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Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader Tournament Results

Makers and I attended a Rogue Trader Tournament this weekend at Fantasy Books and Games. As always we had a great time and got to play against some great armies. Makers brought his Daemons and I brought out my Necron/Grey Knights. Even though the Rogue Trader tournaments are designed to allow for more casual and fun armies to be used, it seemed this weekend that no one got that memo. Everyone brought their "A" game armies.

Game Summary for Capnmoe and his Necron/Grey Knights:
Game 1: Eldar/Dark Eldar, Hammer and Anvil/Big Guns Never Tire
This was a really cool list. I got to learn a lot about how awesome Dark Eldar beast packs are when paired with Eldar Farseers. There's just no stopping that unit. It has something like 40 wounds to go through. Tough stuff. Im gonna look into making one for my Dark Eldar. Still in the end the space elves crumbled. 


Game 2: Tau/Eldar, Vanguard/The Scouring
This game was against an opponent that I've played against quite often, so I knew his tactics going in. He was trying out the Faolchu's Wing and Mantle of the Laughing God combo on his Eldar HQ in this game, and I have to say, it's pretty cool. Luckily I managed to get my Necron Overlord into an assault with the Farseer and cut him down. There would be no late game contesting shenanigans from him. The combined shooting of the Tau and Eldar just wasn't enough, and I managed to pull out another victory.


Game 3: Space Wolves, Dawn of War/Purge the Alien
I really wish I would have gotten some pics of this game.  My opponent had some really great models and oddly, it was the only fully painted army I faced. He was running a Forgeworld character named Bran Redmaw that had some really cool rules. Still Bran wasn't enough to stop the Necron/GKs.


Game Summary for Makers and his Daemons:

Makers Typing:

Game 1: Tau/Eldar, Hammer and Anvil/Big Guns Never Tire

Top of Turn 1 After Scout
Top of Turn 2
Hammer and Anvil + going second is never good for mass hounds, especially when you're up against Tau.
I've played against this guy a few times, and normally it was an easy game. With his knowledge of the rules, and 2 new codex (He has ran Tau and Eldar for a long time) this game was a bit different.

He had a rather fluffy list with some interesting unit choices (Same person Capnmoe played in game 2 listed above)

Overall, the mass amounts of shooting, outflanking of his Kroot, Scorpions coming in and tying up my Plaguebearers, Zero LoS terrain in the middle of the board, and rolling more 1's and 2's than I've ever rolled before, he pretty much had me in control all game.

We only managed to get 2 full turns in due to time unfortunately (I still say 2000 points is too many but that's not my call) Had it gone one more turn I'm pretty sure I would have won.

On my last turn, I dropped a Portaglyph next to the objective he held, and failed to spawn anything, even with Fateweaver's reroll. If I had spawned anything, I could have contested that objective, and I would have won.

Result: Loss

Game 2: Space Marines, Vanguard/The Scouring

Bottom of Turn 1
Interesting list of 2 Vindicators, an Iron Clad Dreadnought, Landraider Redeemer, Lascannon Dreadnought, 2 Rhinos full of marines, and a unit of 10 scouts, with Pedro and a Librarian.

This was a fun game. I've never played against my opponent before, I believe his name was Luken, but definitely look forward to playing against him again.

At first I was a little worried about all the Mech he had on the table, so I decided just to ignore the Land raider all together, and avoid it. I used the big building in the middle for LoS blocking and moved around the right flank to get in quick, using the 2nd unit of hounds as a distraction.

My big thing here were my powers. All my MC's had Invisibility, and Puppet Master, Herald of Tzeentch had forewarning, so 4++ hounds and 3++ hounds with the grimore, etc...just a lot of good stuff.

In the end, we called it on turn 4 because of time again...and it was a draw. Didn't see that one coming. If I would have made 1 more 4+ save I would have won...

Things of Note:
- Puppet Master'd his Vindicator and the blast scattered back onto itself...blew it up.
- Warp Storm changed his Librarian into a Tzeentch Herald, which then promptly shot the back of the other Vindicator and blew it up...
- Iron Clad Dreadnought locked up a unit of hounds in close combat on an objective, and everyone was telling me to fall back instead because I couldn't hurt it...but I knew that walkers can't contest...so I got that objective.
- He managed to lock up a unit of 5 hounds with 10 scouts for the whole game with some amazing rolls.

