Wednesday, July 3, 2013

40K: Rogue Trader Event

I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Rogue Trader event this weekend at the LGS. For those not familiar with this type of event, it is a normal tournament, however you can also earn points for painting quality, sportsmanship, as well as other factors. Designed to be more of a friendly style of event, it allows players to bring more casual lists while still being able to compete.

So instead of bringing my normal Flying Circus list, I thought I would mix it up and bring something fun.

2000 total points.
Here's what I'm bringing.

Herald of Tzeentch - ML3, Locus of Conjuration
Herald of Khorne - Juggernaut, Lesser Reward
Herald of Nurgle - Locus of Fecundity
10 Pink Horrors
14 Plaguebearers
13 Flesh hounds
13 Flesh hounds
Tzeentch Daemon Prince - Wings, Armor, ML3, Exalted Reward
Tzeentch Daemon Prince - Wings, Armor, ML3, Exalted Reward
Aegis Defense Line - Quad Cannon

A few pretty good combos built in there. I probably won't win, as I'm sure someone will bring Necrons or Tau in force, or something else just as ridiculous. However this list should be fun if anything, and has some of my best painted models...which come to think of it, I should probably take a few pics to post on here.

Have to work on that over the Holiday weekend if i have time.

Battle Reps to follow next week!

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