Monday, June 3, 2013

40k: Battle Report - Necrons/Grey Knights Vs Tau/Eldar

Deployment: Dawn of War
Mission: Crusade

My List (Necron/GKs):

Inquisitor Coteaz (Prescience, Scrier's Gaze)
Necron Overlord
  • Warscythe 
  • Sempiternal Weave 
  • Phase Shifter
Royal Court
Harbinger of Despair
  • Veil of Darkness 
Harbinger of Destruction
  • Solar Pulse 
5x Deathmarks
2x Jokaero Weaponsmith, 3x Servitors, 5x Warrior Acolytes
  • 3x Plasma Cannons 
  • Bolters 
5x Warrior Acolytes
  • 5x Bolters 
7x Necron Warriors
  • Ghost Ark 
7x Necron Warriors
  • Ghost Ark 
6x Necron Warriors
  • Ghost Ark
Fast Attack
6x Canoptek Wraiths
Heavy Support
  • Heavy Incinerator
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Aegis Defense Line
  • Twin-Linked Quad Gun
Opponents List (As Best As I Can Remember):
  • 2x Markerlight Drones
  • Missile Pod
  • Missile Pod
  • Drone Controler
  • Neuroweb System Jammer
  • Puretide Engram Neurochip
Eldrad (Prescience, Puppet Master, Psychic Shriek, Foreboding)
2x Crisis Suits
  • 2x Plasma Rifles each
  • Heavy Burst Cannon
  • Counter Defense System
  • Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster
Stealth Team
  • Fusion Blaster
  • Shas'ui
10x Fire Warriors
10x Fire Warriors
10x Dire Avengers
  • Exarch with Diresword/Shuriken Pistol and Defend
Fast Attack
Razorshark Strike Fighter
7x Pathfinders
  • Recon Drone
  • 2x Rail Rifles
Heavy Support 
  • Longstrike
  • 2x Shield Drones
  • Railrifle
  • TL SMS
Aegis Defense Line

I got to pick my side and since the terrain was pretty even just decided to stay on the side I was standing on.

We rolled up 4 objectives and placed them on the board. They're circled in yellow in the above pic. 

I rolled Princeps of Deciet for my warlord trait which was utterly useless. Not sure what my opponent rolled. 

My jokaero rolled and got 2 upgrades: Extra 12" range and 5+ invuln for their unit. 
(Our psyker powers are shown in the list above.)

We rolled and turn one would be Night Fight. He won the toss and chose to deploy first. 

As you can see he set up his entire force behind the aegis line and in the ruins on his table edge. He reserved the Stealth Suits, Crisis Suits, and the Razorshark Fighter. 
I tried to do something similar with my deployment placing my barges on the same side of the table as his Riptide and my Wraiths near the Elven castle to push up the side and hopefully sweep down his flank. 

I rolled to steal the initiative and failed. 
Thanks to Coteaz, I got to roll again and managed to pull out a 6 for the steal!

Necrons/Grey Knights Turn 1:
I lit off my one Solar Pulse so I wouldn't have to deal with night fighting. Prescience on Coteaz's unit. 

I moved all of my vehicles forward 6" and the Wraiths moved 12" up behind the castle. 

I shot all of my annihilation barges at the Riptide and managed a few wounds. The jumps from all the tesla shots would end up killing a couple Fire Warriors he had in the ruins and amazingly the Broadside and its drones. That netted me first blood. The Ghost Arc in the ruins fired at the Fire Warriors in the ruins and killed a couple. The 2 Ghost Arcs and Coteaz's unit behind the aegis line, fired at his Pathfinders nearly wiping them out. 

At the end of the turn his Fire Warriors failed their moral test and fell back a few inches but they didn't leave the board.

Tau/Edlar Turn 1:
His breaking Fire Warriors rallied and moved back into position into the ruins and onto the objective.
His Riptide moved forward, looking for some payback.
Longstrike's Hammerhead moved down to support the Fire Warriors in the trees.

The few Pathfinders still alive fired marker lights on the Ghost Arc near the castle, which had my warlord in it, and got a couple hits. The Riptide blew up the Ghost Arc near the building with TL-Fusion/Overcharged rending burst cannons, and killed 3 of the guys inside. Longstrike blew away the Ghost Arc near the castle killing 2 inside. Eldrad Puppet Mastered a single warrior and caused no wounds.

Necrons/Grey Knights Turn 2:
Rolled my reserves and everything was coming in. My Dreadknight deep striked just in front of his Dire Avengers. The Death Marks came in just in front of the Fire Warriors.

Death Marks marked the Fire Warriors. 5 Warrior Acolytes walked on the back near the objective in the ruins. The Wraith's continued to move up through the castle. The Ghost Arc in the ruins pushed forward to the Fire Warriors in the ruins, killing a few more. The Annihilation Barges all moved slightly to pick up a jink save and shot the Riptide down to 1 wound. Deathmarks killed a hand full of Fire Warriors in the woods. Dreadknight killed nearly all of the Dire Avengers.

The Wraiths would fail their charge attempt.

Tau/Edlar Turn 2:
Crisis Suits, Stealth Suits, and his Razorshark all come in.

Stealth suits came in near the ruins and took some shots at an Annihilation Barge, removing a hull point.
The Crisis suits dropped in near the objective by the castle, on my side, and attempted to shoot the unit of Warriors, killing only a couple. One would get back up.

Darkstrider and his Suit Commander joined the unit of Fire Warriors in the trees. The flyer attempted to pie plate the Wraiths but rolled "gets hot".

The Riptide and a puppet mastered Annihilation barge killed the Dreadknight.
The Firewarriors and Longstrike killed the Deathmarks.

Necrons/Grey Knights Turn 3:
Warriors disembarked from the Ghost Arc in the ruins, and together cleaned off the objective which they now held.

Warriors from the exploded Ghost Arc near the house moved towards the objective in the ruins to help the Warrior Acolytes.  They would end up killing off the stealth suits with help from an Annihilation barge.

The Annihilation barge near the house finished off the Riptide.
The Warriros on the castle objective and another Ghost Arc would take out the 2 Crisis Suits.
Coteaz's unit would finish of the last couple Dire Avengers and Eldrad.

The Wraiths multi-charged into Longstrike's Hammerhead and the Fire Warriors in the trees with his 2 HQs. The Wraiths took out the Hammerhead and all the Fire Warriors and Dark Strider.

Tau/Edlar Turn 3:
With nothing left but the flyer he moved forward in a last ditch attempt to snuff out Coteaz and crew but couldn't pull it off.
The Wraiths would drop the his Suit Commander during the assault phase.

At this point we ended the game.

Win goes to Necron/Grey Knights!

This puts my record for this league at 3-1. The one loss was to a very strong Tau list. There was also a really good game against Noise Marines. The lesson I've learned so far is that I strongly fear armies that have ways to remove my cover saves. Looking forward to this weeks game. Would love to get paired against Makers since I need practice against new Daemons.

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