Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIECON Results Updated

The final standings were as follows:

Overall Winner: Tim Gorham
Best General: Me
2nd: Eric Darrais
3rd: 5x Land Raider Blood Angel list (Didn't catch his name and I never played against him)
Sportsmanship: Alex Nauman
Painting: Rob Ford (He had an amazing looking CSM/Daemons army)

Tim Gorham's winning army is pictured above. My god it was devastating. Three units or three Forgeworld Thudd Guns, a Vulture, and four units of twin-linked lascannon Sabre Platforms which have skyfire and interceptor. Three of the platform units had three guns and one unit had only two. All the platforms and Thudd Guns made the majority of his army T7 and very hard to kill, because artillery units always use the guns toughness before the gunners toughness.

I was running the Necron/Grey Knights list that you've seen me post in the past.

Eric Darrais was running his Tau. Which are amazing. I had played them a few times before and they were brutal to say the least. The five Landraider guy didn't have a display board so I didn't get a pic of his army.

The games were played with 3 missions running simultaneously. Two objectives for Emperor's Will, Three for Crusade, and Purge the Alien as well as secondary objectives First Blood, Line Breaker, and Kill the Warlord. Winning a primary mission was worth 8 points and a tie worth 4. Secondary objectives were worth 2 points a piece.

Quick Summary of Games:
Game 1: Eric Darrais and his Tau
What are the odds of me getting paired against Eric for my first game. The one guy at the tournament I know that can beat my army on a regular basis, and this game was no exception. He kept me completely on the ropes the entire game taking a perfect 30/30 to my 0/30. Even with a loss, it's always fun to play against Eric. He's a great competitor and the more I play him the more my tactics against Tau begin to get better.

After this game I was really bummed and thought I was pretty much out of the running for the tournament. But I was gonna give it my best shot and hope that my next couple games for the day would be better pairings. 

Game 2: Rob Ford and his Nurgle CSM/Daemons
Rob was a really nice guy with amazing looking army. I only wish the pictures I took of it weren't blurry beyond use. He had the most awesome Nurgle lord on palanquin conversion I've ever seen. As nice as Rob was, he wasn't a very good player. Our game ended with me taking 28/30 to Robs 0/30

Game 3: Brent Nauman and his Tzeentch/Nurgle CSMs
Brent was having a really rough day with the dice. Despite giving it his best, there wasn't much he could do to stop me and I would go on to beat him 30/30 to 0/30

At the end of day one even after taking a 0 in the first game I managed to have 2 near perfect games and brought myself back into the 5th overall seat. Needless to say I was very, very pleased.

Day 2 Game 4: Robert (Can't remember his last name) and his CSM/Daemons
This game proved to be a lot like my previous two. I have a lot of experience against CSM/Daemon builds and pulled out another 30/30 to 0/30. 

That win put me in 2nd place going into the last game. So I had gone from a 0 point first game to the top table at the end of the tournament. I almost couldn't believe it.

Game 5: Tim Gorham and his Forgeworld Imperial Guard 
Tim hadn't lost a game for the entire tournament so I knew going into this that I was going to need to get a near perfect score to win best overall. I had also watched Tim play before on the live Adepticon feeds from a few years past so I had an idea of what his play style might be like. I also realized that there was a good chance that if I didn't score high enough I could be pushed out of 2nd or 3rd if I lost. This was probably one of the most challenging games I've ever played. Thudd Gun's are nothing to be messed with, and Sabre Platforms are devastating. If I ever buy Forgeworld item's these things are gonna be on the top of my list. The final mission mixed it up and instead of Crusade the 3rd primary mission was Big Guns Never Tire. That made all of his Thudd Gun units scoring. Womp Womp. I still managed to tie on the Big Guns mission and Emperors Will mission, but lost kill points by a pretty large margin. I also managed to take line breaker. MVP for me was an Annihilation Barge that contested a Big Guns objective for the tie and got line breaker in my last turn. In the end Tim won 18/30 to 10/30. 

Sadly the loss would bump me to 4th place overall after the 3rd and 4th seats both went on to score very high in their last games.

After the scores were tallied I still managed to pull off the win for Best General which is awesome. This was my first experience at DieCon and with any kind of Grand Tournament. I was very proud of how well I did and I can't wait for next year. 

Here's a few other shots I took. Next year I will be sure to bring a good camera.

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