Tuesday, July 23, 2013

40K: Cheese/Spam Rant

Begin Rant:

Lately there seems to be an influx of people posting, commenting, blogging, whatever you want to call it, about how much they hate "Cheese" and "Spam" lists. All I have to say is...

Stop it.

Grow Up.

This isn't tee ball. Everyone doesn't get a participation ribbon at the end of the year.

People build lists because that's what the codex they play was designed to do.

They build it, because they can.

They are spending their money to purchase the army that THEY want to play.
They are NOT building their army to make you happy.

Some people do, and they are called "Fluff Lists" and they are perfectly acceptable.

But it seems lately, that as soon as someone posts a list, with more than TWO of the same unit, the comments section explodes with chants of "Spam List," "Cheese List" or whatever else people want to bitch about...and this is absolutely ridiculous.

Example: If you were going to war with another country, and you were the general would you seriously say something like "Lets send in the tanks...no wait, that's not fair, lets send in One tank, a Humvee....a Jeep maybe....uh...maybe that 64' Impala Dave has been trying to get rid of...I think my kid has a tricycle we can use...um....Anything else we got back there Bob?? Remember no More than 2 of anything!!!"

Hell No.

Why? Because that would be dumb. So is this...

I play Daemons. I run 2-3 units of Plaguebearers, 2-3 Daemon Princes and 2-3 Units of Hounds. 
Because they are good. That's their Job.

If I was Playing Necrons? I'm running 3 barges and Multiple AV13. Because I can.

Chaos? 2 Heldrakes. All Day.

You get the picture.

I also have fluff army lists and take them frequently to Rogue Trader Tournaments, which are a blast. 
You have a story line behind your army, why its built the way it is, etc...it's good times. 

However, for Cons and Generalship Tournaments? I'm bringing a Flying Circus or a Tau Missile List with Necrons.

Telling someone not to bring "Cheese Lists" is like telling someone, "Hey, I know you're coming to the tournament this weekend, and paying your own money for the entry fee, and playing Chaos Space Marines, and there is a good chunk of money for the Winner, but would you mind not bringing those 2 Heldrakes that you spent almost $200 on please so that I can win?"


Stop It.

Why do people think they get to dictate how other people play the game? 

If I want to run my Blood Angels and have 5 Land Raiders, I will, because that's how the codex was designed by the developers. Same with Necron Air force. 

In my opinion people scream Cheese/Spam because they are scared. Scared of something that they are too lazy to figure out how to beat.

How about instead of spending all your time crying about the guy with 2 Riptides, you spend that time trying to adjust your army to figure out how to counter it?

It all comes down to 2 things. Most people are lazy, and most people like to complain.

Yes I know it has always been this way, and yes I know it will never change, but if one person reads this post and it helps them realize what they are doing to change, then it was worth it.

Rant Over.

On the plus side, really looking forward to the 2k Team Tournament this weekend. Should be a lot of good teams there. I thought about posting our list, but I think a few teams attending read the blog so don't want to give them any tips or tricks! Capnmoe and I are joining forces to become team...


Its going to be Epic.

Battle Reports to be up next week!


  1. I have a simple theory to army lists:

    Is it in your codex? - Yes
    Is it a legal list? - Yes

    Then let's roll!

  2. Totally agree. Armies like this are game legal, people spend a lot of time and money putting the stuff together, and are absolutely within their rights bringing out the big guns.

    One thing I would add is that when not at a tournament, it's a good idea to agree what kind of game you're playing before you start. Both want hardcore? All good. Both want narrative or experimental? All good. Bringing a tournament list to a pick up game when the other player has a fluff list? Find someone else to play or compromise, otherwise no one's going to enjoy the the game!

    At a tournament? No mercy!!

  3. Sharing this article to my friends who scream cheese nonstop