Tuesday, June 25, 2013

40k: More Space Marine Stuff!

More rumors are coming through the webs, mostly about Apocalypse but a lot of it is also related to Space Marines as well.

The pictures of the new Company Masters has been leaked and most people have already seen them considering they are everywhere on the interwebs!

Had Pics, they got removed.

The Master of Relics
Is the commander of the Devastator Company and an expert at long range engagements

Master of Rites
Records and Keeps charge of the traditions of the Chapter

Lord Executioner
Commander of the Assault Companies

Master of Marches
Is in charge of the Deployment of the chapters marines as well as leading the company into battle

These models are fine cast resin and are new to be released alongside the Apocalypse release coming out in July. I think they look pretty standard as far as Company Masters go, and I may pick up a Lord Executioner for my Blood Angels, as I's sure most people will, but over all, they are company masters, simple and to the point.

Then this was released:

via an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox (very reliable source)
As I told you about a year ago, there are going to be more supplements for pretty much all the codexes, even Chaos Space Marines and Tau: though no work has really been done on the latter.

There is not going to be another Eldar one in 2013.

White Scars is one of the supplement codexes, and it is also complete (borderline printed) so logic dictates it'll be released a few weeks after the SM codex, but I don't have a street date for you.

Space marines will be getting 2 supplement codexes though by the end of 2013, so again... chances are white scars will be one of them.

For the Blood Angels and Space Wolves players, fear not you will be getting full codex support and not just supplements. Read between those lines.

Couple things here. If this is true, I'm excited to hear some kind of conformation that GW will still be giving a full codex to the ones that already have them, such as Blood Angels and Space Wolves. In all honesty, they deserve their own codex anyways. However this begs the question again about the Black Templar. Will they get an entire new codex or a supplement? My money unfortunately is on a supplement...

The rumors are that the 2 supplements due for the Space Marine Codex will be White Scars and Iron Fists. I'm okay with this if its done right, but that's a "wish in one hand...." type scenario. I can see a valid argument being made for Salamanders, Raven Guard and GW's biggest Bro-crush, Ultramarines.

Also a lot has been confirmed that Ultramarines will not dominate the new codex, which I am glad to hear because they did dominate the previous codexes.

But referencing to the first part of that statement makes me wonder...Everyone is getting a Supplement?

For the life of me I have absolutely no idea what it will be for Daemons...maybe he was just speaking in generalities...


  1. As if it's not already a given, I am PUMPED to be getting a White Scars supplement. I have been happy with using the DA codex to run my bikes, but got sick of the complaining of the Standard of Devastation cheese. Ahhhh, gotta paint!

  2. Stewie you know you love the complaining. It might be cheese but it is legal cheese. Now running 2 command squads is ultra cheese. Anyone doing that should be shunned... oh wait.. don't you run 2 command squads? nevermind >_<

    1. I have to! 5-man command squad is cheaper than a 5-man Black Knights.