Tuesday, June 11, 2013

40k: WarGamesCon: Daemon List Review.

WarGamesCon ended recently and 2 of the top lists players were Daemons! It's refreshing to me to see things like this, and makes me think back to all the whiners out there when the new codex came out. Everyone was complaining about how bad it was, but it was mostly just "QQ'ing" because Flamers of Tzeentch and Screamers weren't what they still were from the White Dwarf update. People just like to complain about things...

Yet another reason why I believe all these people crying about the new Eldar codex is a waste of breath, especially this early since it's release...but you'll have to ask the co-author about that...

Anyways here are the lists...

4th Place
For those not familiar, this is a FMC(Flying Monstrous Creature) Spam List. If you play in tournaments, you will see this list, so be prepared.

3 Daemon Princes, Fateweaver, and....a Great Unclean One? Interesting. I was just considering removing him from my list. It appears as if he loaded him up on Biomancy, and gave him the Grimore or the Portaglyph, depending on the game. I personally would have ran a Lord of Change or another Daemon Prince for those points.

He also chose not to run any flesh hounds, which is interesting.

He also chose to add in the CSM allies for the Prince, but not the Helldrake.

I would be interested to find out more about how he ran his army, as I find the Black Mace a waste of points, and better spent on Psychic Powers.

2nd Place
Not Something I would have expected to come in 2nd place, but look at it...It's balanced.
1 Herald per unit of hounds with a Locus for both.
4 units of Plaguebearers to hold objectives, and an aegis to hide behind if he has no cover.
Slaanesh Soul Grinders for support behind the hounds...with no upgrades...no Phlegm, no Torrent....

This list is all about synergy, and redundancy. 2 of everything. 
Too many people try to cram too many things into one list sometimes, and thereby over complicate things. 

Overall things to notice.
1. Plaguebearers, Plaguebearers, Plaguebearers....so difficult to remove from terrain. Apparently the majority of the lists at WGC were almost all Plaguebearers for troop choices. I can attest to their durability, as I still have never lost an entire unit of them
2. Half of the lists were mostly flyers, but Gareth finished 2nd with Zero flyers...maybe he had weak opponents, or maybe he got lucky....or maybe...just maybe, the codex is better than people think it is and has a lot more combinations than previously thought...time will tell.
3. There were ZERO Helldrakes in the top 5. None. Not one.
4. The Winner was a Necron list, but not what you think. I'll add it in here for discussion...

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