Result: Tie

Game 3: Chaos Space Marines, Dawn of War/Purge the Alien
2 Land Raiders. 1 filled with Kharn and a bunch of Berzkers, the other filled with Thousand Sons and a Sorcer. 2 Hell Turkeys....and 2 units of 10 Marines with Mark of Nurgle. That's it. Simple and too the point.

Game started off pretty interesting. I scouted up my hounds into cover in the middle and on the left side of the board, thinking they would easily survive the initial round of shooting from his minimal shooting, and then tie up the 2 units of marines with them. Game starts, he goes first. He moves up both Landraiders and assaults out of them into my hounds. We then had about a 30 minute argument store wide about whether or not you can assault on the top of turn 1. Including 2 judges being involved. End Result? We Rolled for it, he won, he assaulted in.

Update: Yes, you CAN as long as the unit you are assaulting in with did not make a scout, or infiltrate move. While this move was not possible in 5th edition (You could not assault at all in the top of turn 1) It does not say anywhere that you can't in the 6E Rule book, it was just assumed.

Back to Live Action!!! Thousand sons move in and tie up the hounds, Kharn and the berzerkers do the same and decimate the majority of their unit. he fire a few shots but nothing major for shooting. I Load up on the unit of hounds with the thousand sons, with forewarning from the Herald of Tzeentch + Grimore for the 2++ save on the unit, Fateweaver starts putting Firey Form on the Daemon Prince with the Eternal Blade to turn him into a Close Combat Animal, while firing off some shots at the other Nurgle Marines taking out quite a few. Princes used stuff like Dominate and Hallucination on the marines as well to basically take them out of the equation, greatly limiting his options on his turn.

Next turn he bring in one Helldrake, and fires off some shots at my Plague bearers which doesn't do much against them with FnP, and Kharn wipes out his unit of hounds. But he loses quite a few Sons against the other unit. Khorne Herald takes out Sorcerer in Close combat.

My next turn, the Herald with the horrors manages to fire off a whole ton of shots at Kharn and the berzkers, who fails the 2+ deny the witch, and decimates the unit down to 1 berzerker and Kharn after he fails the toughness test.

In the end, I end up assaulting the unit with the Plaguebearers, wiping them out for Slay the Warlord.
The CC Prince assaulted in with the hounds and wrecked both the Sons and the Nurgle Marines.
His other Helldrake never came in, which result in a Kill Point.
When we stopped he only had 1 unit of 4 Marines on the table, 1 Landraiders, and 1 Helldrake.
I was only missing the 1 unit of hounds.

Hounds are amazingly resilient and I still say that telepathy is the 2nd best choice for Psyker powers behind Divination.


As I stated last week, my list was more fluffy and fun than competetive, and I really didn't think I had any chance of winning, but I did have a good time with some good players.

Essentially If I would had made 2 specific rolls, I would have won all 3 games. Even with Fateweaver's Re-roll, things can still go badly, but that's why we play the games.

Funny enough, One of the big points I got for painting/conversion was due to the fact that I use a Finecast Lord of Change for my Fateweaver (I hate the Fateweaver model from 1982...) and the resin had warped, so I was forced to pin/greenstuff both legs and wings to make it stand up straight, hence changing the pose of the model...

Anyways, I have been pushing hard lately on my Daemons, and only have a few things left to paint to have them finished so I think I'm going to take a break from them for a bit.

Next league starts in 2 weeks and is about allies.
With the new Space Marine codex coming up, I'm debating running some Blood Angles/Tau for a change of scenery. Almost all of my Angles are painted, however none of my tau is...

Tournament Results
Overall: Capnmoe
Best Painted: Makers
Best General: Jeff Nauman and his Grey Knights
Sportsmanship: Evan and his Space Wolves

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  1. it is sad that that many unpainted armies show up to a rogue trader tourney. I am sad I could not be there to represent with my painted bugs. Good job grabing best painted and overall. Keep up the good work :)