since I won the roll to pick sides. This would put me at huge disadvantage for this game since he would place all 3 of his objectives behind his line. Against a salvo banner DA list, that's a major downer. But I needed practice for DieCon against worst case scenarios, and this would prove to be good for that.)

I rolled Princeps of Deciet for my warlord trait for what I believe was the 3rd time out of the 5 games during this league run. Again it would prove to be totally worthless. My opponent was using Belial as his warlord so he was using The Hunt which gives an extra victory point if Belial or his unit slay my warlord. 

My jokaero rolled and got rending for the unit. 

Our psyker powers are shown in the list above.

No night fight turn one.

He set up his entire force behind the aegis line on the hill and in the forest. He reserved the Deathwing, Deathwing Knights, and Ravenwing Bikes.
I ran my aegis through the LoS terrain down to my far board edge. I had Perfect Timing so firing through the forest in front of Coteaz's unit on the quad-gun would be a non-issue. Annihilation Barges deployed on the right supported by Wraiths. My warlord was in the Ghost Ark in the center.

I rolled twice to steal the initiative and failed. Womp Womp! 

Dark Angels Turn 1:
Scouts moved up behind the trees

Shots were taken at the Wraiths with no wounds.
3 warrior acolytes were killed. 
The Ghost Arc in the center with my warlord was immobilized.

Necrons/Grey Knights Turn 1:
Prescience and Perfect Timing go off without any problems.

Both Ghost Arks on the left move forward 12". 
2 of the Annihilation barges move forward 6" and one moves 12"
The Wraiths move 12"over the hills.

After my shooting, the Vindcator had 1 hull point and the Predator had 2. One of the tac squads was reduced to a single man.

Dark Angels Turn 2:
The bikes outflank near my Wraiths and both Deathwing units drop in near them as well.

This was a great turn for the DA. They whittled the Wraiths down to a single man and managed to destroy a Ghost Ark and an Annihilation Barge taking first blood. Warriors from the Ghost Ark were placed behind LoS blocking terrain on an objective.

Necrons/Grey Knights Turn 2:
Prescience failed and I took a perils. Perfect Timing goes off.
Reserves failed me and instead of getting the 2 things that I really needed, the Warrior Acolytes decided to show up instead. They walked on the board and headed for the objective in the back behind LoS terrain.

The only Ghost Ark that was still mobile moved forward 6"
The 2 Annihilation barges turned to shoot at the Terminators.
The Warlords unit disembarked from its Ghost Ark and moved to help with the Terminators and bikes.
The single surviving Wraith moved up to assault the Predator.

By the end of the turn 1 Terminator still remained and the Wraith only managed to take 1 hull point from the Predator. Shooting from the Ghost Ark failed to take the last hull point from the Vindicator. It seems like I keep getting close to killing things off and then just fall flat. Sad times.

Dark Angels Turn 3:
His Scouts start to move over the hill to the objective near his Predator. The bikes and single terminator move towards the Annihilation barges.

Deathwing Knights move back to the objective near his Predator.

Bikes destroy one Annihilation Barge while the Terminator assaults in and destroys the other.

The single Wraith dies to what seemed like a billion salvo banner shots.

Necrons/Grey Knights Turn 3:
Prescience goes off but I perils on Perfect Timing...robble.
The Deathmarks make their reserve roll and the Dreadknight fails to come on.

Deathmarks attempt to make a surgical strike to kill the salvo banner command unit only to scatter off the board. I roll a 1 for the mishap table and they die horribly...this put a major damper on things. At this point I just say, screw it, I'm gonna play the rest of this dangerously and see how it pays off. Maybe try some things I would've normally been too conservative to do. I figure he's already taken out the major power base of my army (Annihilation Barges and Deathmarks) why not. 

The Ghost Ark moves forward up to his line.
The 4 remaining Necron Warriors on the objective move up the hill to fire at the Vindicator.

Warrior Acolytes manage to kill the remaining Terminator.
He looses one melta bike from the Warriors and Ghost Ark in the back.
Warriors managed to take the last hull point from the Vindicator.
And the Ghost Ark and Warriors inside remove 2 hull points from the Dreadnought.

Dark Angels Turn 4:
The Command Squad gets Prescience and they move up the hill to see the Necron Warriors on the objective. Belial leaves the Deathwing Knights and joins the scouts on the objective near his Predator. This would turn out to be a huge move. Bikes move back to the trees his Scouts started near.

He salvoed the poor Warriors unit to death. 
He fired everything else that could hurt it at the Ghost Arc. My jink saves went turbo and I managed to come out of it unscathed. 

Necrons/Grey Knights Turn 4:
Prescience and Perfect timing go off, but I'm a just out of range. I move Coteaz's unit forward past the aegis line into the forest in front of it. The Dreadknight finally auto-came-in from reserves. I tried to deep strike him right on top of the hill to support the Warriors that were going to attempt to take the objective there, but instead he scattered down the hill 12". The Ghost Ark moved up to his aegis line. The Warriors jumped out to attempt to shoot the Command Squad and the Libby/single tac squad guy off of an objective on the hill. The Warriors with my warlord started their slow trek across the board to attempt to get within range of his line.

Snap shots from Jokaero managed to finish off the dreadnought.
Shots from the Warriors and Ghost Ark only managed to kill 2 from the Command Squad but at least they took out his apothecary.
Belial kept me from flaming the Scouts off of his objective so instead I targeted the command squad which failed to do any wounds. 

Turn 5:
With the banner still intact all of this units moved to position themselves to take out the Warriors on his hill which they did. The Dreadknight took wounds and was dropped to 1. He moved his Deathwing Knights out to get him but failed his charge. I tried firing back in retaliation but at this point my spirit was crushed. We rolled to go to turn 6 but I decided to throw in the towel.

Final Score. Dark Angels 10. Necrons/GKs 4

So I ended the league 3-2. Not bad, but I must admit, I expected to do better. Still I think the practice was good and I worked out my final list for DieCon's Gateway Grand Tournament. Now I just need to finish some painting and get my display board in order and I'll be ready. 

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  1. Rough night. That salvo banner is rough. Mix that in with so terminators and it is a hard nut to crack. Good luck with DieCon.