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40k: Black Templar & Raven Guard Rumors

With Apocalypse out now, the rumor mill for Space Marines is starting to kick into full gear.

Supplements are here to stay, and like them or not, GW is going to start cranking them out on a monthly basis and they are going to be everywhere.

It has been stated many times that Space Marines will be getting 2 initial supplements, with White Scars all but guaranteed to be the first one...according to the rumors. So the question becomes what  will be the second one? New rumors coming out are saying that it will actually be Black Templar!

via an anonymous source
Now apocalypse is released there are 2 major upcoming armies
-Orks (around October)
-Black Templar (around December)
This is to represent the third war for armageddon

However this is the opposite of everything GW has been saying over the past few months. "All armies that currently have a codex will be given a new codex, NOT a supplement."

 Maybe this rumor is the release date, or preorder date. Maybe this rumor is for a new Codex and not a supplement. If it is a new codex, then it is also in stark contrast to the current release schedule that has been "leaked." Personally I take this rumor with massive grains of salt, because it goes against everything that has been talked about for the past few months. Just seems too much like wishful thinking.

The next rumor about Raven Guard though...

via an anonymous (and solid)
As currently planned, the Ravenguard supplement will be after the 6th edition space marine book (which will be soon) and will coincide with forgeworld's HH Book 3, Massacre pt 2.

The Space Marine chapter supplements will offer a fair amount of divergence (much more than Iyanden), while still staying true to the space marine core book.

In the coming months though we are going to be smothered (pleasantly) in space marine goodies, with every other or every third month releasing a space marine supplement, after the main book comes out.

These releases will be paired with alongside a Xenos they were famous for fighting.
i.e. Tyranids book month A, Ultramarine Supplement month B. Ork codex month C, Crimson Fist supplement month D, etc. (this is not an accurate release schedule, just to illustrate my point)

This will let GW belt out the non SM codexes, without harming their SM backbone.

This adversaries idea will also apply to non SM supplements being released alongside/after Imperial launches as well.

This concept, which is one that is well known inside GW (Xeno followed by SM Supplement), lends a little bit of legitimacy to your rumor about Orks followed by BTs. But with BT not being a Supplement and instead getting their own book, it somewhat breaks the mold.

Another solid source coming in confirming that the 2nd supplement is Ravenguard.

The second part of the rumor makes complete sense to me. Since Blood Angles, Dark Angels, and Space wolves all have their own Codex, that leaves 5 Founding Chapters currently without rule books. White Scars, Ravenguard, Ultramarines, Salamanders, and Iron Fists. So if White Scars and Raven Guard are the first supplements, that leaves Ultramarines (which are all but guaranteed a supplement at some point, which is obvious) Salamanders, and Iron Fists. Due to the back story and rules, Salamanders, in my opinion will definitely be getting their own supplement at some point, most likely 2014. But what about the Iron Fists and Crimson Fists?

Lets remember that the Crimson fists are a second founding of the Iron Fists, and that fluff wise, virtually both armies are all but completely wiped out. Could we be looking at our first supplement with 2 armies in it? I don't see a lot of people play Crimson Fists or Iron Fists, maybe because people hate painting yellow. Or it could be that if you wanted to play a Terminator type C:SM army, the current Dark Angels rule book is more than adequate.

New Rumors in Just this morning:

via an anonymous source 
In so far as Black Templar: They are getting a full book not a supplement. The direction of the book is on "crusades," and differentiating the Black Templar when they persecute Xenos as opposed to when they put the Witch to the sword.

They are seeing a lot of changes from their previous incarnation, and are no longer a shooting army (despite the intention of the previous book, they were received as a shooting army).

The army will have a "knights in space" kind of feel with wargear being a very big importance for the characters, and vows similar to old bretonians. The struggle there is with book keeping, but it is a pretty cool concept.

Crusade squads with their hybrid neophyte and space marine combinations are gone. Which will probably anger a lot of people without pleasing any (since in the past you could just take 0 neophytes so in essence this is just removing choices), but take it for what it's worth.

The whole "move after taking casualties" thing is gone and has been replaced with something more similar to battle trance (but less swift, and more assault oriented).

Templar point costs are down even from those of dark angels, and are designed to be balanced by their point cost, but also deliver the feeling that this is a "crusade army" that has never really felt the yoke of the codex astartes, and thus has huge companies of marines.

Yet another statement that the Templar are getting a full codex.
If true I would be sad to see the neophytes be removed, but it does make complete sense to me with wound allocation 6th edition being different.

Is it just me, or does this sound like a "Horde" Space Marine army?

If the new "Battle Trance" allows them to assault after running, that could be interesting...

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